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Honduras Coup - Day 205 - January 18, 2010

  • More than threats
    By : January 18, 2010
    Salomon Orellana and Misael Cárcamo had received identical death threats by text messages to their cell phones a week ago after the Saturday morning radio program "Dando en el clavo – hitting the nail on the head" on the diocesan radio station.

  • International Criminal Court will proceed against Honduran coup Leaders
    By : January 18, 2010
    Roberto Micheletti will have to pay not only the crimes he has committed against the people, his aides are also targeted by the International Criminal Court, which now are considered "war criminals" for crimes against humanity. Offenses that "defenders" of democracy would be facing are: crimes against humanity, political persecution, targeting civilians and threats against members of the Resistance Front, because the country has fallen into a state of helplessness.

  • World Bank 'Destroyed Basic Grains' in Honduras, Haiti
    By : January 18, 2010
    Fidencio Alvarez abandoned his bean and corn farm in southern Honduras because of the rising cost of seeds, fuel and food. After months of one meal a day, he hiked with his wife and six children to find work in the city. "We would wake up with empty stomachs and go to bed with empty stomachs," said Alvarez, 37, who sought help from the Mission Lazarus aid group in Choluteca in January. "We couldn't afford the seeds to plant food or the bus fare to buy the food."

  • Taiwan - President Ma to Lead Delegation to Honduras in Late January
    By : January 18, 2010
    The Office of the President held a press conference on the afternoon of January 15 to announce that President Ma Ying-jeou will lead a delegation to the Republic of Honduras, a diplomatic ally of the ROC in Latin America, on January 25 to attend the inauguration ceremonies for the nation's President-elect Porfirio Lobo Sosa. The press conference was chaired by Director Kuo-boug Chang of the Department of Public Affairs, and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Javier Ching-shan Hou explained the itinerary of President Ma's upcoming trip.

  • Canada, Honduras and the Coup d’Etat
    By Dawn Paley - : January 18, 2010
    In Canada, with the exception of a few editorials in the mainstream media, little attention has been paid to what is certainly one of the most important events in the hemisphere over the last decade. While Canada’s links to Central America are much less significant than those of the US, they are still worth exploring. / Far from calling for the return of Zelaya to power and condemning the military’s actions, Canada’s good-neighbour ambiguity has ignored the violence unleashed by the coup regime, and the position of organizations such as the UN General Assembly, whose members demanded that Zelaya be allowed to return to the presidency.

  • A new phase in the struggle in Honduras
    By Berta Joubert-Ceci - : January 18, 2010
    Honduras joined the ALBA in 2008 under Zelaya, and membership in it, although short-lived, has enormously benefitted the poorest in the country. However, since the beginning, transnational companies, particularly U.S.-based ones like ExxonMobil, have opposed it, fearing huge losses in their profits. In fact, the purpose of ALBA trade includes precisely the kind of transactions that put people first and profits at the service of the poor. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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