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Honduras Coup - Day 194 - January 07, 2010

  • Zelaya: "Abuse of Power" Charges, A "Trick" – Commanders Should Be Charged With Treason, Murder and Human Rights Violations
    By : January 07, 2010
    Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya said Thursday that charging military commanders with abuse of power is "a trick" to avoid punishing them for the June 28 coup. Zelaya said the nation's top prosecutor is trying to avoid bringing to justice the army officers who rousted him out of his home at gunpoint and other officials who planned and ordered his ouster from the presidency. "It's a trick from prosecutors to charge the army officers with a minor crime instead of with the grave crimes they committed," Zelaya said in a statement.

  • Supreme Court Assigns Judge in Military Case
    By : January 07, 2010
    The Supreme Court, after meeting as a whole today, assigned the Chief Justice, Jorge Alberto Rivera, to hear the case presented by the Public Prosecutor against the 5 generals of the military high command and to decide whether the case has merit and can proceed, according to El Heraldo's Minute by Minute column. On Tuesday, the Public Prosecutor, Luis Rubi, filed a complaint with the court accusing the generals of the military high command of "abuse of authority" in forcibly exiling President Manuel Zelaya on June 28. Today lawyers for the generals requested that the court not issue arrest warrants for them since they would be willing to come before the court whenever it requests their presence. Rivera will have six days to review the filing and make a finding.

  • De Facto Government Can't Make Payroll for January
    By : January 07, 2010
    The Finance Minister for the de facto government, Gabriela Nuñez announced today that she does not currently have access to sufficient funds to pay government employees for January. It all boils down to cash flow. She said she has access to about 400 million lempiras, and needs a total of about 1,500 million lempiras. In addition, she noted that the government has run up large debts with suppliers, including 450 million lempiras for medical supplies, and a further 700 million lempiras owed to road construction and paving contractors. She noted that the priority of the de facto government is to pay employees, and creditors will just have to wait. Nuñez expects that when the sales tax payments are received in mid-January, there might be enough for the government to pay its employees. Micheletti previously had assured us that they had sufficient funds to last through March.

  • Government Silences Opposition Radio Station
    By : January 07, 2010
    Reporters Without Borders today stated their belief that it was the de facto government of Honduras that silenced the community radio station "Galuma Bimetu" (also known as Radio Coco Dulce) in Triunfo de la Cruz over the weekend. The Garifuna station was broken into, equipment removed, then the building was burned. Reporters Without Borders said "the punishment of the authors of this crime will constitute a test for the government to be inaugurated on January 27." The attack "confirms the consistent danger that the independent media, known for their opposition to the coup against Manuel Zelaya, are under." Reporters Without Borders did not discard the possibility that the station was attacked because of its opposition to the development project known as the "Bahia de Tela", a project which expropriated Garifuna community lands to build a multinational resort in Triunfo. However, they noted that the station has been subjected to previous attacks by the de facto government, including the arrest of the station director, Alfredo Lopez, in August for "being a member of the resistance against the coup."

  • Honduras military chiefs charged with 'coup.' Will Supreme Court take case?
    By : January 07, 2010
    In charging top military officers in Honduras for "abuse of power" in the expulsion of Manuel Zelaya June 28, prosecutors in the Central American nation are pushing forward with the first legal action against the armed forces since Mr. Zelaya's ouster. / But it remains far from certain that the charges – which the Supreme Court still must respond to and comes as lawmakers are set to discuss amnesty for the events of June 28 – will make little difference in the outcome of the region's worst political crisis in decades. / "It is my sense that this is an exercise in window dressing," says Kevin Casas-Zamora, the former vice president of Costa Rica and now at the Brookings Institution in Washington. "It is not in the nature of the Honduran judiciary to try military commanders."

  • Zelaya derides arrest orders for generals as 'superficial'
    By : January 07, 2010
    Honduras' chief prosecutor has asked the Supreme Court to issue arrest warrants charging top brass with abuse of power for booting President Manuel Zelaya out of the country in the June 28 coup. / The court will have three days to decide whether to grant the request. / Mr Zelaya, who has been holed up in the Brazilian embassy since returning to Honduras in September, immediately dismissed the charges as superficial. / "Today, using a new stratagem, the attorney general, who has equal or more responsibility as the soldiers, is presenting accusations to achieve impunity for the soldiers by accusing them of minor crimes," the constitutional premier said in a statement.

  • Lopez Contreras: US Will Resume Aid
    By : January 07, 2010
    The Foreign Minister of the de facto government, Carlos Lopez Contreras, who yesterday assured us that the conversation between Craig Kelly and Roberto Micheletti did not touch on Micheletti resigning, today assures us that Kelly told Micheletti that US aid to Honduras would resume with the inauguration of Lobo Sosa, unconditionally. This contradicts the public statements of Lobo Sosa, who said that Kelly wanted Micheletti to resign by January 15 to facilitate the formation of a government of reconciliation, a requirement of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord. Lopez Contreras said Micheletti's resignation was not discussed, and that the purpose of the meeting was for Kelly to tell Micheletti that the US would accept the results of the November election and resume aid to Honduras after Lobo Sosa's inauguration. Kelly left Honduras yesterday without making any public statements about his mission, or its results.

  • Resistance's Anti-Coup March in Honduras
    By : January 07, 2010
    The National Front against the Coup in Honduras confirmed its first march of the year for Thursday to demand the restitution of the constitutional order that was broken by militaries on June 2009. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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