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Honduras Coup - Day 186 - December 30, 2009

  • 8th International Witness Delegation to Honduras - Report on "Elections"
    By : December 30, 2009
    Over the last five months, as we and other solidarity and indepedent media organizations have reported on the egregious human rights violations and other anti-democratic measures committed by the illegal coup regime, that regime has sought to legitimize itself through the execution of the national electoral process originally scheduled for November 29th. The 8th Quixote Center delegation was in Honduras for that event. / This delegation was not an official election observation delegation. We do not believe that the elections were legitimate, as constitutional order has yet to be restored in Honduras. Our purpose was to bear witness to what was going on in the streets, neighborhoods, and villages of Honduras during the week surrounding the event. To that end, our group of nineteen US and Canadian citizens split into five groups over election weekend and spread out about the country.

  • Chavez: Honduras Was Run for Turbulent Year Coming
    By : December 30, 2009
    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced on Sunday that military drones had penetrated Venezuelan air space along the north-west border with Colombia shortly after midnight on Sunday. The president warned that Venezuela is prepared to defend itself if Colombia or the United States violate Venezuela's sovereignty. The two countries recently signed a military pact for the US to maintain bases in Colombia. In addition to signing the pact with Colombia, the U.S. is also increasing its military presence on the Dutch Antilles islands of Curacao and Aruba, which are located near Venezuela's coast.

  • Zelaya Marks 6 Months Since Coup That Ousted Him in Honduras
    By : December 30, 2009
    Six months after being ousted from the presidency of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya remains a "guest" of the Brazilian Embassy awaiting the end of his term on Jan. 27, when Porfirio Lobo will take office. / Zelaya has said he will stay as long as necessary in the Brazilian legation, where he sought refuge on Sept. 21 after returning secretly to the country from which he was expelled by the military on June 28.

  • Declaration of 8th General Assembly of COPINH - "Martyrs of the Resistance"
    By : December 30, 2009
    In these days accompanied by clouds and fresh winds in which we have payed homage to the fighters of our people, we have spoken and agreed in the circle of our 8th General Assembly "Martyrs of the Resistance Against the Coup d'Etat," that we are aware that it is happening during a gloomy reprehensible time, but that it does now take away our hope, our dignity and the illumination given by our ancestors.

  • Nicaragua, ALBA and intellectual betrayal
    By Toni Solo - : December 30, 2009
    People in Latin America have frequently found themselves fighting regular forces and mercenary contractors coordinated ultimately by the United States Southern Command, the State Department and related US government bodies. That was true in Central America in the 1980s. It has been the case in Colombia for many years. On a smaller scale it is happening now in Honduras. Shortly, they may well find themselves fighting regular forces and mercenary contractors coordinated by NATO.

  • Account of CÚsar Silva's abduction
    By : December 30, 2009
    Abducted by the military at gunpoint, held for more than 24 hours in a clandestine prison, interrogated, beaten, and then dumped in an abandoned lot in Tegucigalpa. Details in Spanish in this article by Dina Meza

  • Uncle Sam's Signature
    By Bruno Odent - : December 30, 2009
    Since the November 29 electoral farce, Honduras's putschist government has been pursuing its work of normalization. No question of behaving like vulgar Pinochets from another era in Chile. The effect on international public opinion would be unacceptable. Above all, the context has become more delicate in a continent living through a changed balance of power. Hence, this desire to be discreet, to make the situation that emerged from the June "golpe" against President Zelaya as mundane as possible. Yet, what comes naturally is returning at a gallop to bring citizens who resist to heel. The death squads are circulating once more.

  • Honduras' Zelaya Calls for CentAm Unity
    By : December 30, 2009
    Honduras' constitutional President Manuel Zelaya called upon Central American nations to act united and firmly to overthrow the dictatorship in his country, and avoid the return of coups in the region. "In the past, we faced and solved great conflicts together. Today, military violence in our countries' civic life poses a serious risk for peace and integration," he affirmed. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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