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Honduras Coup - Day 171 - December 15, 2009

  • Zelaya criticizes demands for his resignation
    By : December 15, 2009
    In a statement made public Tuesday by the pro-Zelaya Honduran Embassy in Nicaragua, Zelaya emphasized that he would not resign from the position before his mandate was set to expire on January 27. Conservative Porfirio Lobo was elected late last month to succeed him as president, in an election that Zelaya boycotted and that a portion of the international community regards as illegitimate. Zelaya also complained that the de facto Honduran government prevented him from travelling to the Dominican Republic for talks with Lobo.

  • Message to the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
    By Reflections of Fidel - : December 15, 2009
    DEAR Hugo, Today is the 15th anniversary of our encounter at the University of Havana’s Aula Magna on December 14, 1994. The previous night, I had waited for you at the foot of the steps of the plane that brought you to Cuba.

  • Chávez strengthens ALBA against US "offensive"
    By : December 15, 2009
    The presidents of Venezuela and Cuba, Hugo Chávez and Raúl Castro, respectively, as well as their allies of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) agreed on Monday to face the "political and military offensive" of the United States in Latin America, and rejected the US role in Honduras and Colombia, as well as Washington's warnings against the ties of some Latin American leaders with Iran.

  • Questions about Honduran Election Results
    By COHA Staff - : December 15, 2009
    Honduran Election Results Still Need To Be Scrutinized, State Department Dashes Hopes that a Transformative Latin America Policy Has Been Born. A growing number of nations in the international community have decided to recognize the recent Honduran elections administered by the country's unlawful de facto government, citing high rates of voter participation as evidence that a "free and fair" election had taken place on November 29. Believing a basis now exists for national reconciliation, the United States, Panama, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, and El Salvador have all accepted the electoral results. However, their decisions have been based on inaccurate and deceptive electoral figures released on the day of the election by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of Honduras.

  • Lobo On Way to Visit Zelaya?
    By : December 15, 2009
    Radio Globo reports that the military around the Brazilian embassy have been reinforced and are steering traffic in a different pattern. They report that Porfirio Lobo Sosa is on his way to the Brazilian embassy to meet with Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

  • Thanks For The Coup
    By : December 15, 2009
    In a private ceremony the command of the armed forces of Honduras gave awards to a handful of government officials. These officials "could not be thanked during the Armed Forces Day celebration," said Colonel Ramiro Archaga, spokesperson for the Armed Forces. "Besides, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Defense Minister, and the President wanted to thank them personally," Archaga continued. "These are people who have contributed to the institution [Armed Forces] and the country, and what better moment than a reunion of the high command to recognize their merits in supporting defense of democracy."

  • Micheletti: "I will not resign"
    By : December 15, 2009
    It will come to no surprise to readers of this blog that Roberto Micheletti announced today, after meeting with Porfirio Lobo yesterday, that "Though the world wants it, I will not resign." thus nailing the coffin shut on the State Department's latest scheme to find a way to make it possible for more world governments to recognize Porfirio Lobo Sosa's government in January 2010. / "Even when the world asks me, even when the countries that have been intransigent watching us with hate, without justification, even so I will not do it. And what does it matter, some days, when we have practically six months of leading on these topics? What does it matter to the international community that I might stay another day, another two days? I don't see what could be the interest of the other countries of the world that I have to leave one day, two days, seven days, eleven days before January 27. What's the sense of that? "

  • Zelaya Might 'Attack' Honduras From Exile, Micheletti Says
    By Eric Sabo - : December 15, 2009
    Acting Honduran President Roberto Micheletti said deposed President Manuel Zelaya might "attack" Honduras should he get asylum in a neighboring country, and he won't be allowed to leave unless he renounces claims on power. / "He can go as a political refugee, but not to a Central American country because he could unleash an attack against Honduras and we want to live in peace," Micheletti said today in an interview with National Honduras Radio.

  • Castro warns of the empire's new plots
    By : December 15, 2009
    Fidel Castro has criticized the US empire for launching an offensive, this time with the help of a "friendly smile and African-American face." / In a letter to visiting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the 83-year-old former leader warned Latin America that the empire is on the offensive again. / He blamed the US for the Honduran military coup that overthrew deposed president Manuel Zelaya and condemned Washington's latest military accord with Colombia, which allows US forces to use seven Colombian military bases for the next ten years.

  • Honduras: one bad apple, etc.? (Video)
    By : December 15, 2009
    GRITtv: Will the coup in Honduras create larger problems for Latin America? What will its effects mean for the rest of Latin America, a region trending leftward in recent years? Greg Grandin, Nation contributor, NYU professor, and author of Empire's Workshop and Fordlandia, Roque Planas of Latin American News Dispatch, and Sujatha Fernandes, Queens College professor and author of Cuba Represent! and the upcoming Who Can Stop The Drums: Urban Social Movements in Chavez's Venezuela join us in studio to discuss. We also have updates from inside Honduras from Andres Conteris of Nonviolence International and Democracy Now! and freelance journalist Elyssa Pachico reports from Chile.

  • Honduras must launch full investigation into death of human rights campaigner
    By : December 15, 2009
    Honduran authorities must launch an urgent and independent investigation into the murder of human rights activist Walter Trochez who was killed late on Sunday night while walking home through the centre of Tegucigalpa, Amnesty International said on Monday.

  • Honduran Gay Activist Walter Trochez Assassinated
    By Doug Ireland - : December 15, 2009
    Walter Trochez, 25 years old, a well-known LGBT activist in Honduras who was an active member of the National Resistance Front against the coup d'etat there, was assassinated on the evening of December 13, shot dead by drive-by killers. Trochez, who had already been arrested and beaten for his sexual orientation after participating in a march against the coup, had been very active recently in documenting and publicizing homophobic killings and crimes committed by the forces behind the coup, which is believed to have been the motive for his murder. He had been trailed for weeks before his murder by thugs believed to be members of the state security forces.

  • Honduran Resistance Condemns Murder of Activist
    By : December 15, 2009
    The Youth Front of Resistance Against the Coup in Honduras denounced on Tuesday the murder of Walter Trochez, a young activist of the popular movement that was killed on Sunday by de facto regime.

  • International anger at Walter's death
    By : December 15, 2009
    Veteran political journalist Doug Ireland has been blogging about Walter's assassination, spreading the word about the homophobic atrocities of the Honduran de facto regime. Today, the UK Gay News homepage has Walter's assassination as their top story. Another article on Walter has been published (in Russian) in one of Russia's most important LGBT sites, Gay Russia. Also, of course, see Amnesty International's immediate and strong condemnation from yesterday.

  • Amid Repression, Mobilizing Against the Coup Continues in Honduras
    By : December 15, 2009
    Hundreds of Hondurans marched in the capital city on Friday, demanding the return of elected President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, who was deposed in a coup d'état on June 28. / Their numbers were small compared to massive demonstrations that occurred immediately following the coup. Since then, at least 28 members of the resistance movement have been assassinated, including most recently Walter Tróchez, a prominent LGBT activist killed by gunfire on Sunday.

  • Building Bridges Radio: Exclusive Interview with Honduran Pres. Zelaya
    By : December 15, 2009
    Building Bridges speaks with the legitimate President of Honduras in the aftermath of the country’s recent fraudulent election. President Zelaya urges the U.S. to reject the election, as the Honduran people have in their mass boycott of it, subsequent to the ouster in a coup of their populist, democratically elected President. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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