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Honduras Coup - Day 168 - December 12, 2009

  • Brazil, Peru condemn Honduran limits on Zelaya
    By : December 12, 2009
    Brazil and Peru on Saturday condemned the refusal by the de facto government of Honduras to allow ousted President Manuel Zelaya to leave the country unless he drops his demand to be reinstated.

  • Honduras ousted Zelaya to meet President elect Lobo in Dominican Republic
    By : December 12, 2009
    Honduras president elect Porfirio Lobo and ousted leader Manuel Zelaya agreed to meet in the coming days in the Dominican Republic to begin a "political dialogue" which will help the country solve the current political crisis, announced Dominican president Leonel Fernández.

  • Communique from Sociologists United Against the Coup
    By : December 12, 2009
    There is an element that is very important to consider within the current context of popular struggle against the military regime that assaulted Honduran constitutional order using armed force. It is an element that despite being well known and visible to many of us in reality does not seem to be understood clearly as a condition of utmost seriousness within the national context. And this element is called "COLLAPSE OF SERVICE OF THE NATIONAL DEBT."

  • State Dept. on Honduran Elections: The US Has Its Story and No Matter How Stupid It Sounds It's Sticking To It
    By : December 12, 2009
    QUESTION: Yes. Honduran elections and Clinton's conference today. There are still a growing number of Latin American countries, human rights and democracy groups who are voicing their concerns over the outcome of the election, the run-up to the election and the elections in general. And they're concerned about the U.S. recognition of this election of in the long run. So do you think in the long run, this was a wise decision to recognize the Honduran elections in regards to the new way forward President Obama committed to in Trinidad and Tobago?
    MR. KELLY: I think what we did is we pronounced the elections free and fair, that they were conducted in an open and transparent way.... reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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