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Honduras Coup - Day 162 - December 06, 2009

  • Honduras' Zelaya to stay in Brazil embassy
    By : December 06, 2009
    Honduras' deposed President Manuel Zelaya said on Sunday that he would stay in the Brazilian embassy in the Honduran capital for as long as Brasilia allowed him to and that he would be willing to talk to the new president-elect.

  • Obama's First Latin American Waterloo
    By COHA Director Larry Birns - : December 06, 2009
    The staging of the Honduran presidential election on November 29 was meant to represent a satisfactory resolution of the Honduran crisis in Washington’s thinking. But to short-sighted U.S. policymakers, the magnitude and prohibitive costs of their maladroit strategy are being left out of the equation. Meanwhile, what seems to be a solution for Washington actually lives on as a profound problem for much of the rest of the hemisphere, as well as for long-term ties with such major regional actors as Brazil, Argentina, and the Venezuelan-led ALBA nations. These latter nations, at least for now, refuse to accept the validity of what they see as a tainted strategy unfolding in Honduras. Their split with the U.S., when it comes to Washington’s apparent decision to recognize the integrity of the November 29 presidential ballot and the December 2 vote in the Honduran Congress to recognize an anti-Zelaya status quo, is definitive. Moreover, what could have been looked back upon as a stunning victory for U.S. diplomacy was, in a matter of days, transformed into a staggering defeat.

  • The Listening Post - Election coverage in honduras - 4 Dec 09 - Pt 1
    By AlJazeeraEnglish - : December 06, 2009

  • Yet even more on turnout in Honduras
    By : December 06, 2009
    CNN is now playing the turnout game, as TSE leaks more numbers that may or may not be accurate... / Even how to calculate it is controversial (on the TSE's own confusion, see RAJ)...

  • Honduran election seeks to legitimize right-wing coup
    By Jacqueline Villagómez - : December 06, 2009
    Governments in Latin America and beyond reject results
    The illegitimate election named Porfirio Lobo as president-elect of Honduras. The U.S. media and the coup leaders have taken great pains to show that Lobo took no position on the coup during a vote in Congress. Lobo, a wealthy cattle and grain farmer, lost the 2005 election to Zelaya. Whether or not Lobo voted for supporting the coup means nothing; he comes from the same sector of the ruling class that felt threatened by Zelaya’s presidency and is lending legitimacy to the coup by his participation in the elections. / The election took place amidst a climate of repression created by the coup leaders. Martial law has been in force for months. The Committee for Disappeared Persons in Honduras has confirmed thousands of illegal beatings and detentions in the five months since the coup. The possibility of a free and fair election was totally negated by the coup. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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