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Honduras Coup - Day 160 - December 04, 2009

  • Elections In Honduras: Pantomime Democracy And State Terror
    By Tyler Shipley, New Socialist - : December 04, 2009
    On my way home from Tegucigalpa I met Edward Fox, an elections observer sent from Washington to participate in the project of legitimating the June 28th coup and paving the way to a comfortable re-entrenchment of the Honduran oligarchy and the North American interests it protects...

  • Honduras: The Obama Administration's First Latin American Waterloo
    By Larry Birns, COHA - : December 04, 2009
    The staging of the Honduran presidential election on November 29 was meant to represent a satisfactory resolution of the Honduran crisis in Washington's thinking. But to short-sighted U.S. policymakers, the magnitude and prohibitive costs of their maladroit strategy are being left out of the equation. Meanwhile, what seems to be a solution for Washington actually lives on as a profound problem for much of the rest of the hemisphere, as well as for long-term ties with such major regional actors as Brazil, Argentina, and the Venezuelan-led ALBA nations. These latter nations, at least for now, refuse to accept the validity of what they see as a tainted strategy unfolding in Honduras.

  • Obama's response to Honduran election disappoints
    By Ana C. Perez - : December 04, 2009
    THE U.S. response to the recent presidential election in Honduras shows that not much has changed under President Barack Obama. When military leaders overthrew the democratically elected government of President Manuel Zelaya back in June, the Obama administration responded ambivalently. Obama himself denounced it as coup, but the State Department refused to do so. As a result, Washington continued to send development and military aid to the country weeks after the military installed the dictatorship. Then the Obama administration appeared to have brokered a deal to reinstate Zelaya, but when the de facto government declined to follow through, Obama let it slide.

  • Honduras revises down participation in disputed polls
    By AFP - : December 04, 2009
    Honduran election officials revised down Friday the participation rate in controversial weekend elections from more than 60 percent to 49 percent. Conservative Porfirio Lobo claimed a solid victory in Sunday's polls for a successor to ousted President Manuel Zelaya. De facto leaders hoped the elections would turn a page on the June 28 coup. The United States and the European Union hailed the vote as a first step forward out of the five-month crisis, but the elections have split the Americas, with Brazil leading claims that they would whitewash the coup.

  • Honduras "Election" Failed to Stop the Resistance
    By Al Giordano - : December 04, 2009
    Don't believe the hype about alleged "65 percent" (now somewhat lessened to "60 percent") voter turnout last Sunday. Did you know that the coup regime and the Supreme Electoral Tribunal still hasn't released the town by town results? Well... One of our colleagues got hands on the real results from inside the counting room. And those facts are going to drop next upon the heads of all who made up or repeated claims over the past five days of 60 percent turnout in Honduras. They're not even close. Stay tuned.... As predicted here, the mock "election" resolved nothing, and the hard proof of officially sanctioned fraud will in fact complicate the regime's grasp on power even more. I'll make sure you're among the first to know, kind readers, when the you-know-what hits the fan...

  • Don't Go Changing...
    By : December 04, 2009
    To be blunt, the TSE is messing with us in order to tell the story about the election that the de facto government of Roberto Micheletti Bain wants the world to accept. The message, turnout was massive. The reality is quite a bit different, and the way they're playing the game is by changing the rules.

  • Honduran dictatorship brought its vile 11/29 electoral sham to Houston
    By : December 04, 2009
    The Honduran dictatorship held its first fraudulent election on Sunday, November 29, 2009, after the overthrow of democracy last summer ... June 28, 2009. The bourgeois regime in Washington under Obama is so jubilant over the Honduran dictatorship that it announced its full acceptance and recognition of the results of the electoral fraud two weeks before the "election" took place.

  • Honduras: Analysis and Perspectives
    By : December 04, 2009
    While the Honduran people and the international community still await the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) to provide concrete data on the November 29 elections, the resistance celebrated the victory of abstentionism. They again took over the capital's streets with an unprecedented number of vehicles forming a caravan. Up to now, all that is known on the election is that a first count took place after the cell telephone transmission system broke down.

  • Activists in Honduras tell Amnesty International of hidden human rights crisis
    By : December 04, 2009
    As Honduras' president elect Porfirio Lobo prepares to take power, new questions arise about events that have taken place since the coup d'etat last June. / An Amnesty International delegation in the country talked to human rights activists about the hidden crisis affecting the Central American nation.

  • Next Farcical Step
    By : December 04, 2009
    The next farcical step in the ballet choreographed by the State Department is being danced in Honduras. Porfirio Lobo, the president-elect in the election of last Sunday, called on Roberto Micheletti Bain to form a government of national unity and reconciliation, as the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord called for a month ago. Lobo said this government should be formed independently. Lobo said that this was vital for his recognition.

  • "Disappointing" vote by Congress "broke" Accord
    By : December 04, 2009
    The Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord committed both the faction of Roberto Micheletti and the legally elected president of Honduras, Josť Manuel Zelaya Rosales, to a series of steps that, as has been noted at length here and elsewhere, was fatally flawed by the lack of a sufficiently clear timeline and an undefined mechanism for the formation of the expected "unity" government. / The US government, after it committed itself to recognizing the outcome of the election whether or not Zelaya was restored by the proposed vote in the Honduran Congress, has been held awkwardly to the transparent fiction that the Accord never was intended to imply a vote on Zelaya's restitution had to take place before the elections. / So immediately after the election, the Honduran Congress chose, for whatever reason, not to vote on a straight motion whether or not to restore President Zelaya, but rather, decided to turn the clock back to June 28 and re-enact the passage of the decree through which they claimed to install Roberto Micheletti as replacement president.

  • Honduran Political Forces Prepare Strategy
    By : December 04, 2009
    The National Front against the Coup d'Etat in Honduras stated that it will carry out an assembly this weekend to analyze strategy in its struggle for restoring democracy. / Juan Barahona, general coordinator of that vast alliance from social and political forces, said that the fight will continue until achieving restitution of constitutional order and legitimate President Manuel Zelaya.

  • Zelaya Supporters Say It's Time to Move On
    By : December 04, 2009
    Honduran activists have ended five months of daily protests demanding the reinstatement of their president since he was ousted in a coup, say they're moving on now that Congress has voted to keep Manuel Zelaya out of office. Juan Barahona, who has been leading protests since late June when Zelaya was forced out of the country, said Friday that his supporters are "closing that chapter" of their struggle. Barahona said it's time for Hondurans who support policies in favor of the poor and other themes that Zelaya espoused to shift their focus to the 2014 elections. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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