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I don't see how you can defend democracy by dumping due process overboard. It sounds to me that they didn't have a good enough case to prosecute [Zelaya], so they committed some crimes themselves to avoid having a trial. I wonder how you would feel if they pulled that on Micheletti when his usefulness is over? You like the rule of law when it protects your interests, but not for your competition.
Jules Siegel

Honduras Coup - Day 16 - July 13, 2009

  • The Honduras coup is the Caribbean's business
    AGB/SC/DT - : July 13, 2009
    Honduras, a Central American nation of seven million people that recently overtook Guyana as the third poorest country in the hemisphere, still exhibits the deep racial and class inequalties that are a legacy of Spanish conquest and colonisation of the indigenous majority. 75 percent of the people live in poverty, while the top 10 percent of the population gets 45 percent of the national product...

  • Morales: Honduras coup, warning from US
    AGB/SC/DT - : July 13, 2009
    Bolivian President Evo Morales says Honduras military coup was a warning from Washington to stop the growth of governments opposed to US imperialism.

  • The Criminal Right and the Obama Ultimatum
    By Laura Carlsen - Americas Mexico Blog : July 13, 2009

  • Honduras coup made in USA -- the evidence; Repression intensifies
    By Eva Golinger - : July 13, 2009
    There's an old saying that the reason there has never been a coup in the United States is because there is no US embassy there. Below US involvement in the military coup against Honduras president, Manuel Zelaya, is outlined. It goes beyond the US embassy, all the way to the top of Obama's government.

  • Honduran Coup Serves As Warning to All of Latin America
    Radio Habana Cuba (RHC) - : July 13, 2009
    Bolivian President Evo Morales says that the military coup carried out in Honduras is a warning to all of Latin America that the U.S. Empire is targeting progressive movements throughout the hemisphere.

  • Honduras: army and business owners wavering?
    WW4 Report - : July 13, 2009
    The appearance of unity within the Honduran military and the de facto government is deceptive, according to statements by Argentine deputy defense minister Alfredo Forti published in the Buenos Aires daily Clarín on July 11.

  • Honduras' Zelaya gives ultimatum on reinstatement
    Reuters - : July 13, 2009
    Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya said on Monday that if the interim government does not agree at mediation talks this week to reinstate him, he will consider the dialogue has failed.

  • Lobbyist Lanny Davis Seeks a Rematch with Obama over Honduras Coup
    By Al Giordano - : July 13, 2009
    Remember, during the 2008 presidential primaries, the constant screeching national media presence from lawyer-lobbyist Lanny Davis? Yeah, him. The guy who night after night went on every cable TV channel to scream that Obama wasn't electable, that Obama couldn't win swing states, that Obama couldn't win white voters, that Obama had to explain his position on race, that Obama couldn't answer the 3 a.m. phone call... He's baaaack. And now he's representing the Honduran coup d'etat. Yup, one of those very same bottom-feeding lobbyists who you banned from your administration is now out to prove that you really are the "inexperienced" rube he said you were.

  • Fifteenth day of constant protests against coup d'état
    Translated by Granma International - : July 13, 2009
    The Honduran people's organizations returned to the streets of Tegucigalpa on Sunday to express their rejection of the June 28th military coup and to demand the restoration of democratic law, PL reports.

  • Coup Opponents Announce New Stage of Protests
    By Thelma Mejía; IPS - : July 13, 2009
    The sectors opposed to the regime that ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya on Jun. 28 announced a new stage of resistance, while Costa Rican President Oscar Arias is planning a second round of talks, as peace broker.

  • Second Honduras Activists Killed; Venezuelan Journalists Expelled; Coup Leaders Hire Top Democrat Lobbyists to Justify their De Facto Government
    By Eva Golinger - - : July 13, 2009
    Things are getting worse each day inside Honduras. Over the weekend, two well-known social leaders were assassinated by the coup forces. Roger Bados leader of the Bloque Popular & the National Resistance Front against the coup d'etat, was killed in the northern city of San Pedro Sula. Approximately at 8pm on Saturday evening, Bados was assassinated and killed immediately by three gun shots. Bados was also a member of the leftist party, Democratic Unity (Unificación Democrática) and was president of a union representing workers in a cement factory. His death was denounced as part of the ambience and repressive actions taken by the coup government to silence all disent.

  • Chavez: US Government Giving Oxygen to Honduran Coup
    By Kiraz Janicke - - : July 02, 2009
    "The aim of imperialism, the continental bourgeoisie and the media is to draw out the game...What the immoral coup plotters in Honduras are trying to do is wear out the people of Honduras, wear out the constitutional president Manuel Zelaya, and his government which is in exile, some of whom are prisoners or have gone underground," he added. "Then there are elections in Honduras in November," Chavez explained, "this is what the game is...we will not recognize any government that emerges, including from elections that this coup government carries out."

  • What's Next For Honduras?
    By Teo Ballvé - : July 13, 2009
    Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has vowed to return to his country this week to re-assume his rightful place as the nation's president. The coup government, meanwhile, has reiterated its intention to arrest the deposed President upon his arrival, as it seeks to further tighten its illegitimate grip on power.

  • Honduras: Micheletti's Ties to Washington D.C.
    By Ginger Thompson - NY Times - : July 13, 2009
    Mr. Micheletti has embarked on a public relations offensive, with his supporters hiring high-profile lawyers with strong Washington connections to lobby against such sanctions. One powerful Latin American business council hired Lanny J. Davis, who has served as President Clinton's personal lawyer and who campaigned for Mrs. Clinton for president.

  • President Chavez speaks to Thomas Shannon by phone about Honduras
    By Patrick J. O'Donoghue - : July 13, 2009
    Chavez questioned the US handling of the Honduras situation calling its condemnation of the de facto government "timid" and suggesting it was quite right of Manuel Zelaya not to sit down at the table with coupster Roberto Micheletti in front of mediator Oscar Arias of Costa Rica.

  • Honduras Coup Enters Third Week
    By Prensa Latina - : July 13, 2009
    Honduran popular organizations enter Monday the third week of protests to the June 28 military coup, demanding the restitution of constitutional order.

  • Honduras Coup Expels Venezuela TV
    By Redaction - : July 13, 2009
    TeleSur and Venezuelan TV were the only channels broadcasting in details the coup against Constitutional president Manuel Zelaya who was taken away from his country by military forces last June 28.

  • Honduras talks 'may resume' on Saturday
    By Reuters - : July 13, 2009
    Honduran interim [coup] president Roberto Micheletti said today he had been informed the Costa Rican mediator in the Honduras political crisis would ask the two sides to resume talks on Saturday.

  • Venezuela president urges U.S. to do more about Honduras coup
    By Xinhua - : July 13, 2009
    Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez on Sunday made an open call on the United States to push for the downfall of coup leaders in Honduras. "If the U.S. really does not back the coup it should withdraw its troops from the Palmerola military base," Chavez said. Palmerola is a joint Honduras-U.S. military base some 80 km from Honduras' capital Tegucigalpa.

  • U.S. Press Falsely Claims Honduran Plurality for Coup
    By Robert Naiman - : July 13, 2009
    Did a CID-Gallup poll last week indicate that a plurality of Hondurans support the military coup against democratically elected President Zelaya? Yes, according to the Washington Post (July 9), the Wall Street Journal (July 10), the Christian Science Monitor (July 11), and Reuters (July 9), which all reported that the poll showed 41% in favor of the coup, with only 28% opposed. But in fact the poll showed that 46% -- a plurality -- were opposed to the coup, according to the New York Times (July 10), the Associated Press (July 11) -- and the president of CID-Gallup, in an interview with Voice of America on July 9.

  • Honduras Supreme Court:
    It Was "Common Knowledge" That Zelaya Was No Longer President

    By Jules Siegel - : July 13, 2009
    First of all, President Zelaya did not, as Mr. Estrada claims, promote a referéndum, but an encuesta, a survey. Proposition 8 was a referendum, an electoral process supervised and tabulated by a legally constituted election authority. The opinion polls about it were surveys. The official title was "Encuesta de Opinión Pública Convocatoria Asamblea Nacional Consituyente (Survey of Public Opinion Convoking a National Constitutional Convention) and it was to be carried out by the National Institute of Statistics, not a legally authorized electoral body, using a survey form, not a ballot.

  • US Advises Honduran Micheletti
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