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Honduras Coup - Day 159 - December 03, 2009

  • OAS Meeting on Honduras Situation Fri., Dec. 4, at 3 PM (Live Webcast)
    By : December 03, 2009

  • Honduran Elections: What's in a majority
    By Julie Webb-Pullman - : December 03, 2009
    It's official - Pepe Lobo of the National Party won 56% of the vote. The fact that this represents 56% of the lowest turnout ever, is a fact being glossed over by the majoprity of the international corporate media, in their indecent haste to present this presidency as somehow valid. / At the press conference to announce the electoral results, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal announced the final count of 1.7 million votes cast, out of 5.07 million registered voters.

  • Poet Rebeca Becerra Arrested
    By : December 03, 2009
    Poet Rebeca Becerra was arrested today along with her 8 year old daughter as she attempted to collect her partial share of an annual bonus in the Ministry of Education. She was accused of having taken public documents from the Ministry of Culture offices by Myrna Castro, the de facto Minister of Culture.

  • Nicaragua criticizes Honduran congress for not reinstating Zelaya
    By : December 03, 2009
    Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Manuel Coronel Thursday rebuked the Honduran National Congress for not reinstating ousted President Manuel Zelaya. At a press conference, Coronel said Honduras must find a solution to the current political crisis in accordance with the Constitution.

  • Honduran Resistance Shifts Focus to Constitutional Change
    By : December 03, 2009
    The National Resistance Front that arose after the June 28 coup in Honduras has abandoned hope for the restoration of ousted President Mel Zelaya and is focused now on convening an assembly to overhaul the country's constitution, one of the group's leaders said Thursday.

  • Zelaya stresses Honduran Congress cannot depose him
    By : December 03, 2009
    Honduran ousted President Manuel Zelaya on Thursday stressed that the Honduran Congress could not depose him and regretted it had voted against his restitution. "The only thing they are calling for is to ratify the coup in Honduras. I am the president elected by the people and the Congress cannot depose me. It's abuse of power, which is not within the limits of their functions and powers," Zelaya said in an interview with Chile's radio station Radio Cooperativa.

  • Zelaya in limbo, says democracy "dead" in Honduras
    By Gustavo Palencia - : December 03, 2009
    Honduras' deposed leftist president, Manuel Zelaya, said on Thursday that democracy in the country was "dead" after lawmakers who backed his ouster in a June coup voted to block his return to power.

  • HONDURAS: What Now?
    By : December 03, 2009
    "Mr. Zelaya is history," said Honduras' de facto President Roberto Micheletti after Congress voted not to allow the president ousted in the Jun. 28 coup to serve out the last few weeks of his term.

  • EU does not regard Honduran elections as "normal"
    By : December 03, 2009
    The European Union does not regard this week's elections in Honduras as 'normal' - but wants to find 'a political solution' for the crisis in the Central American country, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said Thursday.

  • Tragedy of Honduras appears lost in news of troop escalation in Afghanistan
    By Albor Ruiz - : December 03, 2009
    Lost in the wake of President Obama's dramatic announcement to send 30,000 more soldiers to Afghanistan is the tragedy of Honduras. The tiny Central American country, one of the poorest in the hemisphere, had its democracy trampled on June 28 by a military coup.

  • An election validated by blood and repression
    By : December 03, 2009
    Honduran coup government continues repressive tactics on election day (Report from San Pedro Sula)

  • Honduran Congress Rejects Symbolic Return of Manuel Zelaya
    By Mike Faulk and Sara Miller Llana - : December 03, 2009
    Honduras's Congress rejected the return of President Manuel Zelaya, polarizing residents in the country who disagree on whether the move ends or prolongs indefinitely the political crisis in the Honduran nation. "Things are finally ending," says Luis Espinal, a technician in Tegucigalpa, who says keeping Mr. Zelaya out of the presidency means the country can start to look past the crisis. But Ada Ojullo, a nurse, says this means that coup leaders have won the struggle for political control and hurt the country's standing. "I don't know if the political crisis will ever end," she says.

  • Behind Bars in Honduras: An Interview with a Women's Rights Leader Before the 'Free' Election
    By : December 03, 2009
    Merlin Eguigure helped organize an event on Nov. 25 for the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The next day while leaving a restaurant in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, members of COBRA, the special police force, ambushed her. They searched her car and detained her and two companions for having spray paint in the car. They were jailed for almost 24 hours. Merlin had used the paint to create artistic banners for the previous day's activities. The District Attorney's office charged her with 'property damage', but her case is still under investigation, and other charges can still be added.

  • Honduran Political Crisis Worsens
    By : December 03, 2009
    The ratification by most of Honduran Congress members of the removal from office of Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya opened a new chapter to the country's prolonged crisis. / The decision, adopted after a long session concluded Wednesday night, ratified the statesman's overthrow and expatriation by the June 28 armed forces, validated few hours later by the parliament.

  • Zelaya agitates resistance after being nixed by Congress
    By : December 03, 2009
    Ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya has called for his followers to resist developments in Honduras, where Congress has refused to reinstate him. "Today the people are seeing clearly who are the real enemies of democracy, who take part in elections but who betray the people," Zelaya said late Wednesday. He called on his supporters to "fight against dictatorship."

  • US says disappointed with Honduras vote on Zelaya
    By : December 03, 2009
    The United States is "disappointed" by the Honduran Congress' vote not to allow the reinstatement of ousted President Manuel Zelaya, a U.S. State Department official said on Thursday. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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