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Honduras Coup - Day 158 - December 02, 2009

  • Mayoral Update San Pedro Sula
    By : December 02, 2009
    With 76.55 percent of the vote counted, here's how the mayoral race for San Pedro Sula stood late this afternoon. The numbers come from La Prensa's Minute by Minute column at 4:39 pm. With 911 of 1190 actas counted...

  • Couping The Coup
    By : December 02, 2009
    Congress committed another unconstitutional act when it voted this evening on a motion to again ratify its Decreto 141-2009, which removed Zelaya from office (not a power granted them by the constitution) and installed Mr. Micheletti as de facto president. The motion was introduced by the Nationalist party, which held a meeting this morning and agreed to vote as a block of 55 votes in favor of this motion. They only needed 9 Congressmen from another party to join them to block the restitution of Zelaya, but in fact the measure had substantial support from members of the Liberal Party as well. At 7:11 pm Tegucigalpa time, a simple majority of the Congressmen had voted for the motion, with the vote continuing.

  • Zelaya says Honduras Congress not apt to vote on his future
    By Noe Leiva, AFP - : December 02, 2009
    Deposed President Manuel Zelaya said Wednesday that the Honduran Congress was not apt to vote on his future, as the lawmakers who backed his June ouster began to discuss his return. / Pressure remained on politicians to resolve the five-month crisis after many Latin American governments warned they would not restore ties with Honduras unless Zelaya was allowed to finish his term, which ends January 27.

  • Honduras Congress says Zelaya cannot be reinstated
    By : December 02, 2009
    A slim majority of lawmakers in the Honduran Congress voted against the return of ousted President Manuel Zelaya, a move that closes the door on his reinstatement after he was toppled in a June coup. / The state television channel said 64 of the 126 members of Congress in session had voted against Zelaya's reinstatement.

  • Election Report From Honduras: The People Say "We Didn't Vote!"
    By : December 02, 2009
    Tegucigalpa, Honduras - After a long bus ride back from the north eastern part of the country and the department of Colon, we arrived in the capital today just in time to join a massive caravan organized by the Popular Resistance Front. Like the other demonstrations held since the coup d'etat on June 28, the mobilization winded through the "barrios", the neighborhoods in Tegucigalpa where supporters left their homes to show their support.

  • Congress deliberates on repeating the coup
    By : December 02, 2009
    The Partido Nacionalista had determined to meet today and reach a uniform position on the restoral of constitutional order. / While La Prensa reports that debate is ongoing, and that the head of Congress, Jose Saavedra, says it could continue until Friday, a first hint of the likely vote came when the Nacionalista delegation introduced a motion to deny restoration of President Zelaya. Reportedly, according to La Tribuna's Minuto a Minuto, 33 members of the Liberal party joined the Nacionalistas to vote to accept the motion for debate.

  • Coup 'election' flops
    By : December 02, 2009
    Even the most polished spinmasters, whose job is to convince the public that fantasy is reality and the tail wags the dog, are having a hard time with this one. The Honduran "election" of Nov. 29 was a dismal flop both for the oligarchy's coup makers and for the U.S. politicos behind them.

  • Honduran elections - Little fingers up: We didn't vote!
    By Giorgio Trucch - : December 02, 2009
    Because of its interest we publish this report by an Argentinean trade unionist about the reaction of the masses to the election farce in Honduras on November 29. The big meeting hall of the Union of Beverage Workers (STIBYS) was too small to hold the thousands of people who came to celebrate the victory of abstention in the election farce on November 29.

  • ALBA Countries Condemn Elections in Honduras
    By : December 02, 2009
    The member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of the Americas (ALBA) regional integration and cooperation bloc, condemned the presidential elections held in Honduras last Sunday and warned the Iberoamerican about the falseness of the process.

  • Honduras: More Evidence of Election Fraud
    By : December 02, 2009
    Figures manipulation, alterations in ballot boxes and other irregularities were discovered in the electoral process held on Sunday in Honduras under the coup, denounced analysts and press media. Honduras had an election process marked by abstentionism despite figure manipulation by representatives of the de facto government, when stating that 61 percent of the electors had gone to the polls, stated investigator Ricardo Arturo Salgado.

  • Venezuela Nixes Recognition of Honduras Polls
    By : December 02, 2009
    The Venezuelan government ratified today it ignores the results of elections in Honduras and condemned those who recognize them, a small group of governments, specially the United States.

  • Honduran senate vote on Zelaya fate
    By : December 02, 2009
    The Honduran Congress is set to discuss whether Manuel Zelaya, the deposed president, should be restored to office to serve out his term which ends in January.

  • U.S. backs Honduras' sham election
    By : December 02, 2009
    THE COUP regime in Honduras got what it wanted--U.S. blessing for a fraudulent election that aims to install as president Porfirio "Pepe" Lobo, a wealthy rancher and member of the conservative National Party. Honduran election officials declared that Lobo won the presidential vote by a 16 percentage point margin. But the elections, orchestrated by the military dictatorship that ousted democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya in late June, were far from free and democratic. For many Hondurans, the vote was little more than an attempt to whitewash a coup.

  • Honduras; everyone loses
    By : December 02, 2009
    Kevin Casas-Zamora has a stinging article at Foreign Policy, arguing that everyone lost in Honduras, and what lost the most was democracy. He concludes: Alas, there's not a lot to gloat about in the outcome of this hapless episode. Micheletti and Lobo are simply the last men standing on a barren landscape. Their victory is a hollow one. And make no mistake: It is no victory for democracy.

  • Summit Does Not Recognise Elections in Honduras
    By Mario de Queiroz - : December 02, 2009
    The hard-line stance taken by Brazil, Argentina and most other Latin American countries has clashed with U.S. efforts to push for international recognition of the elections organised Sunday by the de facto regime in power in Honduras since the Jun. 28 coup. Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama and Peru, the only countries in the region that called for the results of the elections to be accepted, ran up against Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's emphatic "no, no and no; categorically no."

  • Zelaya's Restitution at Honduran Congress
    By : December 02, 2009
    The Honduran Congress is debating on Wednesday restitution or not of Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya, amid new tensions created in the country after the questioned November 29 elections. Most of legislators approved in a rapid session held on June 28 the statesman's removal from office, hardly four hours later by armed forces.

  • Brazil's Differences With Washington Are Unavoidable, And Positive
    By Mark Weisbrot - : December 02, 2009
    Over the last decade an epoch-making political change has taken place in the Western Hemisphere: Latin America, a region that was once considered the United States' "back yard," is now more independent of Washington than Europe is. But while Latin America has changed, U.S. foreign policy has not, even now, with the election of President Obama. Hence the region, including Brazil, finds itself increasingly at odds with Washington. The military coup in Honduras is just one recent and glaring example. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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