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Honduras Coup - Day 156 - November 30, 2009

  • Venezuela Refuses to Recognise Honduran Elections,
    Congratulates Uruguayan President-Elect

    By : November 30, 2009
    On Sunday, the Venezuelan government congratulated the president-elect of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, for his victory in the run-off elections, and also called the Honduran elections a "farce," refusing to recognise the results.

  • Recognition issues: Mexico
    By : November 30, 2009
    So who will recognize the Honduran elections? President Calderón of Mexico says the elections are a necessary but not sufficient condition for the re-establishment of constitutional order. He does not specify what "constitutional order" means...

  • National Lawyers Guild Calls for the US to Disavow the Legitimacy of Elections in Honduras
    By : November 30, 2009
    The National Lawyers Guild calls on President Obama and the U.S. Department of State not to recognize the elections in Honduras, which was conducted under the control of an illegitimate coup government.

  • Please Brief Valenzuela
    By : November 30, 2009
    Will someone please bring Arturo Valenzuela, the State Department's new Assistant Secretary for West Hemisphere Affairs up to speed on the Honduran election history? He seems to not know the history surrounding this election. Today in his press conference, he said: In fact, the primaries were held in November of last year in each of the major parties. The vice president, Santos, resigned. He was Zelaya’s vice president. He resigned as vice president to run for office. He competed in primaries in November of last year.

  • Numbers Dropping
    By : November 30, 2009
    Something interesting is happening as the official numbers trickle out of the TSE. You will remember that according to a Tiempo article from this morning, with 8,862 of 15,260 urns counted: This count, with 58.07% of the urns counted, yielded 1,605,442 valid votes, giving a straight-line projection of 2,764,666 valid votes in the whole election, for an expected number of 60% of the 4.6 million votes possible. That would agree with the otherwise unbelievable claim by the TSE that turnout would be over 60%, much higher than the 2005 election.

  • "Electoral Observers" Launch Verbal Attack on Americas Program Director
    By : November 30, 2009
    I have been here in Honduras watching the development of the elections since Friday, Nov. 27. Last night I gave a television interview to an international agency. A group of credentialed elections observers gathered around and immediately began yelling insults at me when we finished the filming. I am attaching a letter to the U.S. Embassy that I sent last night. These are the highlights of what occurred:
    * Supposedly impartial observers call for me to be thrown out of the country for criticizing the elections
    * Over fifty people surround me and order me to "tell the truth about our democracy" (which I readily agree to do) and accuse me of being a "liar" and "enemy of Hondurans"
    * Tribunal Court security escorts me out of angry crowd
    * Honduran press reports that I am Venezuelan and an agent of Chavez
    The letter follows. I am now involved in submitting a human rights complaint and trying to correct all the rumors and errors that are circulating in the press. I will be writing on the elections themselves very soon.

  • Elections in Honduras: Whitewashing the Path to a Past of Horrors
    By Lisa Sullivan - : November 30, 2009
    I came to Honduras to participate as a human rights observer of the electoral climate in a delegation organized by the Quixote Center. Several delegations converged, connecting some 30 U.S. citizens with dozens more from Canada, Europe and Latin America. In the days prior to the elections we scattered to different cities, towns and villages, meeting with fishermen, farmers, maquila workers, labor leaders, teachers and lawyers, as well as those who were jailed for carrying spray paint, hospitalized for being shot in the head by the military, and detained for reporting on the repression. It was, most likely, a bit off the 5-star, air-conditioned path of most of the mainstream journalists who are filling your morning papers with the wonders of today´s elections.

  • Honduras vote winner calls for foreign recognition
    By Mica Rosenberg and Gustavo Palencia - : November 30, 2009
    The winner of Honduras' controversial election called on Latin American governments on Monday to recognize him as president-elect to help pull the country out of a deep political crisis since a coup.

  • Amid Protests, Hondurans Voted in Los Angeles – Out of 3000 Registered, Only 500 Votes Cast
    By : November 30, 2009
    The following comment is from Walter Lippmann, editor of the CubaNews list. Walter attended the protest. After Walter's comments is a Los Angeles Times article on yesterday's events. The coup "probably wasn't the best way," said Mena. "But I believe we did it out of fear. Because we did not want our country going in that direction. We don't want to be like Cuba."

  • VIDEO ALJAZEERA Report on the Golpistas' Election
    By AlJazeeraEnglish : November 30, 2009

    Porfirio Lobo, a right-wing businessman and rancher, has been declared the president-elect of Honduras in a vote held after months of tensions following the overthrow of Manuel Zelaya in a military-led coup.

  • TSE and exit polls "Only differ in abstentionism"
    By : November 30, 2009
    To recap: last night, at the official TSE press conference, the exit polling service announced turnout projections of under 50%; while the TSE itself said they thought the turnout would be over 60%. One does not even have to delve into the on-the-ground reports by international observers and resistance activists, who saw light turnout where they were watching polls, to worry about why the two TSE numbers are so far apart.

  • State's Rich Fantasy Life
    By : November 30, 2009
    The US State Department has weighed in on the election results in Honduras this morning, and indeed there are no surprises here. We commend the Honduran people for peacefully exercising their democratic right to select their leaders in an electoral process that began over a year ago, well before the June 28 coup d'etat. Turnout appears to have exceeded that of the last presidential election. This shows that given the opportunity to express themselves, the Honduran people have viewed the election as an important part of the solution to the political crisis in their country.

  • Letter from Manit@ Migrante to President Barack Obama, leader of the mightiest nation on earth
    By : November 30, 2009
    Dear President Obama, Today is a blurry day for those of us with eyes on Central America, mister president. It's blurry because we've watched hermanos suffering day and night over the last four months in that small country in the waist of America, Honduras, and now, after all the blood and toil, you throw salt in their wounds.

  • Honduras "election": repression, boycott and resistance
    By : November 30, 2009
    The elections called by the Honduran coup regime on November 29 saw a significant increase in abstention, despite the harsh repression by the military and the police. But the regime has not been able to crush the movement of workers, peasants and youth. On the contrary, they are now more politically aware, better organised and ready to struggle against the oligarchy.

  • Honduran Elections Marred by Police Violence, Censorship, International Non-Recognition, CEPR Co-Director Says
    By : November 30, 2009
    Elections conducted in a climate of fear, human rights violations, and international non-recognition won't resolve the political crisis in Honduras, said Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

  • Rightwinger wins 'illegitimate' Honduras vote
    By : November 30, 2009
    Right-wing rancher Porfirio Lobo has been declared the winner of Honduras's controversial presidential election, despite up to two-thirds of voters shunning the polls. According to preliminary results issued by the country's Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Mr Lobo of the conservative National Party won 55.9 per cent of votes cast.

  • Honduran Elections Marred by Violence, Low Turnout
    By : November 30, 2009
    The presidential elections in Honduras went ahead yesterday despite being shunned by most of the international community, and many Hondurans critical of the June coup. With most of the votes counted, early results show a 52% win for conservative candidate Porfirio Lobo. Military and police presence in and around the capital Tegucigalpa was reportedly high.

  • Lula: Recognizing Honduran Poll Would Be Dangerous Signal
    By : November 30, 2009
    Recognizing the outcome of the presidential elections in Honduras would send a dangerous signal to Central America, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said late Sunday. "It's not possible for us to accept a coup," Lula said when entering his hotel to attend the Iberoamerican Summit that started here Sunday and ends Tuesday.

  • Coup Laundering in Honduras
    By Jesse Freeston and Tamar Sharabi - : November 30, 2009
    Jesse Freeston: Only the governments of Taiwan and the United States have sent international observers, and the delegation funded by the US State Department arrived at the Electoral Tribunal at the same time the leaders of all six independent human rights monitors in Honduras were delivering their request that the elections be suspended.

  • Authorities Must Reveal Identities and Whereabouts of People Detained Today
    By Amnesty International USA - : November 30, 2009
    Amnesty International today urged the Honduran authorities to reveal the identities, whereabouts and charges against all people detained on the eve and day of the presidential elections. In one of the most worrying cases, the whereabouts of Jensys Mario Umanzor Gutierrez remains unknown. He was last seen at 2:30am this morning in the custody of a Police Patrol whose identification number was recorded by witnesses.

  • IPA Press Release: Repression in Honduras
    By : November 30, 2009
    A co-founder of Hondurans for Democracy, Moncada is a D.C.-based environmental policy analyst. He said today: "We're gravely disappointed that the State Department has said it will recognize the results of Sunday's fraudulent election. We're getting reports of widespread fear and intimidation by the military, especially in rural areas. The U.S. has taken the lead in legitimizing the coup government while practically all other countries in the hemisphere, as well as the UN and OAS, have said that they will not recognize the results."

  • Photos from Mario Ramos of today's action at DC coup elections
    By : November 30, 2009
    It was actually quite a scene. A crowd of golpistas, led by an incredibly hostile, obviously wealthy sampedrano representative of the National Party by the last name of Talbot who was really aggressively harassing me in the morning as I sat quietly by myself (I asked him to please leave me alone ten times, and he only did so when I called 911), tried to get a rise out of the protesters by shouting at them, claiming that Chavez and Patricia Rodas and Castro had paid for the protest, and rather desperately singing the national anthem...

  • Supporter of Coup Wins Election in Honduras
    By Democracy Now! - : November 30, 2009
    In Honduras, a prominent supporter of the coup has won the nation's presidential election. Porfirio Lobo, a rich landowner, received 55 percent of the vote. The election comes five months after the Honduran military ousted the democratically-elected president Manuel Zelaya. The leaders of Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and other Latin American countries say Sunday's presidential election is invalid because it was backed by the coup leaders and could end any hope of Zelaya returning to power and completing his term, which is due to end in January.But the United States has vowed to recognize the results. No pro-Zelaya candidate ran Sunday due to a boycott of the elections called by Zelaya. Human rights groups reported widespread abuses by the Honduran military and police ahead of Sunday's vote. In the city of San Pedro Sula, soldiers used water cannons and tear gas to break up a march by 500 unarmed protesters. On Saturday, 50 masked soldiers and police raided a collective of farmers and small scale agricultural producers known as Red Comal.

  • Honduran Elections a Failure
    By : November 30, 2009
    Honduran social and political sectors opposed to the military coup announced they will celebrate the de facto regime's failure in the Sunday elections.

  • Cuba Rejects Honduran Polls in Estoril Summit
    By : November 30, 2009
    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez called Monday at the 19th Ibero-American Summit for a statement to reject Honduran elections and alerted to a threat for Latin America of the US military doctrine.

  • The Honduran Resistance Wins the Elections!
    By : November 30, 2009
    As the polling booths closed this evening in Honduras, there didn't need to be a vote-count to declare the winners. With an abstention rate of at least 65%, the people in resistance have the overwhelming majority. / The National Resistance Front Against the Coup said in a press conference at 4.30pm that the dictatorship has been soundly defeated by such a small turnout that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal had to extend the voting by one hour in an attempt to get more votes. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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