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Honduras Coup - Day 154 - November 28, 2009

  • Honduras Election Update - 3pm Sat. 28 November
    By Julie Webb-Pullman - : November 28, 2009
    There has been some good news today. Merlin Aguigure, feminist leader, was released from detention last night, after spending almost 24 hours incarcerated in a men’s facility. Also today, in an expression of solidarity, El Salvadorean social movements, including many religious organisations, have blocked the border crossings of El Poiy and El Matillo to prevent Hondurans living in El Salvador from entering Honduras to vote. Several priests have indicated they will be joining the blockade tomorrow, election day.

  • Honduran Military Assassinates Youth on Eve of "Free and Fair" Elections
    By Julie Webb-Pullman - : November 28, 2009
    Between Thursday midnight and early this morning, four young men were traveling in a car near the High Command of the Honduran Army. Suddenly the men saw a soldier shouting for them to stop. The driver, Angel Salgado Hernandez, age 34, applied the brakes, but before the car could stop, the soldier opened fire. Salgado was shot point-blank in the head, and the car was sprayed with at least three bullets, possibly more.

  • Demanded Suspensions of Elections in Honduras
    By : November 28, 2009
    The National Front against the Coup D'état in Honduras demanded the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to suspend next Sunday elections in view of the impossibility of making a free and transparent process under the de facto regime.

  • Selling Out Democracy in Honduras: The U.S. and the Honduran Election
    By : November 28, 2009
    The June 28 military coup d'etat that overthrew Honduras' democratically elected president provided President Obama with "a golden make a clear break with the past and show that he is unequivocally siding with democracy," as Costa Rica's former vice president put it. However, the U.S.'s recognition of the sham election Honduras' de facto regime is staging on Sunday makes it quite clear that Obama is choosing instead to side with the far-right Republicans who support the coup.

  • Shoddy reporting or more lies from the VOA?
    By : November 28, 2009
    A story posted today on the Voice of America website manages to perpetuate two major falsehoods in the space of just twelve paragraphs, and also fails to accurately represent the split between countries committed to recognizing tomorrow's vote and those that have publically declared they will not do so. Not a very good scorecard: 3 major problems in 12 paragraphs: barely 75% correct.

  • Coup Security Forces Raid Campesino Organization Day Before the Elections
    By : November 28, 2009
    Today, heavily armed members of the national police, military and criminal investigation units under the coup regime raided the Honduran farm organization COMAL (Alternative Community Marketing Network) in Siguatepeque, in Comayagua. COMAL is a coalition of 42 small-scale farming and women's organizations from throughout Honduras.

  • Indigenous Hondurans: "The U.S. government, by recognizing the electoral farce, demonstrates once again their participation in the coup d'etat"
    By : November 28, 2009
    The Civil Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras in response to the latest events characterized by the electoral farce set up by the de facto regime, makes known the following: 1. We once again denounce that the de facto regime has deepened the repression against the Honduran people in order to guarantee a spurious electoral process that isn't recognized by most of the national and international community.

  • Honduran Coup Foes Proclaim "People's Curfew" for Election Day
    By : November 28, 2009
    The Resistance Front representing opponents of the June 28 coup that ousted President Mel Zelaya are urging Hondurans to remain in their homes Sunday and boycott the presidential election presided over by a repressive de facto regime.

  • Letter on the Honduras Coup and proposed "Elections"
    By : November 28, 2009
    The following letter went to the new U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Arturo Velenzuela, on Wednesday from a group of 55 Central America scholars.

  • US to recognise Honduras election
    By : November 28, 2009
    The United States has decided to endorse the result of the upcoming election in Honduras, with or without Manuel Zelaya, the ousted president, in the next government. Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman, reporting from Tegucigalpa, said that people were nervous in the run-up to the vote...

  • Obama, Honduras and Latin America
    By : November 28, 2009
    Ginger Thompson at the New York Times has a well-argued critique of the Obama administration's handling of the Honduran crisis and how it will likely affect its relations with Latin America.
    The United States was slow to criticize human rights abuses by the de facto government, but swift to scold Mr. Zelaya for political stunts that culminated with his sneaking back into Honduras, where he remains camped inside the Brazilian Embassy. The move that seems to have most undermined Mr. Obama's clout came last month when the administration reversed course by signaling that it would accept the outcome of Sunday's elections whether or not Mr. Zelaya was restored to power. Latin American governments accused the administration of putting pragmatism over principle and of siding with Honduran military officers and business interests whose goal was to use the elections to legitimize the coup. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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