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Honduras Coup - Day 153 - November 27, 2009

  • Feminist Leader Detained in Tegucigalpa
    By Julie Webb-Pullman - : November 27, 2009
    Merlin Aguigure Olvin, 42 year old founder and current co-ordinator of Movimiento de Mujeres Visitacion Padilla (Visitacion Padilla Women's Movement) was detained by police last night, and remains imprisoned. / Around 11pm she was returning from an activity in observation of International Day Against Violence Against Women when the car she was in was stopped and searched by police. They discovered a can of spray paint which had used to paint a banner and props for a piece of street theatre on violence against women they had performed that day in the Plaza de Merced, in the city centre.

  • Hondurans in Washington D.C. to Protest Controversial Elections in Honduras
    By Mario Ramos and Sergio Moncada - : November 27, 2009
    In the run-up to the presidential, congressional, and mayoral elections to be held in Honduras in the midst of the worst political crisis to hit Honduras and Central America in more than two decades, activists from Hondurans for Democracy, School of the Americas Watch, Witness for Peace, and other DC-based organizations have announced that they will stage a protest on Sunday November 29 at 1:00 PM (EST).

  • Honduras Elections Legit?
    By : November 27, 2009
    Two days short of the Honduran "elections," it appears these will be recognized as legitimate by only four countries around the world: the United States, Peru, Panama and Colombia.

  • Inaccurate arguments about constitutional and legal issues persist
    By : November 27, 2009
    The same bad arguments continue to be offered by readers of this blog, so we decided it is worth reviewing what is and is not true about the constitutionality of the removal from office of President Zelaya June 28. We have tried to link back to earlier blog posts, many of them reporting the opinions of Honduran law professors, Edmundo Orellana, Efrain Moncada, Ramon Enrique Barrios, and their Spanish counterpart, Francisco Palacios Romeo.

  • Honduras to Have "Free and Fair" Elections with Disrespect for Human Rights
    By Tamar Sharabi - : November 27, 2009
    Sunday's Vote to Take Place Under a Cloud of Intimidation, Torture, Illegal Detentions and in Extreme Cases, Assassinations
    The National Front Against the Coup D'état has taken many different approaches to overthrowing the de facto government. On June 28 when people were scheduled to vote on the non-binding referendum, it was word of mouth that brought people to the presidential palace, in confusion and with conviction. The very first night the country was put under curfew.

  • Countdown to the Honduran Electoral Farce
    By Julie Webb-Pullman - : November 27, 2009
    No doubt about it – Hondurans are still in the streets demanding the return of constitutional order. Outside the Electoral Tribunal in Tegucigalpa many gathered on Tuesday to cheer on the deputies, mayors, and candidates lining up with their resignation letters in hand, in repudiation of the farce that is called the 2009 elections. Already at least 90 have resigned.

  • CDA to U.S. Policymakers: Don't Ratify Honduras Elections as 'Free and Fair'
    By : November 27, 2009
    Sarah Stephens, executive director of the Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA), released this statement urging the United States government not to ratify the elections in Honduras as 'free and fair.' / "It will be a great mistake if the U.S. government simply ratifies the results of the Honduras election and supports a process that whitewashes the coup and excuses violations of human and political rights that made it impossible for Hondurans to exercise freely their rights to vote.

  • Zelaya Posed to Reject Elections Results
    By : November 27, 2009
    Jose Manuel Zelaya Honduran popular President who was ousted by a military junta regime says the US administration is supporting the de facto regime of the Putchists. He said given these circumstances he will not recognize the result of the upcoming elections to be held within two days.

  • Peru's Workers Confederation Rejects Fake Elections in Honduras
    By : November 27, 2009
    In the face of the Peruvian government's decision to recognize the results of the Honduran elections taking place next Sunday 29 promoted by the coup makes, the General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP) condemned the decision of President Garcia that affects the image of Peru and justifies the interruption of democratic life in a nation through the intervention of the armed forces, an ominous precedent for the entire region and the world.

  • History of US intervention in Honduras
    By Rory Carroll - : November 27, 2009
    Fruit corporations from the US turned Honduras, an impoverished tropical backwater, into a huge banana plantation at the start of the 20th century. They dominated its economy and politics, making it the original "banana republic". / The US intervened in numerous military coups to protect its commercial interests, embedding a conservative, Americanised elite. Contra guerrillas backed by President Ronald Reagan used Honduras as a base to attack Nicaragua's Sandinista government in the 1980s.

  • Ecuador: EU must boycott Honduras poll
    By : November 27, 2009
    Ecuador's president, Rafael Correa, has urged the European Union not to recognise the elections Honduras is holding on Saturday. President Correa is calling on the EU to take the same position as UNASUR, the union of South American countries. The United States has previously said it will recognise the poll's outcome. In response, Brazil announced Washington was risking worsened relations with South America.

  • ITF: Honduras election 'cannot be legitimate'
    By : November 27, 2009
    Commenting on the impending Honduran elections Antonio Fritz, ITF Americas regional secretary, today stated: "On the 28th of June Honduras' democracy was stolen by a group of corrupt politicians backed by the military. Since then, despite their complete lack of credibility, they have scrabbled to justify this coup d'etat in the face of world public opinion and protests by the Organization of American States (OAS), governments and the international trade union movement."

  • Honduras: Stockpile of tear gas grenades uncovered-fears of election abuses
    By : November 27, 2009
    Amnesty International has learned that the de facto authorities in Honduras have stock piled 10,000 tear gas cans and other crowd control equipment, triggering fears of an increased risk of excessive and disproportionate use of force by security forces around the presidential elections.

  • Obama Backing of Honduras Election Crimps Latin America Ties
    By Janine Zacharia - : November 27, 2009
    President Barack Obama's backing of an election in Honduras widely seen by Latin American allies as illegitimate leaves the U.S. isolated regionally and has increased tensions with Brazil. / Most countries in Latin America, except Panama, have said deposed President Manuel Zelaya must be returned to office before a vote and have cited Zelaya's restoration as a prerequisite for their recognition of the election results.

  • Honduras coup: troops deployed to oversee election
    By Rory Carroll - : November 27, 2009
    Thousands of soldiers have been deployed across Honduras to oversee a controversial election which will cement the overthrow of President Manuel Zelaya. / The de facto government has militarised the capital, Tegucigalpa, and other cities to deter pro-Zelaya protests and ensure that Central America's first coup since the end of the cold war prevails.

  • Honduras warning for Latin America
    By : November 27, 2009
    Latin America faces the greatest threat to its democracy in decades (International, 7 November). The military coup that overthrew elected president Manual Zelaya and seized power in Honduras in June is now seeking to legitimise its illegal government through the international recognition of elections on 29 November. Such recognition would give a green light to opponents of democracy throughout the continent that military coups will be tolerated. Free and fair elections on November 29 are impossible. Human rights, freedom of assembly and of the press have all been under attack in Honduras. Repression under the coup regime has seen at least 20 people killed, more than 600 people injured and 3,500 people detained.

  • Zelaya to denounce U.S. to O.A.S.
    By : November 27, 2009
    Manuel Zelaya announced via Radio Globo [which I thought had been down since I hadn't been able to tune into the internet stream for the past 2 days] that he will send the Organization of American States an official communique in which he denounces to that organization the position of the United States vis-a-vis the crisis in Honduras.

  • Honduran court ruling
    By : November 27, 2009
    The Honduran Supreme Court ruled that Mel Zelaya cannot be reinstated unless he faces the pending charges against him. These were, we should remember, the charges that were pending against him on June 28, when the military decided it was better to forcibly and illegally exile him rather than let him address said charges through regular, democratic, and legal channels. This also means that Congress, which had been planning to vote on his reinstatement on December 2, won't be able to do so without contradicting the court.

  • No Fair Election in Honduras under Military Occupation
    By : November 27, 2009
    While the 23 nations of the Rio Group from Latin America and the Caribbean have condemned the election and announced they will not recognize its outcome, the Obama administration still insists it will recognize the results--once again isolating the United States from those who are upholding democracy in the hemisphere.

  • U.S. Groups That Supported Coups in Haiti and Venezuela Will Observe Elections in Honduras
    By : November 27, 2009
    The National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republican Institute (IRI), organizations that receive funding from the U.S. State Department, are planning on sending delegations to observe the November 29 elections in Honduras, according to a statement issued by Republican Senator Richard Lugar. The IRI is a group that has supported the ouster of democratically elected presidents in Haiti and Venezuela in recent years. Both groups are apparently planning to assist with observation of the elections, despite the fact that the electoral process will be effectively controlled by thousands of military troops and police officers -- the same forces who have committed innumerable human rights violations, including killings, rapes, beatings and thousands of detentions, since the June 28 coup d'etat.

  • Honduran Polls, another Tense Scale to the Crisis
    By : November 27, 2009
    The questioned elections on November 29 is another tense scale of the already prolonged crisis unleashed in Honduras, faced with the rejection of vast social and political sectors that term them a farce.

  • Washington endorses gunpoint election in Honduras
    By Bill Van Auken - : November 27, 2009
    The Obama administration has declared its support for elections being held this Sunday in Honduras, under conditions in which the regime that came to power in a coup last June has refused to cede power and is preparing intense repression against those who oppose it. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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