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Honduras Coup - Day 149 - November 23, 2009

  • Honduras: The unequivocal signs of what is coming
    By Ricardo Salgado - : November 23, 2009
    The events in Honduras during the last ten days oblige us to act immediately to ensure the safety of as many of our people as possible from the repressive onslaught that the fascists are preparing, the unequivocal signs of which increase day by day. / The virulent selective repression against members of the resistance recently has become a constant. They have moved beyond the bombs of "lies" in the commercial centers and on the properties of wealthy putschists to murder attempts against civilians that they have profiled during more than 140 days of struggle.

  • "Legalizing Coups d’Etat by Means of Spurious Electoral Processes Divides the Unity of the Nations of América"
    By Manuel Zelaya Rosales (President of Honduras) - : November 23, 2009
    The National Congress forged my resignation letter and, abusing its power, emitted an illegal decree which "separated me from the charge of Constitutional President" without Constitutional backing to do so. The same was the case for the arrest order that the Court had emitted without having received any legal complain and without my having been cited to appear before any tribunal or trial. It has been condemned and described by all the countries of the world as a violent and surprising rupture of democratic order, a Military Coup d’Etat.

  • SouthCom: Washington Develops its Operations in Soto Cano Airbase in Honduras
    By Arnold August - : November 23, 2009
    According to a November 17 press release, Harris Corporation, an international communications and information technology company, was awarded the U.S. Southern Command (SouthCom) Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems operations and maintenance program for Joint Task Force (JTF) Bravo at Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras. This five-year task order contract has a base year plus four one-year options and is valued at $38 million -- including all options. / This critical infrastructure program supports the Commander of JTF-Bravo -- the Commander of all U.S. military operations in Central America in the execution of SouthCom's strategy to build Partner Nation Capacity. It is intended to bolster security, stability and prosperity in the Americas.

  • Shocked I tell you...
    By : November 23, 2009
    Really, why is anyone surprised that the U.S. Democratic Party is any more reactionary than the Republican Party when it comes to Latin American policy? Via Honduras Oye!: The National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republican Institute (IRI), organizations that receive funding from the U.S. State Department, are planning on sending delegations to observe the November 29 elections in Honduras, according to a statement issued by Republican Senator Richard Lugar...

  • Valenzuela Dreams
    By : November 23, 2009
    Arturo Valenzuela represented the United States at the closed session of the OAS today. In it, he openly broke with the majority of the OAS representatives by urging them to accept the results of the November 29 elections in Honduras. Only Panama and the US spoke in favor of recognizing the elections. / It appears that Mr. Valenzuela is something of a dreamer with an active fantasy life. EFE reports (and again there are as yet no English language sources) that Valenzuela said the Micheletti's little vacation opened a space that should help expedite the formation of a unity government.

  • US Group That Supported Overthrows of Democratically Elected Governments in Haiti and Venezuela Will Observe Elections in Honduras
    By : November 23, 2009
    The National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republican Institute (IRI), organizations that receive funding from the U.S. State Department, are planning on sending delegations to observe the November 29 elections in Honduras, according to a statement issued by Republican Senator Richard Lugar. The IRI is a group that has supported the ouster of democratically elected presidents in Haiti and Venezuela in recent years. Both groups are apparently planning to assist with observation of the elections, despite the fact that the electoral process will be effectively controlled by thousands of military troops and police officers - the same forces who have committed innumerable human rights violations, including killings, rapes, beatings and thousands of detentions, since the June 28 coup d'etat.

  • How to Stop a Massacre Before It Starts: Honduras Edition
    By : November 23, 2009
    Charles notes a report by Narco News' Tamar Sharabi that Andres Pavon, the head of CODEH, the Committee for Human Rights in Honduras and a key figure among those backing the lawfully-elected government and resisting the tyranny of the Micheletti coup, has been charged by the coup régime with "defamation of Romeo Vasquez Velasquez," the general of the armed forces who is working for the golpistas, or coup leadership.

  • Zelaya Asks LatAm to Condemn Coup Regime
    By : November 23, 2009
    Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya requested Latin America's statesmen support his country and ratify condemnation to the coup d'etat. In a letter read by Radio Globo station, Zelaya asked the continent's nations "maintain solidarity with Honduras, reaffirm condemnation to the coup d'etat, and not support a coup regime."

  • Nobel-winner Obama sets the scene for conflict,
    perhaps war, in Latin America

    By Toni Solo - : November 23, 2009
    Because their economic system has failed, the US government and its allies are seeking to partially stem their relative decline by exploiting their military might around the world. In Latin America they are close to plunging Central America and the Andes into violent conflict and possibly outright war. They have already created the "war on terror" to criminalize domestic dissent and legitimate resistance to their ruthless attempts to stem their decline overseas. They cannot attack more important rivals like Russia or China with impunity, but they can afford to foment aggression aimed at those countries' regional allies like Iran and Venezuela. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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