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Honduras Coup - Day 147 - November 21, 2009

  • Honduran President Zelaya earns high marks for governance, U.S. agency scorecard shows
    By Bill Conroy - : November 21, 2009
    Nearly five months after the ruling aristocracy of Honduras used that nation's military to oust the president of the country, Manuel Zelaya, from power and send him into exile, a "de facto" government, headed by a former leader of the Honduran Congress, Roberto Micheletti, remains firmly entrenched in power with national elections only weeks away. Any pretense that the upcoming elections will be free and fair can only be supported by an equal pretense that the current "de facto" government is somehow a legitimate alternative to the democratically elected and now deposed Zelaya administration.

  • Guatemala will not recognize elections; El Heraldo complains
    By : November 21, 2009
    Even pro-coup media like El Heraldo have to report the news when it is this clear; Guatemala will not recognize the elections. So, how did this pro-coup outlet spin the clear and principled stand of Guatemala-- which I defy any of our commentators to dismiss as merely a leftist dupe (while recognizing they likely will reject it as a country of no importance, continuing to exhibit their "pragmatism" which in fact is an embrace of a specific global political order)?

  • Honduran FM, Patricia Rodas, Warns of Possible Massacre
    By : November 21, 2009
    It is obvious that more than a few people are putting two and two together and understand the potential for very serious state-sponsored violence (yes, including the paramilitaries from various countries). The election is not the reason for the likely repression rather it is the excuse.

  • Arrests and Militarization Precede Honduran Elections
    By : November 21, 2009
    News media closures, illegal detentions and militarization increase, portray today's panorama in Honduras just 8 days from the illegal elections called by the de facto regimen.

  • Honduras Coup at Ibero-American Summit
    By : November 21, 2009
    The crisis created by the coup d''etat in Honduras will be the center of debates at the 19th Ibero-American Summit in Portugal on November 20-December 1, the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry said.

  • Controversy over Honduras upcoming election
    By Bill Conroy - : November 21, 2009
    Both Argentina and Brazil have refused to acknowledge the elections if Zelaya is not reinstated beforehand, while the U.S. has said they will recognize the results if the election is fair and free. The U.S. State Department has announced they will fund election observers from the IRI and NDI. / Many in Hondruas are answering to Zelaya's call to boycott the upcoming elections. Over 40 candidates, including former presidential hopeful Carols H. Reyes, have withdrawn from the election in order to "raise the voices of resistance members that have been beaten, assassinated and repressed."

  • Honduran FM alerts on massacre danger
    By : November 21, 2009
    Honduran Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas alerted Friday on the possibility that a massacre could be prepared in Honduras because of the possible temporary resignation of coupist President Roberto Micheletti. In a press release in this capital Friday, Rodas alerted on the presence of local and foreign paramilitary in Honduras, preparing some act of terror, of which Micheletti does not want to be pointed out as responsible.

  • Basic facts in Honduras
    By : November 21, 2009
    The Janesville Gazette of all places put opposing articles together about the crisis in Honduras, with the following question: Should the continued presence of a de facto government in Honduras be considered a serious setback for democracy in Latin America? Mark Weisbrot argued yes, while Ray Walser argued no. The two articles did not engage each other directly, but they did converge in one way that highlights the problems that coup supporters face when trying to deal with facts. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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