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Honduras Coup - Day 142 - November 16, 2009

  • "Obama, Bush, and Latin American Coups"
    By Immanuel Wallerstein - : November 16, 2009
    Something strange is happening in Latin America. The Latin American right forces are poised to do better during the U.S. presidency of Barack Obama than they did during the eight years of George W. Bush. Bush led a far right regime that was totally out of sympathy with popular forces in Latin America. Obama, on the other hand, is leading a centrist regime that is trying to replicate the "good neighbor policy" which Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed as a way of signaling the end of direct U.S. military intervention in Latin America.

  • Ian Kelly "There's been No Change In US Policy"
    By : November 16, 2009
    Ian Kelly is in deep denial. The press are calling him out on the State Department's duplicitous change of response to the coup in Honduras, and he has no credible answers, except to repeat over and over again that there's been no change.

  • Honduran Crisis Outfoxes US Attempts at Negotiation
    By Tom Hayden - : November 16, 2009
    Representatives of the Honduran resistance against the military coup in Honduras arrived in Los Angeles this week as the Obama administration appeared to be abandoning its support for deposed President Manuel Zelaya and acceptance of the June 28 coup.

  • State Dept.'s Ian Kelly: Ain't Nobody Gonna Be Answering Mel's Letters
    and I Don't Have to Explain Why

    By : November 16, 2009
    MR. KELLY: Well, on Honduras, we, of course, are continuing to call on both sides to begin implementing the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord. One of the key parts of that is setting up a government of unity and reconciliation, and we feel that once that is set up and the other elements of the accord are implemented, that it will be easier for the international community to recognize the elections. And I think that's the point that Tom Shannon was trying to stress in his remarks that are referred to there. / QUESTION: But doesn't it sort of allow Micheletti to – kind of a backseat way, to still be part of the process when the U.S. has been pretty explicit that it recognizes Zelaya as the president?

  • US "Response" to Zelaya letter
    By : November 16, 2009
    An AFP report published in Paraguay earlier this afternoon headlined "US affirms that contact with Zelaya continues" quotes Ian Kelly of the US State Department claiming that the US position has not varied. / According to this report, questioned various times about why the US does not clarify explicitly its support for the immediate return to power of Zelaya, Ian Kelly-- wait for it-- "did not respond directly". / But he is quoted as saying (updated with transcript on Dept. of State Website quote): I mean, we haven't changed our policy. We have senior officials still involved in trying to get the two sides to – not to agree, but to implement something they've already agreed to, all right? I think we're very – we remain very much involved in the process.

  • Custodio Appeals Morning After Pill Ban
    By : November 16, 2009
    Ramon Custodio has filed an appeal of the decision of the Health Minister of the de facto government, to ban the importation and sale of the "morning after pill" in Honduras. The ban, put in place by Ministerial decree on October 24, came at a time when the Supreme Court was deciding if it was constitutional or not, to ban the import and sale of the pill. The case in the Supreme Court, was a consultation requested by Congress during President Zelaya's administration, and it questioned Zelaya's veto of a previous law banning the importation and sale of the pill.

  • Trumka: Free Elections Not Possible Now in Honduras
    By James Parks - : November 16, 2009
    The continued repression of trade unionists by the regime set up in Honduras after a June 28 coup makes it impossible to hold free and fair elections, says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka in a Nov. 13 letter to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. / Trumka points out that delegates to the AFL-CIO Convention in September passed a resolution calling on the U.S. government to suspend military aid to Honduras until President Manuel Zelaya, the democratically elected leader, is returned to office and human and trade union rights have been restored.

  • Zelaya calls for Honduran election boycott
    By : November 16, 2009
    Speaking from the Brazilian embassy in the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa, where he has taken refuge after secretly entering the country, Mr Zelaya also rejected any further efforts to make a deal with coup leader Roberto Micheletti. Insisting that he had no reason to negotiate over the matter, Mr Zelaya insisted that, "in my position as president elected by the Honduran people, I reaffirm my decision that, from this date forward, no matter what, I will not accept any agreement to return to the presidency. / "My term of office ends on January 27 2010," he declared, adding that neither the Honduran Congress nor the country's Supreme Court had the authority to depose the president.

  • Honduras: the farcical agreement is exposed – boycott the elections!
    By : November 16, 2009
    As we explained in a previous article, the Tegucigalpa/San José Accord signed on October 30 by representatives of the legitimate president of Honduras, Mel Zelaya, and those of the coup regime of Micheletti, was in reality a farce. / The text of the agreement was already quite bad (even though it was presented as a victory by Mel Zelaya and some of the leaders of the Resistance), but at least it contained one clause which talked of the reinstatement of president Zelaya, who had been removed by a military coup on June 28. However, in reality, the oligarchy had no intention of implementing that point and very soon started more trickery.

  • A Dangerous Time for Hondurans: Making the Coup "Stick" by Forcing a Vote
    By : November 16, 2009
    Now that the US government has largely finished its "business" in Honduras, it looks like the most dangerous times for Hondurans who oppose the coup and the election are still ahead. Between now and election day, the Michelettis have to figure a way to make this US-elite Honduran coup "stick" and produce an election that looks legitimate even though it is fraudulent at best.

  • Ortega accuses Dutch MEP of coup plans
    By : November 16, 2009
    Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega says Dutch MEP Hans van Baalen was in Nicaragua to see how the army felt about attempting a coup d'état, but found no officers willing to go along with the idea.

  • International Liberal support for Micheletti and Honduras election
    By : November 16, 2009
    Honduras de facto leader Roberto Micheletti has been named vice-president of the Liberal International organization in spite of the fact he is not recognized by a majority of the international community.

  • Elections under Coup Deepen Honduran Crisis
    By : November 16, 2009
    The November 29 elections in Honduras will only worsen the crisis unleashed in Honduras after the military coup, due to the vast peoples' rejection to hold elections under the de facto regime.

  • Interview with Honduras FM Rodas
    By Rel-UITA - : November 17, 2009
    At the end of a press conference held at the Honduran embassy in Managua, Nicaragua, the liberal mayor of San Pedro Sula, Rodolfo Padilla Sunseri, announced his decision to drop out of the elections. Along with him would also be withdrawing more than 50 candidates for the legislature and a hundred candidates for mayoral and vice mayor positions, all from the same party. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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