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Honduras Coup - Day 141 - November 15, 2009

  • "My Vote for No One"
    By : November 15, 2009
    Carlos Rodriguez on mimalapalabra describes his political history as a disillusioned young man in Honduras, and reflects on his understanding of the electoral exercise scheduled for the end of the current month, now clearly to take place under the leadership of the de facto regime that seized power June 28. I will not try to translate it in full here, but think it is worth considering in light of existing social science research showing Hondurans the most disillusioned in the hemisphere with the prospects for democracy, and as an indication of what the coup and its aftermath are accomplishing.

  • Ousted president Zelaya accuses US of providing cover for coup
    By : November 15, 2009
    Deposed Honduran president Manuel Zelaya has rejected any possibility of a deal to restore constitutional order in the two weeks before the next scheduled elections, local media reported. Zelaya, who was ousted by the military on June 28, informed US President Barack Obama in a letter Saturday that he would not accept any proposal to return him to office temporarily "to cover up the coup d'etat."

  • Deposed Honduran President Drops Deal in Letter to Obama
    By : November 15, 2009
    Accepting the agreement would be "covering up the coup d’état, which we know has a direct impact due to the military repression on the human rights of the inhabitants of our country," Zelaya said. / "The Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord is without value or effect through the unilateral noncompliance of the de facto government" headed by Roberto Micheletti, who was appointed to lead the country by the Honduran Congress on June 28 after the coup, Zelaya said.

  • Grandmother of the Resistance: "Only the people can save the people"
    By : November 15, 2009
    The only reason they carried out a coup d'etat is cause that fascist who is there in the president's house is envious because nobody wanted him and nobody voted for him to go to the presidential house because he was a candidate but nobody voted for him. The majority of us know him, that he isn't apt to be a president of a republic.

  • AUDIO: Andres Conteris - from inside the Brazilian Embassy, Honduras
    By : November 15, 2009
    Andres Conteris, journalist for Democracy Now has been inside the Brazilian Embassy with President Zelaya since day one. A month and a half later the one hundred or so inside the Embassy is down to 30. Nevertheless, the commitment to resist the coup regime honestly and calmly is as strong as ever. President Zelaya is counting on the international community not to recognise the illegal, and heavily compromised 'elections' of November 29 to bring some kind of social equity and natural justice to the Honduran people.

  • EU wants Honduran presidential fight resolved by talking
    By : November 15, 2009
    The European Union has urged the sides in Honduras to resume the dialogue aimed at restoring ousted President Manual Zelaya to power and expressed concern over the "interruption" in the process, referring to the complete collapse of an agreement brokered by the United States for a power-sharing deal that would bring ousted President Manual Zelaya back into the government.

  • President Zelaya to President Obama: Walk the Talk
    By Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales - : November 15, 2009
    We still refuse to believe that this military coup d'etat executed in Honduras, is now the new state terrorism of the 21st century. And that it will be the future for Latin America that you spoke to us about in Trinidad and Tobago. / We are firmly resolved to battle for our democracy without hiding the truth and when a people decide to peacefully fight for its ideas, there is no weapon, no army nor maneuver that is capable of stopping it.

  • Honduras: 'The elections are fraudulent'
    By : November 15, 2009
    Barahona spoke on the 137th day of continued popular resistance to the June 28 military coup that overthrew the government of elected President Manuel Zelaya. Barahona was explaining the FNRG's decision to continue with its call for a boycott of the November 29 general elections organised by the coup regime.

  • Zelaya rejects conditional reinstatement
    By : November 15, 2009
    Ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya says he will oppose any deal that would link his reinstatement to recognition of the upcoming presidential poll. Zelaya also denounced Washington for changing its stance and supporting the electoral process in Honduras.

  • Zelaya refuses to recognise Honduras vote
    By : November 15, 2009
    Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya insists he will not accept any deal to restore him to power if it means he must recognise elections later this month. Speaking from the Brazilian embassy where he is holed up, Zelaya said: "I do not accept any agreement that would return me to the presidency of the Republic as a way to cover up the coup d'etat which we know has a direct impact, given the military repression of the human rights of the people of our country."

  • Honduran Elections: Unviable, Illegal
    By : November 15, 2009
    San Pedro Sula's Mayor Rodolfo Padilla joined the list of Honduran candidates refusing to participate in the elections, due to illegitimacy of that process under the coup regime. Padilla, who was seeking reelection in the country's second important city, asserted that if institutionality is not restored, it would be impossible to hold transparent elections, as demanded by people and the international community.

  • Clock ticking in Honduras
    By : November 15, 2009
    Mel Zelaya wrote a letter to President Obama saying the talks were dead and that he would not accept an agreement that returns him to the presidency if it entails any recognition of the coup. I should point out that he read this letter in Spanish on the radio, which was then picked up, translated and excerpted, so the exact wording can easily get lost along the way.

  • Honduran President Refuses To Return To Power
    By : November 15, 2009
    A US brokered agreement to end the political deadlock in Honduras collapsed earlier this month after de facto leader Roberto Micheletti said he would form a new government without Zelaya. Zelaya had initially welcomed the pact, which he said was meant to reinstate him but has now changed his mind saying: "From this date onward, I reaffirm my decision not to accept any agreement to return to the presidency (that would) cover up this coup"

  • Zelaya wants no part of US-brokered deal for Honduras
    By Noe Leiva, AFP - : November 15, 2009
    Deposed Honduran leader Manuel Zelaya has written to US President Barack Obama saying he wants no part of US efforts to broker a deal to restore his presidency and end his country's political crisis. In the five-page letter, Zelaya, who has been holed up in the Brazilian embassy here for the past several weeks, said supporting a US-backed deal would give a patina of legitimacy to the interim government which ousted him in June.

  • Zelaya accuses US of changing stance on Honduras
    By : November 15, 2009
    Ousted Honduran president Mel Zelaya has said the US is not serious about his reinstatement but focusing more on the upcoming presidential elections in November. "They have left us in the middle of the river, saying now that their priority is the elections and not the restoration of democracy," Zelaya told Costa Rica's ADN Radio Saturday. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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