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Honduras Coup - Day 14 - July 11, 2009

  • HONDURAS: Coup d'Etat - What's In a Name?
    By Diana Cariboni - : July 11, 2009
    The events unleashed two weeks ago in Honduras have raised questions about the options available in a democratic system to penalise infringements of the constitution without, in turn, trampling the constitution.

  • Chavez attacks U.S. plan to solve coup
    Herald wire services - : July 11, 2009
    Chavez objected to the very idea of giving those who ousted President Manuel Zelaya the same treatment as the leader himself.

  • Cuban Teachers Leave Honduras
    By Prensa Latina - : July 11, 2009
    Ramon Lamoru, on behalf of the collaborators, repudiated the coup and ratified their willingness to continue their task, as soon as the situation allows them and Honduran constitutional President Jose Manuel Zeaya returns to power.

  • Cuban Education Collaborators Returned from Honduras
    By Cuban News Agency - - Google's cache : July 11, 2009
    The last group of Cuban education workers, who were in Honduras on an internationalist Literacy mission, returned to Cuba on Friday after the de facto government of Roberto Michelleti forced the interruption of their teaching work.

  • Honduras Crisis May Spur Latin America Coups —Castro
    By Reuters - : July 11, 2009
    Castro said right-wing military leaders trained by the United States could be encouraged to take up arms against their governments.

  • Castro, Chavez Warn of More Coups
    By Circles Robinson - : July 11, 2009
    "If President Manuel Zelaya is not reinstated in his post, a wave of coups threatens to wipe out many governments in Latin America or leave them at the mercy of the far rightwing military, educated in the security doctrine of the School of the Americas, experts in physiological warfare and terror. The authority of many civilian governments in Central and South America would be weakened," warned Castro.

  • Hopes Fade for Quick End to Honduran Political Crisis
    By Jose De Cordoba - : July 11, 2009
    Representatives from Honduras's interim government and the nation's ousted president will continue talks in the coming days aimed at resolving the country's political crisis, mediator Oscar Arias said Friday, even as Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez blasted the talks and hopes of a quick solution faded.

  • Showdown in 'Tegucigolpe'
    By Stephen Zunes - - : July 11, 2009
    In a reversal of many decades of U.S. support for right-wing golpistas in Latin America, the Obama administration has denounced the coup. However, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, rather than backing the largely nonviolent popular uprising for Zelaya's unconditional return to power, has instead been pushing for the country's legitimate ruler to compromise with the very forces which illegally exiled him from the country and have been violently suppressing his supporters.

  • Nothing justifies the coup d’etat in Honduras response
    By Miguel Ángel Ramírez Ramos - : July 11, 2009
    In his article "Military coups and banana republics" (The Hindu, July 1), the Chilean academician, Jorge Heine, purports to present a balanced opinion on the developments taking place in Honduras leading up to and following the illegal ouster from power of President José Manuel Zelaya. In reality, the article is a subtle defence of both military coups and, by extension, the hateful concept of 'banana republics', two phenomena the Latin American people had decided almost unanimously to wipe out from history.

  • Isolated Honduras hunkers down
    By Juana Casas, Reuters - : July 11, 2009
    Zelaya's term was due to end in January and local commentators suspect the interim government is seeking to buy time to make his reinstatement obsolete. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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