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Honduras Coup - Day 138 - November 12, 2009

  • Honduras: US seeks "happy end" —at cost of democracy?
    By : November 12, 2009
    The State Department sent Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Craig Kelly to Honduras Nov. 10 in a bid to relaunch the moribund dialogue. Kelly held separate talks with ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya and de facto president Roberto Micheletti, but left the Central American country the following day with no deal. Kelly insisted the US is "advancing the dialogue," adding, "We think it's important to continue the conversations." (AlJazeera, Nov. 12)

  • Vapid US Policy Statement
    By : November 12, 2009
    The Voice of America website, under a byline "The following is an editorial reflecting the views of the US government", has just published one of the oddest texts I think I have ever read. Here for the record is a professional deconstruction of this text, from my perspective as an avowed post-structuralist:
    Efforts to return deposed President Manuel Zelaya to office and end the crippling political crisis in Honduras have hit another roadblock.
    This form of statement, leaving out any agent (actor), is typical of rhetoric that attempts to avoid responsibility. Efforts have hit a roadblock: not because the US State Department made pronouncements that encouraged parties to misbehave...

  • Honduras: dictatorship recruiting right-wing extremists as "observers"
    By Jean-Guy Allard - : November 12, 2009
    IN order to cover up the invalidity of the upcoming November 29 elections, the usurping regime of Roberto Micheletti is heavily recruiting—via an association of pro-coup businesspeople — "observers" from right-wing extremist organizations.

  • The Guaymuras Dialogue, Honduras, and the armor-plated elections
    By Juan Almendares - : November 12, 2009
    To penetrate Honduras in the political abyss, it’s essential to analyze the Guaymuras Dialogue, Tegucigalpa/San Jose Accord for national reconciliation and strengthening of democracy, signed on the 30th of October, 2009 by representatives of the de facto Government and of the legitimate President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya Rosales. The analysis requires establishing a connection between the text, the context, the history, and strategies of local and international political hegemony in the ethical and liberational conception of life.

  • Honduras Crisis Expected to Last Indefinitely
    By : November 12, 2009
    The crisis generated by the coup in Honduras will last a long time after the de facto regime failed to comply with the Tegucigalpa/San José agreement, warned local press on Thursday.

  • Please No More Shock About Honduras,
    The Imperial Tea Leaves Were There to Be Read

    By : November 12, 2009
    I guess many people got Obamaized after the election. One organization after another, one blogger after another, one reporter (mainstream and independent) after another are going through a period of disbelief at what has taken place in Honduras over the last two weeks. In my November 11 Honduran National Resistance update, I take on this collective disbelief by explaining the early warning signals that should have tipped everyone off that this has been a US-driven coup all along in which the US never intended to restore President Zelaya and did intend to push for the November 29 election to be held.

  • Honduras Accord Is on Verge of Collapse
    By : November 12, 2009
    Ousted president says U.S. lacks commitment to reinstatement
    Ousted president Manuel Zelaya, who was expelled by the military in June, said in a telephone interview that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton had assured him as recently as last week that the U.S. government was seeking his return to the presidency. But he said that U.S. pressure had eased in recent days and that he no longer had faith in the agreement.

  • 240+ Latin America Experts Pressure Obama on Honduras
    By : November 12, 2009
    Over 240 academics and experts on Latin America sent a letter to President Obama yesterday urging him to denounce the ongoing human rights violations perpetrated by the coup regime in Honduras ahead of the planned November 29 elections. They also urged him to demand the immediate restitution of President Manuel Zelaya and to support a full three months of electoral campaigning after the coup has been overturned and "debating, organizing, and all other aspects of election campaigns can be conducted in an atmosphere that is free from fear; in which all views and parties are free to make their voices heard - not just those that are allowed under an illegal military occupation." This would mean that this month's elections - which Latin America and the European Union have said they will not recognize - would need to be rescheduled.

  • Honduran Supreme Court Delays Crisis Solution
    By : November 12, 2009
    The difficult solution to the political crisis in Honduras has received a final thrust by the Justice Supreme Court, postponing a pronouncement on that issue for one more week.

  • Honduras US Supreme Court deliberates on Zelaya's reinstatement
    By : November 12, 2009
    The Congress requested non binding opinions from the Supreme Court and the Attorney General Office regarding Mr. Zelaya, following on an agreement reached October 30 between representatives from the ousted leader and the head of the de facto government, Roberto Micheletti. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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