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Honduras Coup - Day 135 - November 09, 2009

  • Honduras deal collapses, and Zelaya's backers blame U.S.
    By : November 09, 2009
    Analysts said Monday that Shannon's statement in a television interview Wednesday undercut most of Zelaya's leverage, gave Congress a good reason to dodge a tough vote and strengthened the resolve of de facto President Roberto Micheletti to remain in power.

  • National Front of Resistance Against the Coup:
    The elections will not be recognized, the struggle continues

    By : November 09, 2009
    Since the midnight deadline of Thursday November 5th passed without the restitution of legitimate president Manual Zelaya, we declare we will actively not recognize the electoral process of 29 November of this year.

  • Honduran Congress awaits court opinion on Zelaya
    By Olga R. Rodriguez, AP - : November 09, 2009
    The head of Honduras' Congress said Monday there is no guarantee lawmakers will vote on whether to restore ousted President Manuel Zelaya before the Nov. 29 election that will choose his successor.

  • Resistencia denounces Black Ops
    By : November 09, 2009
    From Iqui at hablahonduras: Members of the Resistencia are currently denouncing that elite police and military special forces are targeting members of the Resistencia at night, when they follow them to their houses, break doors, go in, and beat up any men they find, while verbally abusing and shouting at any women and kids present.

  • Honduras: political deal "dead"; bogus "unity government" declared
    By : November 09, 2009
    The US and OAS appear divided on whether to recognize the upcoming Honduran elections after the collapse of the Washington-brokered deal to solve the political crisis in the Central American country. Ousted President Manuel Zelaya told Radio Globo Nov. 6 that the deal is "dead," adding: "It makes no sense to continue duping the Honduran people with this type of agreement which only shows a lack of political will to resolve the problem."

  • Honduran Anti-Coup Fight Speeds up Election Failure
    By : November 09, 2009
    Honduran putschists' refusal to re-establish constitutionality in the country strengthens people's resistance and speeds up the failure of general elections slated for late November, the local media said.

  • Gasoline Subsidies Again
    By : November 09, 2009
    The de facto government of Roberto Micheletti has again restored the government subsidies of the price of gasoline and diesel in Honduras. Under Manuel Zelaya the government had been able to withdraw the subsidies and guarantee fairly stable prices through the agreement with Petrocaribe to supply the national supply.

  • No Report From Supreme Court
    By : November 09, 2009
    El Heraldo's Minute by Minute column reports that the Supreme Court will not give the report requested by Congress on the restitution of Manuel Zelaya because it has an appeal of the decree that removed him from power before it. La Tribuna reported that according to Radio América, the appeal filed by Raul Valeriano against the Congressional decree that removed Zelaya and appointed Micheletti is before the Court. The report on Radio America also noted that the Supreme Court can only give legal opinions on legal reforms or existing laws of the country.

  • New Report Looks at Honduran Economy Before and Since the Coup
    By : November 09, 2009
    "The whole region (Central America) has been hit by the U.S. recession," said Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of CEPR. "But things have worsened in Honduras since the coup in June and it is difficult to see how the economy will recover without a solution to the political crisis."

  • Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya: Talks Are Off with Coup Government After Deal Collapses
    By : November 09, 2009
    An American-mediated accord to end the four-month political crisis in the country appears to be in shambles just a week after it was signed. On Friday, ousted President Manuel Zelaya, who remains in the Brazilian embassy, declared the deal was over. Meanwhile, coup president Roberto Micheletti said he would install a national unity government without the participation of Zelaya.

  • On Honduras Situation, Obama Admin. Teeters on the Brink of Disaster
    By Emile Schepers - : November 09, 2009
    The latest news out of Honduras is very alarming. It would appear that the much ballyhooed "accords" worked out last week between negotiating teams for President Manuel Zelaya and coup leader Roberto Micheletti are being used as yet another cynical delaying tactic by the latter, and as a cop-out stratagem by the Obama administration.

  • November 17!?
    By : November 09, 2009
    The National Congress says it will wait until November 17, twelve days before the elections, for the reports it has requested. Carlos Lara Wilson, Secretary of the directorate of the Congress, said they would wait, at the longest, until November 17. "We can say its like this, but we cannot put any deadlines on any of these institutions." The Vice President of Congress, Ramón Velásquez Nazar, repeated that there was no deadline for the reports. He also noted that they needed to have a discussion about how to proceed once they have reports.

  • Tamayo Appeal Rejected by Supreme Court
    By : November 09, 2009
    The Supreme Court refused to accept an appeal by Padre Andres Tamayo authored by the lawyers Julio Ramos and Franklin Geovany Alonzo, representatives of the Human Rights organization CODEH (Comité para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos en Honduras). In their defense, the lawyers indicated that Tamayo has not committed any crime. None the less, the Constitutional branch of the Supreme Court refused to admit the appeal, leaving in place the decision of the Director of Immigration, General Nelson Willy Mejia Mejia, a member of the infamous Batallion 3-16 in the 1980s, to cancel Tamayo's Honduran citizenship.

  • OAS says NO to Unilateral Unity
    By : November 09, 2009
    "From the point of view of the Tegucigalpa San Jose Accord, which was agreed to by the Honduran parties, Mr. Roberto Micheletti does not have the right to convoke, organize, or swear in (a cabinet)," said José Octavio Bordón in an interview with CNN en Español on Friday. Bordón is a representative of the OAS on the Verification commission.

  • Honduras: Republicans praise Obama for "reversing" policy
    By Bill Van Auken - : November 09, 2009
    As has become clear over the past week, this deal has served to legitimize the principal aims of the June coup, while betraying the demands of the broad mass of workers, peasants and students that has resisted the dictatorial regime for the past four and a half months. The agreement committed both sides—those who led the coup and those whom they overthrew—to forming a government of "national unity and reconciliation," while making no stipulation as to who would head it.

  • Honduras' golpistas break deal
    By Shaun Joseph - : November 09, 2009
    The agreement, known as the Tegucigalpa/San José Accords, was struck October 28 under the auspices of Thomas Shannon and Daniel Restrepo--respectively the top Latin America hands for the U.S. State Department and the Obama White House. One week later, the deal was in tatters, with its first important step--the installation of a "government of unity and national reconciliation" by November 5--devolved into a typically absurd display of Micheletti's chutzpah.

  • Zelaya calls for more protests after crisis deal collapses
    By AFP - : November 09, 2009
    Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, ousted in a military-backed coup four months ago, called for fresh protests Friday after the collapse of a U.S.-brokered deal to end the crisis. Zelaya said last week's deal was no longer valid after de facto leader Roberto Micheletti formed a new "national unity" government without his participation.

  • Boycott of Nov. 29 Honduras Elections Announced
    By : November 09, 2009
    November 5, the day that was supposed to bring the end of the coup regime and the reinstatement of President Zelaya in Honduras, has come and gone without the promised changes. Now, the National Resistance Front against the Coup d'Etat has issued a statement in response to the continued stalling tactics of the coup government.

  • Honduras president, de facto leader spar over deal
    By : November 09, 2009
    The US-brokered deal to end the nation's four-month crisis collapsed last week when Zelaya pulled out, after Micheletti announced a new "unity" government without his participation. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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