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Honduras Coup - Day 130 - November 04, 2009

  • Zelaya's FM presses Congress for immediate presidential restitution
    By : November 04, 2009
    The foreign minister of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya on Wednesday urged the National Congress to restore Zelaya to power by Thursday.

  • Reporters "Work Over" State Dept. Spokesman, Ian Kelly, on Honduras
    By : November 04, 2009
    At today's State Department press briefing, reporters pummeled Ian Kelly with questions about President Zelaya's reinstatement and whether this is necessary for US to recognize the Honduran elections. Ian Kelly was the same as he always is: floating between "I dunno" and poor attempts at snarkiness. The reporters could probably have beaten him up even longer, but given that he is incapable of a straight answer, they gave up after ten minutes. If you prefer, you can watch the video of the press briefing rather than wading through the transcript...

  • The Verification Commission speaks
    By : November 04, 2009
    A press conference held by the members of the Verification Commission today, reported by the El Salvadoran website Telecinco, gives some insight into what we can expect of the next phase of the unfolding implementation of the Tegucigalpa Accord.

  • Honduras: "reactionary accord" or "popular victory"?
    By : November 04, 2009
    On Nov. 1 Honduran president José Manuel Zelaya Rosales expressed optimism about an agreement his representatives signed with the country's de facto government on Oct. 30 to end a political crisis that began with a military coup on June 28. At the same time, he warned against possible "manipulation" by de facto president Roberto Micheletti. "[W]e need to stay alert until compliance [with the accord] is accomplished," he told the Venezuela-based TeleSUR television network.

  • Zelaya Decries US Stance on Honduras Coup
    By Fany Rodríguez - : November 04, 2009
    Honduras' constitutional President Manuel Zelaya warned that the United States intend to recognize the Honduran elections, without reversing the coup or solving the severe crisis his country is facing.

  • Indigenous organization COPINH denounces Guaymuras Accords
    By : November 04, 2009
    We have no trust in the negotiating commission of the coup regime given that they have never demonstrated a willingness to reinstate the constitutional president of the republic and its only purpose is to buy time to consolidate the objectives of the coup d'etat in looting the national treasury and imposing neoliberal projects of privatization of natural resources and state institutions.

  • Honduras de facto leader 'to quit'
    By : November 04, 2009
    The panel overseeing a deal to end the four month political crisis in Honduras has said that Roberto Micheletti, the country's interim president, will stand down although it has not given details as to when. The Honduran Verification Commission also said on Wednesday that a national unity cabinet would be named on Thursday.

  • How to create unity and reconciliation (not)
    By : November 04, 2009
    The apparent unilateral intention of Roberto Micheletti to single-handedly decide who will form the government of "unity and reconciliation" exposes yet again the weakness of the Tegucigalpa Accord, including the lack of clear causal links between points and the absence of a separately enumerated deadline for action on "point #5" (the only way Micheletti's representatives can bring themselves to refer to restoration of President Zelaya) in the timetable.

  • US: Zelaya Should Be Restored
    By : November 04, 2009
    Ian Kelly, spokesperson for the US State Department reiterated its condemnation of the June 28 coup in Honduras and continued call for the restitution of its president, Manuel Zelaya. "Our opposition to the coup and the destitution has been very clear since the start," Kelly said. Ian Kelly was responding to the letter that Manuel Zelaya sent to Hillary Clinton asking for a clarification of the position of Washington, D.C. on his return to power.

  • Zelaya Asks Clinton for Clarification: Complete Translation
    By Laura Carlsen - : November 04, 2009
    Every day that goes by since the Oct. 29 peace accord in Honduras, raises the possibility of more bloodshed, chaos and conflict. With consequences this dire, there is no room for further delays or maneuvers to subvert the agreement. It was supposed to be relatively simple: The de facto regime implicitly recognized that it's position was unsustainable when high-level U.S. government officials and other international leaders told them so last week. Cornered, it signed the agreement that includes reinstatement of President Manuel Zelaya.

  • US backs slow-moving Honduran crisis settlement
    By AFP - : November 04, 2009
    The United States on Wednesday backed slow-moving efforts to resolve Honduras' political crisis, despite complaints by ousted President Manuel Zelaya that the process is delaying his reinstatement.

  • Insulza agrees with Fernandez on the OAS's weakness
    By : November 04, 2009
    Organization of American States (OAS) Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza today agreed with statements by president Leonel Fernandez on the multilateral organisms' incapacity to confront situations such as the coup in Honduras.

  • National Unity Government
    By : November 04, 2009
    Roberto Micheletti seems to be taking it upon himself to try and form the government of National Unity. In what seems to me to be a bizarre development, Roberto Micheletti has asked Manuel Zelaya for a list of 10 "constitutionally qualified" citizens to establish the government of National Unity. The request was contained in a note sent by Rafael Pineda Ponce to the Brazilian Embassy. The same message was sent to five of the presidential candidates as titular heads of political parties. In addition, Micheletti is soliciting nominations from the Unión Civica Democratica and the Fondo Nacional de Convergencia. The Frente de Resistencia is not being consulted. Kenia Lima, a spokesperson for Micheletti, said that the letter to Zelaya was a courtesy, since he is not the head of a political party, and the Frente is not a legally constituted entity.

  • Zelaya: We need international help
    By : November 04, 2009
    Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has called for ongoing international pressure to ensure the deal around his return to office is implemented in the face of prevarication and delay from the coup regime.

  • Ousted Honduran leader asks Clinton stand on coup
    By Olga Rodriguez, AP - : November 04, 2009
    Ousted President Manuel Zelaya is asking the Obama Administration to explain why, after pressing for his reinstatement, U.S. officials say they will recognize upcoming Honduran elections even if he isn't returned to power first.

  • What comes next in Honduras?
    By : November 04, 2009
    The intervention of U.S. officials produced an agreement in Honduras in late October that is supposed to return ousted President Manuel Zelaya to office, if only for a brief period before a new president, elected in a vote set for the end of November, takes office early next year.

  • More delays in Honduras
    By : November 04, 2009
    The Honduran Congress decided to postpone voting on Mel Zelaya's reinstatement. Instead, congressional leaders are reportedly asking the opinions of a variety of other state institutions. In addition, motions intended to set time limits were defeated. Congressional leaders also refuse to say when a special session will be called.

  • Progress not perfection: coups and resistance
    By : November 04, 2009
    Laura Carlsen — if not the best informed, then certainly in the top five, of well-informed foreign political correspondents writing about Mexico and Central America, questions the so-called "Guaymuras Accords" that either do ... or don't... end the coup in Honduras...

  • Zelaya Decries US Stance on Honduras Coup
    By : November 04, 2009
    Honduras' constitutional President Manuel Zelaya warned that the United States intend to recognize the Honduran elections, without reversing the coup or solving the severe crisis his country is facing.

  • Honduran lawmakers put off vote on Zelaya's return
    By Mario Naranjo and Fiona Ortiz - : November 04, 2009
    Honduran lawmakers on Tuesday put off a vote on whether to restore ousted President Manuel Zelaya and asked the Supreme Court for its view, bucking outside pressure to quickly end a four-month political crisis.

  • Honduran presidential hopefuls sign democracy and governance pact
    By : November 04, 2009
    Four of the six candidates for Honduras presidential election next November 29th signed Tuesday the social pact to strengthen democracy, peace and freedom, one of several steps agreed last week to end the four months institutional crisis of the Central American country, according to political sources. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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