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Honduras Coup - Day 129 - November 03, 2009

  • The big loser in the Honduras political crisis? The economy.
    By Sara Miller Llana - : November 03, 2009
    Doris Midence, a snack bar employee at La Tigra National Park outside the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, has the empty gaze of someone with too much time on her hands. "Customers are down by half," she says, reorganizing gum and candy bars. "Between curfews and protests, people are not leaving their homes."

  • Honduran Congress consults Supreme Court on deal to end crisis
    By : November 03, 2009
    Honduras' unicameral Congress sent a deal to end the political crisis in the Central American country on to the Supreme Court for consultation on Tuesday. The Supreme Court's non-binding opinion will be taken into account when Congress votes on the issue.

  • Did Honduras deal weaken Zelaya?
    By Sara Miller Llana - : November 03, 2009
    When ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya and his successor, Roberto Micheletti, signed a deal last week to resolve the crisis that has crippled the Central American nation for four months, Mr. Zelaya was jubilant. He told his supporters he expected to be back in office in a week's time. But as the Honduran Congress, now the ultimate arbiter, prepares to decide whether that will indeed be the case the political waters are in many ways murkier than they have been since Zelaya was toppled on June 28. What first seemed like a victory for Zelaya and the diplomats who secured the deal could become a setback.

  • Inadvertent truth? When generals merge with politicians...
    By : November 03, 2009
    A BBC report on the interpretive aftermath of the signing of the Tegucigalpa (Guaymuras) Accord rehearses the main points of disagreement between the two sides. / The Zelaya administration insisting that the Congressional vote on return of the Executive Power to its state prior to June 28 logically has to precede establishing a reconciliation government (or else we face the bizarre prospect of Zelaya, as a supposed "private citizen", negotiating half the cabinet posts based on-- what?). / The Micheletti group, meanwhile, continue to ignore the fact that what is at issue is timing of the Congressional vote-- not the outcome-- in favor of emphasizing that Zelaya has accepted whatever outcome comes from this vote-- which they will not commit to having before the supposed reconciliation government takes form.

  • Congress Stalls
    By : November 03, 2009
    The executive council of Congress decided today to ask the Supreme Court about the possibility of restoring Zelaya to the Presidency. The court's opinion is not binding on Congress, and it has previously said the coup against Zelaya was legal. Telecinco, a Spanish TV station and website also reports that the Procuraduria has also been asked for an opinion. In addition, La Tribuna reports that the Fiscalia has been asked for an opinion. No deadline was set for the reports.

  • Reina Denied Access
    By : November 03, 2009
    Radio Globo reports that the military has denied Jorge Arturo Reina, representative of Manuel Zelaya on the verification commission, permission to enter the Brazilian embassy and talk with Zelaya.

  • Honduras Zelaya Restitution a Must, Says Resistance
    By : November 03, 2009
    The National Front against the Coup in Honduras warned on Tuesday that President Manuel Zelaya's restitution must be materialized this week to avoid deepening crisis.

  • Dr. Luther Castillo, voice of the voiceless in Honduras,
    gets rousing reception in San Francisco

    By Willie Thompson - : November 03, 2009
    Dr. Luther Castillo, who represents the National Resistance Front against the Military Coup in Honduras, brought to San Francisco the echoes of Cuba's former President Fidel Castro on Thursday night at the Centro del Pueblo. He spoke for almost two hours with passion, conviction and a keen understanding of the savage rule of the minority oligarchic coup government in Honduras.

  • Agent Micheletti
    By Jean-Guy Allard - : November 03, 2009
    The late CIA agent Philip Agee, who dedicated himself to identifying and denouncing his crimes after resigning from the agency, would have predicted it some time ago: Robert Micheletti, current leader of the Tegucigalpa military/business junta, has all the characteristics of a yanki intelligence agent, recruited at a certain moment by some Langley official assigned to the Honduran Embassy.

  • Congress plays games over Zelaya's return to power
    By : November 03, 2009
    The leadership of Honduras's Congress has met to begin consideration of an accord that could reinstate ousted President Manuel Zelaya, but they failed to set a date for bringing the issue to the floor.

  • Honduras protest at US embassy
    By Lizzie Cocker - : November 03, 2009
    An emergency protest will take place tomorrow outside the US embassy in London to demand the full reinstatement of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and an end to the grave human rights abuses taking place in his country.

  • Congress Begins Work Tuesday
    By : November 03, 2009
    Congress will reportedly begin its work on the Tegucigalpa-San Jose accord by convening the executive council tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM . José Alfredo Saaveda called the meeting of the executive council so that they can know the text of the accord and begin contemplating how to proceed. Saavedra urged people not to put pressure on Congress at this time.

  • OAS to Welcome Back Honduras – US' Campaign Succeeds
    By : November 03, 2009
    The purpose of the Guaymuras Accord was not to bind Micheletti nor Zelaya into certain "agreements." It was designed to bind the international community into legitimizing the coup regime even though nothing has changed. To get Micheletti to sign, the agreement had to contain key concessions by the "international community" to become effective upon the signing of the agreement: recognition of the upcoming elections and lifting of sanctions. With the stroke of a pen, the coup regime was legitimized. The regime has forced the international community to recognize the result of the election in advance making the regime a legitimate entity for holding an election. The same thing with sanctions. If sanctions are lifted, the coup government is no longer "condemned" nor "illegitimate."

  • OAS plans to reincorporate Honduras and lift sanctions next week
    By : November 03, 2009
    The Organization of American States, OAS, is planning an extraordinary general assembly for next week to approve the reincorporation of Honduras in anticipation of the country's presidential election November 29th, according to Chilean minister of Foreign Affairs, Mariano Fernández.

  • U.S. urges Honduran Congress to promptly implement agreement
    By : November 03, 2009
    The United States urged the Honduran Congress on Monday to promptly implement a political agreement signed between the de facto government and ousted President Manuel Zelaya. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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