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Honduras Coup - Day 128 - November 02, 2009

  • Deterioration of women's rights under the de facto regime: an illustration
    By : November 02, 2009
    The de facto regime has had four months to rule Honduras without effective opposition. And in that time, they have dispensed numerous contracts for projects and done a number of other budgetary moves that the Tegucigalpa Accord accepts as done deals by agreeing that the budget passed by the regime will continue to be honored.

  • Honduras: Good Neighbour Stiffs The Gentle Giant
    By Toni Solo - : November 02, 2009
    Most of what has happened in Honduras since the shock of the coup d'etat on June 28th has confounded traditional regional clichés and stereotypes about the country. On the other hand, events have reinforced longstanding and widely held opinions In Latin America about the cynicism of the United States government and its allies and also about the utter mediocrity of the region's right wing oligarchies. It has also clarified beyond any doubt the blatant propaganda role of Western Bloc corporate media's use of foreign news coverage as a conscious and key component of their governments' imperialist strategies.

  • Honduras takes a step forward
    By Emile Schepers - : November 02, 2009
    The announcement last week of an agreement to end the four month political stalemate in Honduras has been hailed by many and shows some promise. However, as Roy Chaderton, the Venezuelan ambassador to the Organization of American States has said, it is not yet time to dance in the streets.

  • Honduras Congress not yet called back into session
    By Olga R. Rodriguez, AP - : November 02, 2009
    The head of Honduras' Congress said Monday that he has yet to decide when to call lawmakers back into session to debate whether ousted President Manuel Zelaya should be reinstated.

  • Otto Reich: Zelaya not automatically to be re-seated as President in Honduras
    By : November 02, 2009
    In an article Otto Reich, who served under President Bush from 2001 to 2004, first as assistant secretary of state for the Western Hemisphere and later in the National Security Council, states: Contrary to press reports, Zelaya is not in any way automatically returned to office by the accord. First, there must be a vote by the entire Honduran congress on whether Zelaya is fit to return to office. Prior to that, the Honduran supreme court, which ruled against Zelaya in June by a vote of 15 to 0, must issue an opinion on the same.

  • Big Gun: US Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Heads to Honduras Tuesday
    By Al Giordano - : November 02, 2009
    With the agreed-upon November 5 deadline for restitution of Honduras President Manuel Zelaya approaching, the White House has just sent in a big gun. US Labor Secretary Hilda Solis - arguably the most progressive member of the Obama cabinet - was appointed today to be one of four members of the "Verification Commission" that is charged with making sure all sides comply with last Friday's agreement signed in Tegucigalpa to end the coup d'etat.

  • Céleo Alvarez Casildo: The Crisis Won't Be Resolved on Paper
    By el diario Tiempo - : November 02, 2009
    Alvarez Casildo said that this is an agreement between the political and economic classes but at its core it doesn't solve the accumulated crises that harm the Honduran people.

  • BID says "Not So Fast"
    By : November 02, 2009
    ANDI, the National Association of Industries of Honduras, through its president, Adolfo Facussé has insisted that the World Bank, the Interamerican Development Bank (BID in Spanish), the International Monetary Fund, and the Central American Bank of Economic Integration cease their financial blockade of Honduras and return to funding their commitments in Honduras as soon as possible. He said that in his meeting with Thomas Shannon, he was assured that everything would return to the way it was before June 28.

  • Panel prepares to oversee Honduras power-sharing strategy
    By : November 02, 2009
    US Labour Secretary Hilda Solis and former Chilean president Ricardo Lagos are set to arrive in Tegucigalpa tomorrow as part of a commission that is to monitor the creation of a power-sharing government in Honduras.

  • Honduran House mulls Zelaya return
    By : November 02, 2009
    Lawmakers in Honduras on Monday studied a deal to end the Central American nation's four-month crisis, including the crucial issue of whether to reinstate ousted President Manuel Zelaya. If the parliament approves the deal, it will win international recognition for a November 29 presidential vote seen by many as the only exit to the stalemate.

  • Honduras protest at the US embassy still on!
    By : November 02, 2009
    President Manuel Zelaya has warned about a possible "manipulation" by the coup government after signing the agreement that could return him to power and end the crisis in his country. "There may be manipulation, so we must remain vigilant until compliance has been achieved," he said in a telephone contact with the channel Telesur, adding that "possibly some members are trying to impede the drive to complete this agreement."

  • Zelaya, Micheletti Begin to Disagree About Honduras Accord
    By : November 02, 2009
    The ink is barely dry on the accord to resolve the political crisis in Honduras caused by Zelaya's June 28 removal, but deposed President Mel Zelaya and current President Roberto Micheletti are already beginning to differ on the details of the pact, as Zelaya's ultimate goal of a return to power looks more and more doubtful.

  • Was justice served in Honduras?
    By Shaun Joseph - : November 02, 2009
    In its statement, the leading organization of the grassroots opposition to the coup, the National Resistance Front Against the Coup d'Etat, celebrated the projected reinstatement of Zelaya under the agreement as a "popular victory over...the pro-coup oligarchy"--even though Zelaya's return to office is not formally guaranteed.

  • Honduras Coup Regime: 'Break-Through Accord' Was Just a PR Ploy ... Zelaya Won't Return
    By Lindsay Beyerstein - : November 02, 2009
    Yesterday [Ed: Friday], I expressed skepticism that the so-called breakthrough agreement to end coup-induced constitutional crisis in Honduras would actually bring deposed President Mel Zelaya back to power. An adviser to the leader of the coup regime basically admitted to Bloomberg that the prospect of a power-sharing government is just a public relations ploy.

  • Honduran Vigil for Zelaya's Restitution
    By : November 02, 2009
    Members of the National Front against the Coup d'Etat in Honduras will start Monday permanent vigil in front of the Congress headquarters until restitution of legitimate President Manuel Zelaya is approved.

  • OAS announces names of international members of Verification Commission to Honduras
    By : November 02, 2009
    The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, announced on Sunday that the international members of a Verification Commission to Honduras called for in the agreement reached in Honduras last week will be the former President of Chile, Ricardo Lagos Escobar, and the current Secretary of Labor of the United States, Hilda Solís. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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