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Honduras Coup - Day 126 - October 31, 2009

  • Honduras: Deal signed for Zelaya's return, but struggle continues
    By Stuart Munckton - : October 31, 2009
    After more than 120 days of mass resistance by the poor majority against a coup regime that overthrew elected President Manuel Zelaya, the regime has finally signed an agreement for Zelaya's reinstatement.

  • Honduran Congress to review crisis accord Tuesday
    By Esteban Felix, AP - : October 31, 2009
    Lawmakers will wait until Tuesday to consider a U.S.-brokered agreement that could return deposed President Manuel Zelaya to power, despite diplomats' pleas to not delay an end to the country's four-month-old political crisis.

  • Accord for National Reconciliation and the Strengthening of Democracy...
    By : October 31, 2009
    Text of the Agreement Signed on October 30, 2009
    By Negotiating Teams of the Elected Government of President Zelaya and Coup Regime of Roberto Micheletti

  • Honduras: deal announced, but coupsters admit it's bogus
    By : October 31, 2009
    With just a month to go before scheduled presidential elections, a US-brokered agreement to return Manuel Zelaya to power was announced Oct. 30, with the ousted president saying he hoped to be restored within a week. But the deal still needs to be approved by the Honduran congress, which has not set a date for voting on the plan. "Now it's in Congress' hands," said Armando Aguilar, a negotiator for de facto President Roberto Micheletti...

  • Honduras timetable
    By : October 31, 2009
    There is no timetable for the congressional vote. From the OAS: "Naturally, I am sure the members of Congress will fully realize the importance and political urgency of these matters, and I hope they will act as quickly as possible." Zelaya thinks it will happen within a week or so.

  • Honduras and the fat ladies
    By : October 31, 2009
    What BoRev calls a "New Weird Probably Terrible 'Power Sharing' Deal" was brokered yesterday, under which it looks like the legitimate president, Manuel Zelaya, will return to office for the remaining couple of weeks of his term, presupposing Congress pretends it is constitutionally un-voting it's previous and dubiously constitutional destitution of Zelaya and appointment of Micheletti as interim president, while pushing aside the supposedly constitutional ruling by the Supreme Court upon which the congress originally relied for their claim that Zelayas forced unconstitutional exile was legitimate and he had abandoned the presidency, all of which came about because the Supreme Court had ruled that Zelaya's non-binding resolution calling for a constituent assembly (which, were it approved, might kinda sorta pressure the congress into acting to call such an assembly) to revise that constitution which is now being ignored, was itself an unconstitutional act.

  • Coup Leaders Sign Accord under Pressure
    By : October 31, 2009
    Pressure over the last few days by the international community seems to have forced the de facto government in Honduras to sign the final point of the agreement to request that country's congress to reinstate ousted president Manual Zelaya.

  • OAS Efforts to Resolve Honduran Dispute Criticized
    By COHA - : October 31, 2009
    Honduran de facto President Roberto Micheletti apparently has succumbed to international pressure, spearheaded by the OAS and episodically echoed by U.S. diplomacy. Despite repeated remarks adamantly insisting that he would not sign any agreement with ousted President Manuel Zelaya until after the scheduled November 29th election, Micheletti agreed on October 29th to sign an accord that would open the door to Zelaya's restitution. This reversal in Micheletti's position is extremely important for the political future of the country, as almost all Latin American countries, the OAS, the EU, and the UN have announced that they would not recognize the results of this upcoming election as legitimate unless Zelaya first resumed his rightful presidential position.

  • Statement of The OAS Secretary General regarding the agreement reached in Honduras
    By : October 31, 2009
    It is a moment of great satisfaction to Honduras and its people, to the Americas, to the OAS and to democracy in general, because a grave crisis such as the one experienced in the last few months will definitively be resolved with the power of the word and reason...

  • Al Jazeera: Honduras deal thrown into doubt
    By : October 31, 2009
    A deal to end the political standoff in Honduras has been thrown into doubt after a negotiator for the de facto government suggested that Manuel Zelaya, the ousted president, will not be returned to power.

  • Only Return of Zelaya Legitimizes Honduran Polls
    By : October 31, 2009
    Legitimacy of Honduran elections will only be accepted by the people if the constitutional president, Manuel Zelaya, returns to power before November 29, Honduran Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas said.

  • Honduras: Solution or Stall?
    By Greg Grandin - : October 31, 2009
    The Honduran crisis may soon be over. Maybe. The leader of the coup government, Roberto Micheletti, agreed to a nine-point plan to end the country's political impasse, brokered by Thomas Shannon, the former US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs and Barack Obama's yet-to-be-confirmed ambassador to Brazil. The deal would return Manuel Zelaya, the democratically elected president deposed in a military coup four months ago, to office; in exchange, the international community will end Honduras' diplomatic isolation and recognize upcoming presidential elections, scheduled for November 29.

  • Credit where credit is due
    By : October 31, 2009
    Now that the exact language of what we now know is called the Tegucigalpa/San Jose Accord has been published, the English-language commentary will no doubt center on what the US did to make this happen.

  • Zelaya Pushes Monday Decision
    By : October 31, 2009
    The Zelaya negotiating team has asked Congress to decide on Monday. "We are not asking them to pronounce for A or B, just to pronounce. One power of state cannot place obstacles for another power of state; they have to act in a rational form," said Rasel Tomé. "We are asking the Honduran people to go to the houses of Congressmen, or call them on the phone and ask them to Monday form the corresponding session."

  • Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord: A translation
    By : October 31, 2009
    We, Honduran citizens, men and women convinced of the necessity to strengthen the state of law, to aid our constitution and the laws of our Republic, deepen democracy and assure a climate of peace and tranquility for our people, have carried out a frank and intense process of political dialogue to seek a negotiated and peaceful exit to the crisis in which our country has been submerged in recent months...

  • Day 122, October 27, 2009
    By : October 31, 2009
    Alfredo Jalil, 82-year old businessman, ex-congressman of the national constituent assembly of 1982 and father of the current vice-minister of security Gabo Jalil, was kidnapped this morning by three men who intercepted him a few meters from his house in Lomas del Guijarro. The police authorities have not yet stated whether the kidnapping of Mr. Jalil is related to the deaths of Colonel Jimenez and Enzo Micheletti, even though Gloria Jalil, wife of Alfredo and also a Liberal Party politician, has told the local press that the kidnapping of her husband is a direct plot of Chavez and Ortega who seek to break the will of the Honduran people. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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