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I suspected they would end the coup just in time to make the November elections seem credible, with Zelaya having no real power and with those who carried out the coup not being prosecuted. It's the US model of US created crisis and resolution: destabilize, repress, blame it on the elected government then implement power sharing... Hondurans now have to fight for 'independence'.Ayinde

Honduras Coup - Day 125 - October 30, 2009

  • Pastors for Peace: Not a Victory; It's a US State Dept. Manipulation!
    By : October 30, 2009
    In our view, the agreement signed today is neither a victory for President Zelaya, nor for the people of Honduras. Any agreement that restores President Zelaya to office without giving him control over the military – the same military that carried out the coup! – is a victory for the coup forces, or an outright trap.

  • What Deal? The Fat Lady has Many Sisters
    By : October 30, 2009
    Throughout the Honduran crisis the media have reported agreements between the two sides as if Micheletti was really capable of making concessions and President Zelaya was certain nothing would happen to him if he walked out of the Brazilian embassy. Things happening now must be analyzed based on what happened before. But, most media accounts are devoid of such context. The three factors that must be considered when analyzing developments in Honduras are: everything that has taken place in the last four months, a Fat Lady about to sing and several of her sisters waiting in the wings. If you will, the past, the present, and betting on what is likely to take place in the future.

  • Deal Reached in Honduran Coup Crisis;
    Zelaya Restoration Would Depend on Vote by Honduran Congress

    By : October 30, 2009
    The Honduran coup regime and representatives of the ousted President Manuel Zelaya reached an agreement late Thursday that would pave the way for Congress to restore Zelaya to office and allow him to serve out the remaining three months of his term.

  • Agreement to End Honduran Coup Marks Victory and Challenge
    By : October 30, 2009
    Last night, Oct. 29, Honduras' de facto regime finally agreed to allow Congress to vote to "restore full executive power prior to June 28". Conceding to international and national pressure, the Honduran coup appears to be facing its final days.

  • Devil In The Details
    By : October 30, 2009
    Thomas Shannon wasn't kidding when he said, "The implementation of this agreement will be difficult and will require the collaboration of the international community." But to bring us up to date, the full accord is signed and in effect, a calendar of events agreed to, and the process is underway. The details, however, have not been publically released.

  • Power Sharing - the Fix-it-All from Honduras to Zimbabwe
    By : October 30, 2009
    It's good to know they have brokered a power-sharing deal in Honduras. Manuel Zelaya is happy. Roberto Micheletti said he had made a "significant concession." Most importantly Hillary Clinton gave it her blessing calling it "an historic agreement." This is becoming increasingly the West's policy for dealing with pesky squabbling countries of the Third World. Once the world's policeman, insistent on reshaping the map of the Middle East, now America wants to settle geopolitical disputes like schoolyard brawls.

  • Reports of a Deal in Honduras Are Premature
    By Al Giordano - : October 30, 2009
    US officials and commercial media organizations are popping champagne corks prematurely over a reported US-brokered "deal" to return Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to (limited) power, but the two sides that reportedly signed the agreement already disagree over what exactly it says.

  • Brazil Applauds Zelaya-Micheletti Accord and Urges Prompt Action from Honduras
    By Alessandra Dalevi - : October 30, 2009
    In a note issued this Friday, October 30, by the Itamaraty, Brazil's Foreign Relations Ministry, the Brazilian government expressed its belief that the agreement worked out in Honduras by deposed president Manuel Zelaya and the man who took over in his place, Roberto Micheletti, will put an end to a crisis that's been dragging for four months.

  • The Honduran Congress: Good or Bad Faith?
    By : October 30, 2009
    Greg Weeks at Two Weeks Notice has posted a translation of the new agreement, as reported in the pro-coup newspaper, La Prensa. As every commentary on this proposed agreement has noted, there is a risk (actually, more than one) for Zelaya. More on this below. At the same time, the question remains whether this agreement is an achievement for the people who have patiently demonstrated in Honduras all these months against the de facto regime.

  • Honduran Congress Leader Says Accord Won't Restore Zelaya
    By Blake Schmidt - : October 30, 2009
    Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya won't be restored to office under an accord that leaves the decision on his return to lawmakers, a vice-president of the Congress said.

  • Agreement Reached in Honduras (?)
    By : October 30, 2009
    There have been so many reports over the months that an agreement between Micheletti and Zelaya was close, only to be wrong, that this almost seems hard to believe. Still, the New York Times and other news agencies are reporting it as if it were a done deal...

  • The negotiation is in the streets: A day of resistance and repression
    By : October 30, 2009
    Running away from tear gas clouds behind them several people carry a woman in shock around a corner to a water spigot someone has found. Her bright yellow shirt is soaked in a mix of sweat, tear gas and water. People gather around her wiping her down and washing out her eyes and their own. Suddenly we hear more shots and the footsteps of the elite cobra commando unit of the Honduran police. As we flee to the top of a hill we run into another human rights observer who reports that several people have been badly beaten and are in the hospital. We find our way to where the resistance has re-grouped in front of the Marriott hotel.

  • It's not over
    By : October 30, 2009
    ...just because Clinton says so. This is a dirty, dirty play on the part of the U.S., and entirely expected. The specific details of the agreement remain to be seen, but one thing we already knew is laid bare: coups d'etat and illegitimate elections happen at the U.S.'s pleasure. Without control of the institutions that have been dedicated to violently repressing the people of Honduras since June 28th, without a guaranteed constituyente and without the ability to call coup supporters--including the two primary presidential candidates--to account (and I'm not talking some watered-down "truth commission"), Zelaya's return at this point (no disrespect to him) has the potential to do more harm than good for future of democracy in Honduras, and that is why Hillary Clinton wants it.

  • The end of the Honduran crisis?
    By : October 30, 2009
    Details remain sketchy, and may not be entirely ironed out. But the New York Times has the following: "The accord allows a vote in Congress on Zelaya's possible restitution with the prior approval of the Supreme Court," Mr. Micheletti said in televised comments late Thursday. "This is a significant concession on the part of our government." "We are satisfied," Mr. Zelaya said, according to Reuters. "We are optimistic that my reinstatement is imminent."

  • Honduras: Agreement for Zelaya's return in office to be signed today
    By : October 30, 2009
    De facto President of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, on Thursday night accepted an agreement to reinstate the deposed president Manuel Zelaya in power with the consent of Congress, which would be the first coup that is reverted in Latin America.

  • Deal could lead to reinstatement of ousted president Manuel Zelaya
    By Haroon Siddique - : October 30, 2009
    The interim government of Honduras yesterday appeared to have succumbed to international pressure as it agreed a deal that could pave the way for the return of the country's deposed president, Manuel Zelaya.

  • Honduras rivals resolve deadlock
    By : October 30, 2009
    The interim leader of Honduras says he is ready to sign a pact to end its crisis which could include the return of ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

  • Honduras deal: Ousted President Zelaya can return to office
    By Sara Miller Llana - : October 30, 2009
    Late Thursday, after a group of US diplomats rushed to Honduras this week to restart negotiations that had broken down yet again interim President Roberto Micheletti announced that his negotiators will sign a deal as early as Friday that could include the return of ousted President Manuel Zelaya to the presidency. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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