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Honduras Coup - Day 122 - October 27, 2009

  • Letter to Obama from 16 members of Congress re: Honduran elections
    By : October 27, 2009
    According to reports from the media and rights organizations, the coup regime violently dispersed a gathering of Hondurans in front of the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa with tear gas, clubs and rubber bullets, resulting in numerous casualties, including several reported fatalities. / While the siege of the Embassy is a serious violation of the Vienna Convention, more disturbing is the broad assault against the Honduran people unleashed by the coup regime.

  • US Congress Requests Correction of Flawed Law Library Report
    By : October 27, 2009
    By now, it is old news to readers of this blog that the report, originally erroneously credited to the Congressional Research Service by the congressman who released it, actually produced by a researcher at the Law Library of the Library of Congress, asserting that the coup d'etat of June 28 was within Honduran law, has been refuted. Despite attempts by US scholars to request correction of this report, the Library of Congress has either refused to reply or ignored the substance of requests. / Well, now they have someone they need to answer to. Senator John Kerry, Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Representative Howard Berman, Chair of the corresponding committee in the House of Representatives, have written to Director James Billington of the Library of Congress requesting a correction. They make the same points first stated here. They also describe a pattern of interaction with the Law Library that sounds very familiar, in which despite the evidence, the library refuses to even acknowledge that its report is dangerously flawed.

  • Congress Members Urge Obama to "Break the Silence" on Honduran Rights Violations
    By : October 27, 2009
    Members of Congress wrote a strongly worded letter to President Obama, urging him to denounce human rights violations under the Honduran coup, saying it was time to "break the silence." The letter also seeks to break the impasse that has thrust the Central American nation into daily rounds of violence and violations under the military coup.

  • Sleepless nights holed up in Brazilian Embassy
    By Esteban Felix - : October 27, 2009
    All night long, floodlights shine on the Brazilian Embassy where I have been holed up with ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya since he slipped back into the country.

  • Honduras: poll shows growing opposition to coup
    By : October 27, 2009
    On Oct. 23 the Washington, DC-based polling firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner released the results of a survey involving face-to-face interviews held Oct. 9-13 with 621 randomly selected Hondurans; the firm didn't give the margin of error. According to the survey, 60% of Hondurans disapproved of the June 28 removal of President Manuel Zelaya from office, while only 38% approved. Some 19% rated Zelaya's performance in office as "excellent" and another 48% as "good"; the poll showed 57% personally disapproving of Roberto Micheletti, de facto president since Zelaya's overthrow, while 28% approved.

  • The Lonesome Death of Pedro Munoz
    By Jeremy Kryt - : October 27, 2009
    Despite the intense repression that has plagued Honduras since the military-backed coup in June–including random beatings and sexual assaults by cops and soldiers, and the gassing and shooting of peaceful demonstrators–there is still one case that stands out above the rest, unique in its grisly details and implications.

  • Honduras Coup, Act V, Day Eight: Taking Down Some Myths
    By : October 27, 2009
    Gwynne Dyer's abomination of an article reminds me that it's time to do another mass debunking of pro-coup nonsense. Myth #1: The coup itself was bloodless – it's Zelaya's attempt to return to power that's causing all the violence and chaos in the country. No, no, no, no, no, and no. And no again. Talk about blaming the victim here! It's been documented by the Interamerican Center for Human Rights (IACHR), Amnesty International, and other witnesses and researchers that thousands have been jailed without cause, hundreds wounded, and at least a dozen people that we know of who were murdered by the pro-coup forces.

  • Honduran Coup Myths Dispelled
    By Stewart J. Lawrence - CounterPunch - : October 27, 2009
    New Reports Demolish Justifications for Ouster of Zelaya
    Two new reports dealing with the June 28 military coup in Honduras have demolished the arguments of the current de facto government and its foreign apologists that the coup was consistent with the Honduran constitution and that most Hondurans welcomed the illegal ouster of the country's democratically elected president, Mel Zelaya.

  • Alfredo Jalil kidnapped
    By : October 27, 2009
    The Tegucigalpa businessman Alfredo Jalil, father of Gavo Jalil, Jr., the vice minister of defense in the de facto government, has just been kidnapped from the Colonia Lomas. It appears the intra-golpista war has begun in earnest. There is no indication that these actions are being carried out by the resistance- all signs (tactics, resources, targets) point to warring sectors of golpistas.

  • Day 121, October 26, 2009
    By : October 27, 2009
    The headlines today show us the lifeless bodies of two assassinated men, one in the north and another in Tegucigalpa. Enzo Micheletti (24), nephew of the dictator, executed in a thicket in the city of Choloma, and Colonel Concepción Jimenez (46), manager of a military industry business and ex-head of G2, the army intelligence agency, assassinated by three individuals on leaving his house in Tegucigalpa.

  • Honduras's 'Bloodless Coup': What You're Not Seeing on TV
    By Avi Lewis - : October 27, 2009
    The coup regime in Honduras is winning. Tepid pressure from the Obama administration is making it easy for the de facto government to run out the clock until the highly compromised elections in just five weeks.

  • Honduran Talks Stall, Election in Doubt
    By : October 27, 2009
    On Oct. 23 negotiators for deposed Honduran president José Manuel Zelaya Rosales gave up on talks to end a four-month political crisis in Honduras. The negotiations had been "worn down" by the intransigence of de facto president Roberto Micheletti Bain's government, Zelaya representative Mayra Mejía announced in Tegucigalpa.

  • Honduras: People to Not Approve Electoral Farce
    By : October 27, 2009
    The National Front against the Coup d'Etat in Honduras stated Tuesday that it will not recognize the November 29 elections if constitutional order is not re-established and President Manuel Zelaya is not restituted.

  • Honduras radio journalists dealt further blow to freedom of expression
    By : October 27, 2009
    Amnesty International has denounced an attack on the freedom of the press in Honduras, following the cancellation of three radio programmes by a popular radio station's managers who cited a controversial presidential decree to justify their action.

  • Honduran freedom fighter seeks American allies
    By : October 27, 2009
    Dr. Luther Castillo, Communications Secretary for the Committee to Oppose the Coup d'etat in Honduras, spoke recently at a meeting held in the Honduran immigrant community in Plano, Texas, on October 17. Castillo responded to a call from the Dallas Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in Honduras. / Dr. Castillo was already internationally famous before the June 28 coup, because he established a medical clinic for the desperately poor Garifuna peoples of Central America. Pastors for Peace and other North American organizations attempted to help with this humanitarian effort.

  • U.S. sends top team to Honduras
    By Deborah Charles - : October 27, 2009
    Time is running out for a solution to the political crisis in Honduras, the U.S. State Department said on Tuesday as senior government officials prepared to travel there to try to revive talks.

  • Tense situation in Honduras
    By : October 27, 2009
    The current military dictatorship is being denounced all over the world. The brutality that has taken place here (so far 32 confirmed deaths and hundreds wounded); also many others have disappeared and possibly have been killed by the death squads that are made up of para-military gangsters who are supported by the military dictatorship here in Honduras.

  • Hondurans Face Emergency Situation
    By : October 27, 2009
    In the wake of the Honduran coup d’état, the Committee of Families of Missing Detainees in Honduras (COFADEH) presented its second report on violations of human rights in that country. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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