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Honduras Coup - Day 116 - October 21, 2009

  • Smashing the Silence: Community Defiance in Honduras
    By Joseph Shansky - : October 21, 2009
    Since the few days of renewed excitement around the "secret" return to Honduras of democratically-elected President Manuel "Mel" Zelaya, there has been a disturbing omission of the Honduran political crisis in the international news. It would be reasonable to think that with each passing day an exiled president was camped in a foreign embassy (as Zelaya has been in the Brazilian embassy since September 21st), tensions would rise and all eyes of the world would be on that lone building. Instead the opposite has occurred and it appears as though the international press had lost interest without action to follow.

  • Anti-coup media resume broadcasting, but closely controlled
    By : October 21, 2009
    Radio Globo and Canal 36 television, two stations that have been the main media opponents of the 28 June coup d’état, were allowed to resume broadcasting on 19 October, three and a half weeks after the de facto government used a decree suspending civil liberties to close them down and confiscate their equipment.

  • The Honduran resistance: a giant awakes, a new hope is born
    By Juan Almendares - : October 21, 2009
    The military coup in Honduras of 28 June 2009 has been stripped of its democratic facade. The watchwords of the de facto regime that has emerged from the violence are: "God, Law and Order". / The regime has openly adopted the methods of Stroessner, the late dictator of Paraguay, on declaring a State of Emergency—in reality a State of Siege--that aims to suppress all resistance and silence all opposition. It has closed down Radio Globo and CHOLUSAT SUR, the two principal media houses that have continuously and valiantly provided news on the real situation in Honduras.

  • 'Comic' retells Honduran coup and Manuel Zelaya arrest
    By Rory Carroll - : October 21, 2009
    Archer and Saval do not accuse Obama of fomenting Honduras's current trauma but they do suggest, like many analysts and Latin American leaders, that the administration could be doing more to restore Zelaya to power. By flipping the pages of history this graphic novel reminds us why the White House is dragging its heels.

  • Brazil, at Organization of American States,
    Accuses Honduran Coup Regime of "Torture"

    By CEPR - : October 21, 2009
    Ambassador Lima Casaes described an elaborate series of measures taken by the Honduran security forces surrounding the Embassy to cause sleep deprivation among those inside. These included ultra-high-intensity lights, high-decibel sound, and other measures. / He also mentioned other attacks including tear gas and attacks with unidentified gases, and other forms of harassment and violations of international law including restricting food deliveries.

  • Honduras regime harasses Brazil embassy, talks stall
    By AFP - : October 21, 2009
    Honduran troops blared loud music and animal noises Wednesday at the Brazilian embassy to intensify pressure on deposed President Manuel Zelaya, as talks on the months-long crisis stalled. Members of the Organization of American States (OAS) meeting in Washington criticized the pressure on the embassy and apparent delaying tactics by the de facto leadership.

  • Respect My Authority!
    By : October 21, 2009
    Like the sad character of Eric Cartman from South Park, the de facto government has sent a demanding letter to the UN demanding that that organization "immediately cease its discriminatory activity".

  • Right of Free Assembly Revoked
    By : October 21, 2009
    The de facto government's Minister of Security has issued a "law" that requires all public activities, be they rallies, marches, or public meetings must notify the national police 24 hours in advance, and must at that time tell the police who is promoting the event, the starting and ending time, and the route any march might take. There's not a word of this law published in a Honduran newspaper so far. This is a direct violation of article 79 of the contitution the de facto government professes to love so much. Article 79 states: Every person has the right to assemble with others, peacefully and without arms, in public rallys or transitory groups, in relation with their common interests of whatever kind, without any previous advisement or special permission.

  • Honduras: A Time of No Time
    By Tom Loudon - : October 21, 2009
    For the last week and a half, negotiations between President Manuel Zelaya and the coup government have dominated the news in Honduras. Last week, it appeared that a negotiated solution might emerge. However, Zelaya's "absolute deadline" of midnight October 15 came and went and absolutely nothing changed. The "negotiations" have the entire country suspended in a sort of time warp. Everyone waits for an outcome from the talks, which never emerges.

  • Insulza Points A Finger
    By : October 21, 2009
    El Universal, a Venezuelan newspaper, citing a EFE wire story, reports this evening that José Miguel Insulza, OAS President, lamented that the de facto government of Honduras introduced a proposal that was not in conformance with the San Jose Accord and in this manner, "made impossible a good result" in the dialogue to resolve the crisis in Honduras.

  • Honduran National Resistance Update 10/21
    By : October 21, 2009
    This afternoon, there will be a huge caravan that will start in Río del Hombre and head forán de Siguatepeque, Comayagua, La Paz y Tegucigalpa. A major event! / Tomorrow, Thursday, October 22: There will mobilizations in schools and universities. In addtion, there will be a gathering in El Paraiso to shake things up in the cradle of the golpistas.

  • The Plot Thickens: Honduran Coup Regime and Landowning Elites Enlist the Support of Foreign Paramilitaries
    By Reed M. Kurtz - : October 21, 2009
    Even more evidence has come to light regarding the desperation and disregard for human rights of the Honduran coup regime and its elite backers. On Friday, October 9 a United Nations human rights panel issued a warning concerning the presence of contracted foreign paramilitary forces operating inside the troubled country.

  • Honduras Crisis Worsens, Dialogue at Standstill
    By : October 21, 2009
    The crisis unleashed in Honduras continues worsening on Wednesday, while the only possible peaceful solution, which is a dialogue, is at a standstill and without a formula to solve it.

  • U.S. revokes more visas to pressure Honduran solution
    By Reuters - : October 21, 2009
    The United States has revoked the visas of more Hondurans to pressure the facto government to end a three-month political crisis, a U.S. official said on Wednesday. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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