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Honduras Coup - Day 109 - October 14, 2009

  • Masses resist Honduran coup
    By LeiLani Dowell - : October 14, 2009
    After a week of showing solidarity with the people of Honduras on the streets and gaining insightful information on what has transpired during the 105 days since a right-wing coup, the 12 people composing the U.S. Delegation in Solidarity with the Honduran Resistance returned to the U.S. in the wee hours of Oct. 12. / Honduras continues to be in a dangerous crisis—one fueled by the repressive tactics of the de facto regime of Roberto Micheletti, which has used U.S. arms to attack the daily protests that occur throughout the country. The resistance movement there is powerful and organized; at the same time, it faces an increasingly desperate regime that has experienced international condemnation.

  • Honduran president's ouster is 'coup d'état,' UN Secretariat reaffirms
    By : October 14, 2009
    A recent Honduran media report implying that the United Nations Department of Political Affairs (DPA) does not consider the ouster of President José Manuel Zelaya as a coup d'état is inaccurate, the world body said today. / In a statement issued by his spokesperson, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon noted that the UN position on the legality of Mr. Zelaya's removal was clearly articulated by General Assembly Resolution 63/301 adopted on 1 July, which "condemns the coup d'état in the Republic of Honduras that has interrupted the democratic and constitutional order and the legitimate exercise of power in Honduras."

  • UN chief urges parties in Honduras to remain focused on ending crisis
    By : October 14, 2009
    UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday called on the parties in Honduras to remain focused on ending the country's political crisis through dialogue.

  • As Honduran foes near a deal, crisis 'almost at an end'
    By Sara Miller Llana and Mike Faulk - : October 14, 2009
    After three months of a tense political standoff wearing on its citizenry, Honduras is as close as it has been to a deal that could see one of two men step down as president. / Representatives of both ousted President Manuel Zelaya, who was deposed June 28, and Roberto Micheletti, who was sworn in as interim president hours later, say that an "exit" has been found.

  • The Honduran military and negotiations
    By : October 14, 2009
    Amid calls to boycott the election, the Honduran Minister of Defense indicated that the Honduran people should not have to hear such messages because it will just "confuse" them. Apparently it is difficult for them to figure things out for themselves. The armed forces, he says, will apply "all the weight of the law" for the elections.

  • Micheletti rejects consensus settlement
    By : October 14, 2009
    Radio Globo reports the consultation by the negotiating teams with their respective President appears to be over. The negotiating teams will be meeting together at the Hotel Clarion in the next few minutes. / Zelaya, in a phone conversation with reporters of Radio Globo said the gordian knot, at this point, is the mechanics of his restitution. / Micheletti, in a press conference at the Presidential palace, is saying that the only thing being discussed is Zelaya's restitution after the elections in November. / Update: El Tiempo has more details on what Micheletti said in his press conference. He said there was no accord for the restitution of Zelaya because only the Supreme Court and Congress can decide if Zelaya returns to power. "There is no agreement to return the President elected in November, 2005."

  • Accord on Zelaya Resitution
    By : October 14, 2009
    El Tiempo and Radio Globo are reporting that there is an accord over the restitution of President Manuel Zelaya, but as of yet, there are no details as to what has been agreed to. Victor Meza, negotiator for Zelaya said "We've readed an agreement on a text for point 6 (which implies the return of Zelaya to power)...I cannot speak about the content because a leak might compromise other parts." The next step is for Zelaya and Micheletti to review the agreed upon text.

  • Honduran teams agree plan to restore ousted president
    By AFP - : October 14, 2009
    Honduran negotiators reached agreement Wednesday on a plan to restore President Manuel Zelaya to office and end a political crisis triggered by his ouster in a June coup. / "We have agreed in a document on point number six, which relates to the restitution of the powers of state to where they were before June 28, 2009," Victor Meza, Zelaya's representative, told a news conference.

  • UN disavows Honduran press reports
    By : October 14, 2009
    The United Nations wishes to clarify that its position concerning the removal of President José Manuel Zelaya has been clearly articulated by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its resolution (GA/RES 63/301) of the past July 1. The said resolution "condemns the coup d'etat in the Republic of Honduras that has interrupted the democratic and constitutional order and the legitimate exercise of power".

  • How rumors work: Is there a UN report?
    By : October 14, 2009
    Late yesterday, Hondudiario, a Spanish-language online news source supporting the coup d'etat in Honduras published an editorial claiming that there was a report by the UN Office of Political Affairs. According to Hondudiario, this report reached the same flawed conclusion as the US Law Library of the Library of Congress, that the removal of President Zelaya on June 28 was legal under Honduran law.

  • The Frente Nacional de Resistencia and the Guaymuras dialogue
    By : October 14, 2009
    In a press release posted on Vos el Soberano, the Frente de Resistencia today has rejected the attempt to portray the replacement of Juan Barahona as a breakdown of popular support for President Zelaya as he continues to work on reaching an agreement that would allow some degree of normalcy to resume in Honduras before the November elections are irretrievably tarnished. This communique recalls comments made by Oscar in his latest post on Adrienne Pine's blog...

  • Lenca resistance continues
    By : October 14, 2009
    The Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH) has issued a press release detailing the targeting of Honduras' Lenca people by the de facto regime, on of all days-- October 12...

  • Honduras in Turmoil Three Months After Coup
    By : October 14, 2009
    NAM Editor Marcelo Ballvé is interviewed by Ray Suarez of the News Hour about the current situation in Honduras.

  • Zelaya firm amid Honduras talks
    By : October 14, 2009
    Talks on resolving the political crisis in Honduras are set to enter a critical phase as both sides report progress in narrowing their differences.

  • Negotiators narrow differences in Honduras
    By AFP - : October 14, 2009
    Negotiators narrowed their differences in talks on ending Honduras political crisis, but not on the make-or-break issue of reinstating deposed President Manuel Zelaya, both sides said.

  • Interview with Agustina Flores, Recently freed political prisoner
    By Mario Casasus/El Clarin de Chile - : October 14, 2009
    Interview with Agustina Flores: "Bars did not shut me up, prison hasn't diminished my beliefs"
    Professor Agustina Flores Lopez (1959) was freed October 12, after 21 days in high security women's prison in the Honduran capital. There are still 6 political prisoners there, still being held without bail by the de-facto government, charged with sedition, and terrorism as members of the peaceful civil resistance.

  • New Honduran Dialogue vs. Repression
    By : October 14, 2009
    The dialogue to find a solution to the political crisis unleashed in Honduras continues Wednesday, even with the background of the state of siege and demands to end repressions against people.

  • A Coup is a Coup is a Coup
    By Maxwell Cameron - : October 14, 2009
    Justifications for the removal of the Honduran president ignore one crucial fact: there's no such thing as a constitutional coup.

  • Honduras Talks Renewed Amid Skepticism
    By : October 14, 2009
    In an atmosphere of generalized distrust, the talks in Honduras resumed on Tuesday. In the first of three sessions, the delegation of the de facto government and representatives of President Manuel Zelaya (including a member of the National Front Against the Coup d'état) have reached some agreements on the basic points of the San Jose Agreement.

  • Negotiators narrow differences in Honduras
    By : October 14, 2009
    Negotiators narrowed their differences Tuesday in talks on ending Honduras political crisis, but not on the make-or-break issue of reinstating deposed President Manuel Zelaya, both sides said.

  • Zelaya appoints new negotiator for talks with post-coup government
    By : October 14, 2009
    Honduras' ousted President Manuel Zelaya on Tuesday appointed a new negotiator for talks with the country's de facto government, in a bid to reach an agreement on an early date to solve the prolonged political crisis since a June 28 coup.

  • Honduran National Resistance Update 10/14
    By : October 14, 2009
    A lesson of the forcible removal of President Zelaya from Honduras is that coups can still occur in Latin America. Make no mistake: what happened was a coup. It doesn't matter that the military acted on a court order – courts were complicit with the coup in Chile in 1973. It doesn't matter that the architects and beneficiaries were civilians, as was the case in Ecuador in 2000, or that the coup itself was a relatively gentile affair by historical standards. It doesn't matter that the president has occasionally behaved idiotically. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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