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Honduras Coup - Day 105 - October 10, 2009

  • The Young Honduran Revolution
    By : October 10, 2009
    Johannes Wilm is a revolutionary socialist activist, anthropologist, computer geek, trade unionist. . . . In this 90-minute documentary, Johannes Wilm interviews young Honduran activists against the coup, especially activists of such organizations as the Revolutionary University Force (FUR), the University Reform Front (FRU), and the Popular Morazanista Youth (JPM).

  • Colombian Free Trade: Exporting Death Squads to Honduras
    By Greg Grandin - : October 10, 2009
    A breaking story -- covered in the Colombian press for about two weeks but just now being picked up by English-language news sources, including CNN -- reports that 40 members of Colombian death squads, responsible for the execution of thousands, have been recruited by Honduran plantation owners to protect their interests. In addition to the Colombian mercenaries, 120 paramilitaries from other Latin American countries "have been contracted to support the government of Roberto Micheletti," who organized the overthrow of Honduras' democratically elected president, Manuel Zelaya, on June 28.

  • Honduras de facto leader further restricts media
    By Frank Jack Daniel - : October 10, 2009
    Honduras' de facto leaders have imposed a new law that limits media freedom after shutting down two broadcasters critical of the post-coup government.

  • New media measures take effect in Honduras
    By Freddy Cuevas, AP - : October 10, 2009
    Honduras' interim leaders put in place new rules Saturday that threaten broadasters with closure for airing reports that "attack national security," further restricting media freedom following the closure of two opposition stations. / The latest decree is sure to anger supporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya and appears to be a challenge to the Organization of American States and a team of regional diplomats who were in the country Thursday to push for a resolution of the crisis.

  • Coup amnesty off the table as Honduras talks pause
    By Isabel Sanchez, AFP - : October 10, 2009
    Deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and the interim government agreed to create a joint cabinet and ditch amnesty for coup leaders, one of the ousted leader's negotiators said. But both measures depend on Zelaya's return to the presidency, still far from certain four months into the standoff that emerged from the June 28 coup.

  • Honduras protester: Obama 'didn't deserve the Nobel'
    By Marcelo Ballve - : October 10, 2009
    Obama has done "almost nothing" to help Honduras, said Eulogio Chavez, a prominent Zelaya supporter and president of the Honduran middle school teachers' union. Asked about President Obama's Nobel prize, he said, "If you look at his attitude toward Honduras, he didn't deserve the Nobel. It almost feels like he's more on the side of the coup leaders.

  • Hondurans leave politics on the bench
    By : October 10, 2009
    Saturday will be the day on which Hondurans will either put their differences aside and shine on the world stage or risk being isolated from the international community... of football.

  • Honduran National Resistance Update 10/1
    By : October 10, 2009
    When you Google Honduras news, two-thirds of it is about the World Cup qualifying match between the US and Honduras taking place this evening. By tomorrow morning, you will need a magnifying glass to find Zelaya's name in the news. Further, as you will see in the next item below, Telesur TV has been forced to leave the Brazilian embassy. / A major international futbol match, Honduras' anti-golpista media under a shutdown order, and now Telesur is no longer at "ground zero." Not a good combination of circumstances.

  • Hondurans Unwavering, Talks Pause
    By : October 10, 2009
    Honduran people's forces have reached Saturday their 105th consecutive day of anti-coup struggles, amid a state of siege even during the dialogue to solve the current dangerous political crisis in the countrys.

  • TV media in Honduras
    By : October 10, 2009
    From France 24: a very interesting piece on the television media in Honduras. The money quote is from the state newscaster who argues that removing Zelaya from the country was actually giving him a privilege.

  • Brazil seeks more U.S. pressure on Honduran de facto gov't
    By : October 10, 2009
    Brazil on Friday called on the U.S. to increase its pressure on the de facto Honduran government to help solve the political crisis in the Central American country. The U.S. position is important because of its strong economic ties with Honduras, said Marco Aurelio Garcia, special adviser to the Brazilian presidency on international affairs.

  • Honduras and the battle for the Americas
    By Federico Fuentes - - : October 10, 2009
    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterating Washington's support on October 5 for the Arias Plan to resolve the Honduran crisis, which she hoped would "get Honduras back on the path to a more sustainable democracy". But the plan would see Honduran President Manuel Zelaya return to his post and sit out the rest of his term without any real power. / Clinton said her government was concerned "there has been a pulling away from democracy, from human rights, from the kind of partnership that we would want with our neighbours". / If we remove the Orwellian jargon, what Clinton is saying is clear: at stake today is either the reaffirmation of US hegemony in a region it has long controlled via military dictatorship and puppet neoliberal governments, or the continued advance of a profound democratic movement for change sweeping the continent. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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