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Honduras Coup - Day 104 - October 09, 2009

  • Zelaya gives Honduras talks at least another week
    By Frank Jack Daniel - : October 09, 2009
    Ousted President Manuel Zelaya said on Friday he would not yet abandon dialogue to end a three-month political standoff in Honduras, while police fired teargas to disperse a protest outside the hotel where his aides were negotiating with the de facto government.

  • Honduran decree lifted, but broadcasters still shuttered
    By Carlos Lauría - : October 09, 2009
    Three days after the Honduran interim government led by Roberto Micheletti lifted a September 27 decree that allowed them to shut down Radio Globo and Canal 36, broadcasters loyal to ousted President Manuel Zelaya, the two stations were still prevented from resuming normal transmissions, according to local and international news reports.

  • Honduras police break up protest
    By : October 09, 2009
    Police have fired tear gas and a water cannon at protesters outside a hotel in Honduras where talks on behalf of rival claimants to the presidency showed little sign of progress.

  • Still Not Rescinded PCM-M-016-2009
    By : October 09, 2009
    The de facto government of Roberto Micheletti Bain still has not published the recension of decree PCM-M-016-2009 in La Gaceta, though several decrees issued since last monday have been published, indicating that this is deliberate.

  • Gains reported in Honduran talks to end stalemate
    By Ben Fox, AP - : October 09, 2009
    Rival factions in the bitter Honduran political stalemate emerged from negotiations Friday reporting substantial progress, although no agreement on restoring ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

  • Honduras De Facto Regime Opens Fire in Poor Neighborhoods: Youth and union members targeted by coup violence
    By : October 09, 2009
    The Honduran people have set an example for people throughout Latin America through three months of steady resistance to the coup in their country. But there are powerful groups within Honduras and abroad organizing to neutralize this unprecedented force and block the resistance from growing in strength and numbers.

  • Report from Day 2: "The resistance here is amazing, and inspiring, and most of all, unstoppable."
    By : October 09, 2009
    We just heard there is an emergency occurring at the Brazilian embassy. Tonight they have erected two scaffold and placed two snipers on it—one a member of the police, the other of the army. They have also set up speakers and are sending out commands and making animal sounds, terrifying the people.

  • New aggressions against the Brazilian embassy...
    By : October 09, 2009
    Platforms with highly armed sharpshooters installed outside the embassy, using telescopic and infrared targeting systems, just meters away from the windows of the building where the president, his family, and many others are held hostage by the regime.

  • Statement of the OAS delegation in Honduras
    By : October 09, 2009
    A Delegation of Foreign Ministers and high-level officials of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic and United States of America, and the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, visited Tegucigalpa anew for the purpose of facilitating a solution to the political and institutional crisis in Honduras.

  • Canada tries to Initiate Honduras into Dialogue
    By : October 09, 2009
    The Honourable Peter Kent, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas), today made the following statement at the conclusion of the second high-level Organization of American States (OAS) delegation to Tegucigalpa from October 7 to 8, 2009, in support of a negotiated solution to Honduras' political crisis...

  • Israeli military links widespread
    By : October 09, 2009
    Anderson was referring to the Uzi (automatic weapon made in Israel and sold around the world) as representing just one of the schemes of Israel in Latin America. Israeli training of paramilitary death squad forces in El Salvador, Columbia and Guatemala is well-documented. There is little reason to doubt that Israel is deep into the muck of Honduran politics and military.

  • Honduras, State Dept: Finally, Reporter Asks Question that Should Have Been Posed 100 Days Ago
    By : October 09, 2009
    Below is another insane, stream-of-conciousness press briefing given by State Dept. spokesman, Ian Kelly. The last question of the day is the one that could have been posed back in early July to the Obama (just got a Nobel Peace Prize) administration. After a collective review of Ian Kelly's press briefings, I think he should get a prize of some kind for pretending to be an idiot in order to cover the most consistent lying about Honduras within this administration.
    QUESTION: Ian, this has been dragging on for so long. Why are we not to draw the conclusion that it's dragging on because the U.S. won't do anything – really do anything about this because there is significant support for the members of the coup, business connections with the United States, conservative organizations that support the coup that do not like Zelaya. So why are we not supposed to, you know, draw some conclusion that it's simply foot-dragging on the part of this Administration?

  • Wrong Advice
    By Editorial - : October 09, 2009
    The de facto Honduran government of Roberto Micheletti is listening to the wrong people. Since the military deposed the president, Manuel Zelaya, in June, Mr. Micheletti and his aides have received two American Congressional delegations — all Republicans — and they are getting additional free advice from former Republican officials who are clearly nostalgic for the cold war. / Those days are over. Mr. Micheletti should instead pay attention to what he is being told by every democratically elected government in the hemisphere: President Zelaya must be reinstated to office. Nothing else will do.

  • Army Raids Garaifuna Hospital in Honduras - The Repression Continues
    By : October 09, 2009
    This is to make known that on October 7th at 6am three army patrols broke down the doors and stormed the first Garifuna hospital in Honduras, located on the Atlantic Coast.

  • Negotiations in Honduras under State of Siege
    By : October 09, 2009
    The negotiated solution to the crisis unleashed in Honduras continues on Friday amid extreme security measures and the state of siege decreed by the de facto government.

  • UN human rights experts raise concern over growing use of foreign mercenaries in Honduras
    By : October 09, 2009
    A group of independent United Nations experts voiced concern today over the influx of foreign mercenaries in Honduras since the Central American nation's President was deposed in a military coup in June.

  • Landowners in Honduras hired Colombian paramilitaries, UN say
    By Associated Press - : October 09, 2009
    Honduran landowners have reportedly hired former Colombian paramilitaries as mercenaries to protect them against possible violence stemming from government tensions, a UN panel said today. The UN working group on mercenaries said that it has received reports that some 40 former members of United Self-Defence Forces of Colombia, or AUC. The US government classifies the AUC as a terrorist organisation.

  • Honduran Coup Regime in Crisis
    By Greg Grandin - : October 09, 2009
    How long can the Honduran crisis drag on, with President Manuel Zelaya, ousted in a military coup more than three months ago, trapped in Tegucigalpa's Brazilian Embassy? Well, in early 1949 in Peru, Víctor Haya de la Torre--one of last century's most important Latin American politicians--sought asylum in the Colombian Embassy in Lima, also following a military coup. There he remained for nearly six years, playing chess, baking cakes for the embassy staff's children and writing books. Soldiers surrounded the building for the duration, with Peru's authoritarian regime ignoring calls from the international community to end the siege, which was condemned by the Washington Post as a "canker in hemisphere relations." So far Roberto Micheletti, installed by the coup as president, is showing the same obstinacy.

  • Honduras: right-wing propaganda machine in pro-coup offensive
    By : October 09, 2009
    An Oct. 7 New York Times story, "Leader Ousted, Honduras Hires U.S. Lobbyists," notes that "several former high-ranking officials who were responsible for setting United States policy in Central America in the 1980s and '90s" are re-emerging to mobilize support for the de facto regime of Roberto Micheletti in Honduras. Three named are Otto Reich, Roger Noriega and Daniel W. Fisk. Reich is quoted saying in recent Congressional testimony: "The current battle for political control of Honduras is not only about that small nation. What happens in Honduras may one day be seen as either the high-water mark of Hugo Chávez's attempt to undermine democracy in this hemisphere or as a green light to the spread of Chavista authoritarianism." reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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