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Honduras Coup - Day 102 - October 07, 2009

  • Honduras and Nicaragua – Disinformation and Reality
    By Toni Solo - : October 07, 2009
    Maybe the poet T.S.Eliot had corporate mass media in mind when he wrote in 'Burnt Norton' : “human kind cannot bear very much reality.” In reporting on Honduras and Nicaragua, or anywhere elsewhere in the world, Western Bloc media – of the United States, Europe and their Pacific allies - serve in practice as propaganda outlets for their governments. Spoon fed with skewed agency reports and government media briefings, supposedly prestigious media, from the BBC to the New York Times, omit or distort relevant facts, caricature perceived opponents and fail to catch important developments.

  • Esdras Amado López Explains Increasing Lack of Chemistry
    between Channel 36 and Roberto Micheletti

    By Belén Fernández - : October 07, 2009
    Hanging in one of the upstairs offices of Channel 36 TV/CholusatSur in Tegucigalpa is a framed award presented to the station in 2006 by then-Congressional President Roberto Micheletti, whose title has since evolved to coup president.

  • Update 10: Honduras
    By : October 07, 2009
    The high-level mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) arrived in Honduras today to begin a dialogue, dubbed the "Guaymuras Talks," between ousted President Manuel Zelaya and the de facto government led by Roberto Micheletti.

  • Talks Seek Solution to 102-Day Crisis
    By Juan Ramón Durán - : October 07, 2009
    Talks began Wednesday between delegates of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and de facto leader Roberto Micheletti, under international observation, to seek a solution to the crisis triggered by the Jun. 28 coup.

  • Honduras talks start, police disperse protesters
    By Frank Jack Daniel - : October 07, 2009
    Envoys of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and the country's de facto leader began talks on Wednesday as diplomats insisted the deposed president be reinstated and police fired tear gas at protesters.

  • Latin America: The Empire Retreats
    By Raúl Zibechi - : October 07, 2009
    In the span of a few days two events occurred that reveal that in small Latin American countries that were previously subordinate to Washington, the ex-superpower no longer controls their decades-old allies. The recent episodes in Paraguay and Honduras reveal that the empire's withdrawal from its own backyard is accelerating in the present systemic crisis.

  • Canada joins in effort to end Honduras crisis
    By Mike De Souza - : October 07, 2009
    The Harper government is dismissing criticism that it has been timid in its response to the ousting of Manuel Zelaya as president of Honduras, and it hopes a new round of negotiations will lead to a peaceful resolution to the ongoing standoff in the Central American country.

  • Get tough on Honduras coup perpetrators
    By New Democratic Party of Canada - : October 07, 2009
    The Canadian government has failed to exert any concrete diplomatic pressure on the de facto government of Honduras in order to end the political crisis. New Democrats call on the government to announce targeted economic and diplomatic sanctions against the Honduran coup perpetrators.

  • 12 members of indigenous organization COPINH ask for political asylum at Guatemalan embassy
    By : October 07, 2009
    12 members of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), among them four minors, entered the Guatemalan embassy Tuesday morning to ask for political asylum alleging that they are suffering from political persecution by the current de facto government.

  • Emergency solidarity resolution with workers & people of Honduras
    By : October 07, 2009
    Whereas the San Francisco Labor Council supports the immediate and unconditional return of President Manuel Zelaya to his position as head of state of Honduras and supports the restoration of all democratic rights there, while demanding that those responsible for the coup be brought to justice and that the U.S. government suspend all aid until Zelaya is restored to his position...

  • Diplomats urge return of ousted Honduran president
    By Ben Fox, AP - : October 07, 2009
    Diplomats from across the hemisphere on Wednesday told Honduras' interim government to restore democracy to the impoverished nation and reinstate President Manuel Zelaya, calling his ouster in a coup a mistake that must be fixed.

  • Honduras: claims and counter-claims over Zelaya anti-Semitism
    By : October 07, 2009
    It looks like we are in for a replay of the ugly flap that ensued following the anti-Semitic attacks in Venezuela earlier this year. The usual story: the conservative Jewish establishment makes charges against left-populist forces that may or may not check out; they are parroted without further corroboration by the mainstream media; they are summarily dismissed without further corroboration by left-wing commentators. Those of us who instinctively root for the left but cut no slack for Jew-baiting are left wondering what to believe.

  • Honduras: maquila owners call for intervention
    By : October 07, 2009
    As of Oct. 4 Hondurans' free speech and assembly rights remained suspended under a 45-day state of siege declared by de facto president Roberto Micheletti a week earlier. The general secretary of the Organization of American States (OAS), Chilean diplomat José Miguel Insulza, was scheduled to visit Tegucigalpa on Oct. 7 with a delegation of about 10 foreign ministers to negotiate a resolution to the crisis that began more than 100 days earlier with a June 28 military coup against President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales. The deposed president has been staying in the Brazilian embassy since his surprise return to the country on Sept. 21.

  • Tension in Honduras Prior OAS Negotiation
    By : October 07, 2009
    Accusations about dilatory maneuvers carried out by the de facto government characterize a tense atmosphere prior to the beginning on Wednesday of OAS negotiations to find a negotiated solution to the crisis.

  • Why holding an opinion poll in Honduras was so threatening
    By : October 07, 2009
    Thanks to Charles of Mercury Rising for pointing us to Al Giordano's post with real polling numbers on the UNpopularity of the coup among Honduras. For weeks I have been waiting for more solid data like this. I have responded to innumerable comments from people in and out of Honduras claiming that "90%" of the Honduran people are happy President Zelaya was violently removed from the country. We knew that wasn't true right after the coup, when CID Gallup polling data showed 46% of the people disapproved of the coup.

  • Honduras... all things considered...
    By : October 07, 2009
    The "de facto" regime in Honduras is playing still more games ... stretching out any attempts at "dialogue" by changing the conditions once again. Basically, the United States government forcing the Honduran government to do what the U.S. says it will never do... negotiate with terrorists, only with the terrorists being aided and abetted by congressional representative from the United States.

  • Honduras de facto ruler to meet opponents
    By Jack Daniel, Reuters - : October 07, 2009
    The de facto leader of Honduras was to meet foreign diplomats and envoys of ousted President Manuel Zelaya on Wednesday, raising hopes of progress in breaking a crisis triggered by an army coup in June.

  • Lifting of state siege does not guarantee restoration of media diversity
    By : October 07, 2009
    De facto President Roberto Micheletti's decision yesterday to lift the state of siege after one week does not unfortunately mean that real press freedom has been restored. By suspending basic freedoms on 28 September, the government that took over after ousting President Manuel Zelaya in June has succeeded in silencing the two main opposition broadcast media, Radio Globo and the Canal 36 TV station.

  • Ousted Zelaya demands release of political prisoners
    By : October 07, 2009
    Ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya demanded on Tuesday the de facto government immediately release its political prisoners and stop repression on the people.

  • United States Pressure Forces Fake Honduran Civil Concessions
    By : October 07, 2009
    After some serious pressure from the United States, we were told on Monday that the Honduran coup's military leaders had granted some civil concessions, by restoring some of the basic civil rights which they had taken away since the country's elected president returned to the country.

  • Ousted Honduran leader dismisses decree decision
    By : October 07, 2009
    Ousted President Manuel Zelaya on Tuesday dismissed the withdrawal of an emergency decree that curbed civil liberties, calling it a meaningless gesture from a coup-imposed government that refuses to restore him to power.

  • Honduras :a new argument
    By : October 07, 2009
    For anyone who supported the ouster of Mel Zelaya, there are a variety of legal problems, but one is insurmountable. His forced exile was unconstitutional.

  • Poll: Wide Majority of Hondurans Oppose Coup d’Etat, Want Zelaya Back
    By Al Giordano - : October 07, 2009
    Finally, hard and reliable data - by a legally certified Honduran polling company – provides a clear measurement of how the Honduran people view the June 28 coup d'etat, its "president" Roberto Micheletti, President Manuel Zelaya and the national civil resistance.

  • Are Republicans Breaking US Law in Honduras?
    By Brendan Cooney - : October 07, 2009
    Nine Congressional Republicans – including seven in the past week as the crisis heats up -- have now met with Roberto Micheletti, who took power after a military coup June 28. This is a coup that has been denounced by everyone from the Organization of American States to the United Nations, which passed a resolution calling "categorically on all states to recognise no government other than that" of the elected president, Manuel Zelaya. No state has recognized Micheletti as president. But U.S. Republicans have.

  • Diplomats Converge on Honduras for talks
    By Ben Fox, AP - : October 07, 2009
    Diplomats from throughout the hemisphere were converging Wednesday on Honduras to resolve a standoff that has left the impoverished Central American country with two presidents, a capital scarred by protests and a bitterly divided population.

  • The Struggle Against the Coup in Honduras by Shaun Joseph and Paul Lynch
    By : October 07, 2009
    The popular struggle in Honduras is a struggle to defeat the coup organized by the armed forces and the country’s elite that ousted the democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya. However, the roots of the conflict touch on major changes in the economic structure of the country that took place under the neoliberal (i.e. free market-ideology and deregulation-driven) policies implemented over the last 30 years.

  • Honduras awaits new crisis talks
    By : October 07, 2009
    Senior diplomats from across the Americas are due to arrive in Honduras in the latest attempt to resolve the political crisis.

  • Baugh on Honduras mission
    By : October 07, 2009
    Jamaica's Foreign Affairs Minister, Kenneth Baugh, who will represent CARICOM on a 12-member Organisation of American States (OAS) mission, is due to arrive in Honduras today. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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