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Honduras Coup - Day 101 - October 06, 2009

  • Israeli support for rogue regimes brings out the anti-Semitism charges from the usual suspects
    By : October 06, 2009
    As if on cue, the Anti-Defamation League of Israeli excesses apologist Abe Foxman is charging that verified reports of Israeli security assistance to the Honduras coup plotters led by Roberto Micheletti into power in Tegucigalpa smacks of "anti-Semitism." Foxman and his coterie are also charging that statements of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya that Israeli security advisers and mercenaries were involved in supporting the coup are stoking anti-Semitism in Honduras.

  • Ros-Lehtinen Discovers Antidote to Honduran Tourism Crisis in Visiting US Congress Members
    By Belén Fernández - : October 06, 2009
    Coup Leader Admits that Lifting of Emergency Decree Does Not Apply to All Media Outlets / The absence from the conference of Channel 36 TV and Radio Globo – the two media outlets forced off the air last week with coup president Roberto Micheletti’s decree of a state of emergency – was called into question when Micheletti assured the audience that his decree had been completely revoked. The possibility that the coup government might thus return confiscated broadcasting equipment to its rightful owners was promptly declined, however, when Micheletti declared that said owners would have to earn back their rights in a court of law.

  • Las Chicleras de la Resistencia: Vendors struggle alongside protestors
    By Laura Taylor and Kara Newhouse - : October 06, 2009
    "I lost my chiclera [box of goods to sell]—the pigs took it from me. They sent everything flying and took my money and everything. They hit us. They throw the tear gas at us, too," says a young vendor, her arms draped with red bandanas and 'we want Mel' headbands.

  • Micheletti Fails to Publish Recension
    By : October 06, 2009
    PCM-M-016-2009 was rescinded, but Micheletti has yet to get it published in La Gaceta, thus it remains in effect, selectively being enforced even though Congress refused to approve of it. Deliberate delay or incompetence?

  • Zelaya mistrusts Honduras talks, diplomats upbeat
    By : October 06, 2009
    Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, trapped in an embassy by soldiers months after being toppled in a coup, was skeptical on Tuesday about the chances of holding talks with the divided country's de facto leader.

  • UPDATE 2-Honduras talks hopes brighter, Zelaya doubts rival
    By : October 06, 2009
    The chance of a negotiated end to the Honduran crisis crept closer on Tuesday as mediators set up talks between de facto leaders and ousted President Manuel Zelaya, trapped by soldiers inside Brazil's embassy.

  • Hand back power, Lula tells Honduras coup leaders
    By : October 06, 2009
    Honduras coup leader Roberto Micheletti should step down immediately in return for an amnesty, Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Tuesday. "For us the solution will be easy if those that participated in the coup leave power and allow the legitimately elected president to take power," Lula told journalists at a summit with European Union leaders in Stockholm.

  • Ousted Honduran leader dismisses decree decision
    By Ben Fox, AP - : October 06, 2009
    Ousted President Manuel Zelaya on Tuesday dismissed the withdrawal of an emergency decree that curbed civil liberties, calling it a meaningless gesture from a coup-imposed government that refuses to restore him to power.

  • Soldiers who expelled Zelaya could face trial in Honduras
    By : October 06, 2009
    Honduras' de facto President Roberto Micheletti has said that the military officers who expelled ousted president Manuel Zelaya from the country could be brought to trial, according to reports Tuesday. "I am absolutely certain that they will be brought to trial, as should happen to anyone who makes a mistake," Micheletti was quoted as saying on Monday.

  • Fallout from Honduras's presidential crisis – in Washington
    By Howard LaFranchi - : October 06, 2009
    The military ouster of Honduras's president in June has led to deep ideological fissures, paralysis in a legislative committee, and efforts to undermine national foreign policy. And no, that's not a sampling of what's happening in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa, but rather in Washington, where a deep and cranky divide has formed between Democrats and Republicans over what most Democrats call a "coup" in America's backyard.

  • The Writings on the Walls: Graffiti from the Coup Resistance
    By : October 06, 2009
    Even as tireless Honduran protesters approach their 100th day of resistance, continuing to avoiding police tear gas and attend funerals of slain resisters, some facets of quotidian Tegucigalpa life continue under the dictatorship: cars cram into traffic-filled streets, those Hondurans with jobs go to work, and wealthy consumers hit the shopping malls. To maintain this facade of control, on September 27th the Micheletti dictatorship issued a decree dissolving fundamental rights such as the right to assembly and free speech, and the following day closed the critical media sources in the country by force.

  • OAS Mission Will Arrive In Honduras This Wednesday, October 7
    By : October 06, 2009
    A Mission from the Organization of American States (OAS) will arrive in Honduras this Wednesday, October 7th, for the purpose of promoting dialogue and the restoration of democracy in this country.

  • Micheletti Blames Armed Forces of Expelling Zelaya from the Country
    By : October 06, 2009
    The head of the de facto government in Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, said it was a mistake to take President Manuel Zelaya out of the country, and emphasized that it was not his call but the Armed Forces’ decision.

  • Peasant political prisoners declare indefinite hunger strike
    By : October 06, 2009
    The 38 peasants who were sent to prison declared themselves on hunger strike at noon on Thursday demanding a fair trial and respect to their personal integrity, declared Ramòn Adalberto Díaz, who was named the spokesman of the strikers.

  • Interview with Augustin Ramos Montes, General Secretary of the National Center of Rural Workers (CNTC)
    By : October 06, 2009
    Today, concerned about the grave situation arising from the military's eviction of the campesinos occupying the National Agrarian Institute of Honduaras, I had the opportunity to interview leadership from the CNTC, Agustin Ramos.

  • De Facto government in Honduras pays Washington lobbyists $300,000 to sway U.S. opinion
    By : October 06, 2009
    The government of Honduras – referred to these days as "de facto," "interim" or "illegitimate" – is dealing with its public perception problem just like any tarnished ruling party would: by launching a PR campaign.

  • Honduras - pro-democracy demonstrators gaoled for "sedition", as US Republicans rally to support the coup
    By : October 06, 2009
    Meanwhile, US Republican Congresswoman, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, has visited Honduras with two other members of Congress, and demanded that the US government should back the illegal coup. All three are from South Florida.

  • Midnight of the golpistas
    By : October 06, 2009
    Miami's triad of anti-Castro pugilists, never ones to let a little coup d'etat stand between them and their love of right wing governance, traveled to Honduras yesterday to lend their support to the coup-installed government there, and surprise! They got there just in time for the conveniently timed "repeal" by the Roberto Micheletti "government" of its wee lil' crackdown on its own population and media, including the shutting down of opposition radio stations, plus the beatings and the tear gasings, and the … you know … right wing coup stuff…!

  • NYTimes... all the news that fits... eventually
    By : October 06, 2009
    Since Mr. Zelaya was removed in a June 28 coup, security forces have tried to halt opposition with beatings and mass arrests, human rights groups say. Eleven people have been killed since the coup, according to the Committee for Families of the Disappeared and Detainees in Honduras, or Cofadeh.

  • Fact finding in Honduras
    By : October 06, 2009
    Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen went to Honduras and then apparently sat and caressed Roberto Micheletti's arm while holding up a copy of the constitution that specifically prohibits forced exile. If you were curious about what exactly happens during a "fact finding trip," then now you know. Her overall conclusion was that the U.S. will be overrun by drugs if we don't support the coup government immediately. She learned this from classified conversations that she cannot disclose.

  • Where is Honduras headed?
    By Shaun Joseph - : October 06, 2009
    Micheletti's suggestion that Zelaya could become president again, but only as a lame duck, is aimed at putting a constitutional gloss on an increasingly militarized state. Even before it ordered the suspension of constitutional rights September 27, the regime's crackdown on the popular movement and the left was in full swing.

  • Honduran Peaceful Resistance for Negotiation
    By : October 06, 2009
    The National Front against the coup d'Etat in Honduras stated it will maintain the struggle in defense of democracy, expecting for the announcement of a negotiated solution to the crisis.

  • Witness - Holed up in embassy with ousted Honduran president
    By Edgard Garrido, Reuters - : October 06, 2009
    For two weeks, I have slept with my finger on the shutter button, just meters from where Honduras' President Manuel Zelaya, ousted in a coup, waits in refuge and hopes for a return to power.

  • Coup-Backed Regime Lifts Rights Curbs in Honduras
    By Agence France-Presse - : October 06, 2009
    The coup-backed government in Honduras on Monday lifted a decree restricting civil rights, in a step toward dialogue with ousted President Manuel Zelaya, who is still holed up in Brazil's embassy. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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