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Honduras: This is not an hysterical accusation, it is calling a spade a spade!

By Franz J. T. Lee
July 14, 2009

In a Reuters article concerning the current political situation in Honduras: "Isolated Honduras hunkers down, Zelaya vows action," dated July 11, 2009, inter alia, we are 'informed' that "the interim government, installed by Congress after widely unpopular Zelaya was booted out of the country in his pajamas last month by soldiers, has resisted international pressure and says Zelaya's reinstatement is not negotiable...."

It's incredible how the "news agencies," backed by mighty corporations, keep distorting the news and thus are "shaping opinion" for that matter.

This Reuters report is pure ideology ... symptomatic not only of current reckless manipulation, ruthless indoctrination, of dangerous ruling elitist ideology, but even more so, of centuries of permanent superstructural mind and thought control, of global intellectual massacres of the young, innocent human minds. It is part of the terrorist violation of human rights, of freedom of speech, of thought, of expression. It is social, structural violence, generated and nurtured by the capitalist private ownership of the major means of communication. production and destruction.

This is not an hysterical accusation, it is calling a spade a spade ... it is the marauding quintessence of the ideological superstructure of globalization, of capitalist imperialism.

The above is the historical duty of the ruling classes to launch 'world peace,' to produce a favorable climate for peaceful exploitation of nature and human labor force, to accumulate gigantic wealth and profits as capitalists. That their international news is pharisaic and hypocritical should not bother the international workers, they should just not believe everything they read, not be bamboozled by the 'information wars' about 'full spectrum dominance,' be fooled by the virtual ideological 'monsters,' Bin Laden, Fidel Castro, Chavez or Evo, by Zelaya.

Press virtuality is one thing ... international reality is another story.

Of course, Zelaya is not a saint, he is a capitalist business man. None of us are saints ... that is why we, in brutal class struggle, are so human, so beautiful, truthful, loving and creative, so emancipatory. Saddam Hussein's 'crime' ... his death sentence, was to change from the Petro-dollar to the Petro-euro ... Zelaya's downfall was to join the ALBA!

In this emancipatory venture, only concrete natural praxis and sound social theory can guide us out of the capitalist quagmires of international political hoaxes, lies, half-truths, hair-splitting, jargon and fairy tales.

With regard to the Reuters' article, first of all, there is no "interim government" in Honduras.

On the one hand, there exists a military coup that has illegally put into power a bunch of ruthless gangsters who have suspended constitutional rights and who have ordered the military brutally to repress the people of Honduras; on the other, there are the workers who try to resist this bastard regime.

Secondly, yes, Zelaya is "widely unpopular" ... but what Reuters fails to note is that he's unpopular in the first place among Honduras' ruling oligarchy, and certainly not among the majority of the common people.

Furthermore, he never sought to "illegally extend his rule" but only suggested a popular, non-binding referendum be held in next November's general elections to ask the people if they want to call for a Constituent Assembly in order to elaborate a new constitution and thus open the possibility to amplify their participation in what has been until now the classical, exclusive, "representative democracy of, by and for the ruling elites." Furthermore, in the way it is written, the article subtly suggests that under President Chavez in Venezuela, the constitution has been "contravened" and the President's term "illegally extended."

What is happening here in Venezuela is the logical historical process that eventually will involve the whole of America and the world.

Reuters, you need not fear "Venezuela's firebrand leftist President Hugo Chavez, of contravening the constitution and seeking to illegally extend his rule."

Chavez does not fear your bosses, who are armed to the teeth ... he said it over and over again.

It is 'Big Brother' who fears what Chavez is expressing socially: the Truth, the American Time-Bomb of Human Emancipation.

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