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Zimbabwe's 2008 Elections Aftermath

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Sadc observer team hails vote recounts May 03, 2008
THE Sadc Election Observer Mission says the verification and recounting process carried out in 23 constituencies last month was done transparently and in line with Zimbabwe's electoral laws.
Poll results, Zimbabweans the winners May 03, 2008
THE long-awaited results of the presidential election are out and no candidate managed an outright majority, that is 50 plus 1 percent of the votes cast. However, Zimbabweans were the winners for the maturity they showed in patiently waiting for official results in the face of sustained pressure from the West to go the Kenyan way, which would have justified external intervention.
Zimbabwe: Presidential Poll Results - No Winner May 03, 2008
RESULTS of the March 29 presidential poll were announced yesterday with no winner of an absolute majority, automatically setting the stage for a second election between the two top candidates - Morgan Tsvangirai of MDC-T and President Mugabe of Zanu-PF - with the other two candidates eliminated.
Tsvangirai wins Zimbabwe poll, run off definite May 02, 2008
THE long-awaited results of the March 29 presidential poll have been announced the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and have put the Movement for Democratic Change party's candidate Morgan Tsvangirai ahead with 47.9% of the vote while President Robert Mugabe got 43.2%. As none of the candidates polled the required 50 plus one per cent of the poll, a runoff election is now definite.
Zimbabwe Ambassador: Self-determination is at root of conflict May 02, 2008
With controversy in the western media about Zimbabwe, disputes about the outcome of March 29 voting for president, charges of against President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party, and calls from opposition leaders for western intervention, Final Call interviewed Zimbabwean Ambassador to the United States, Machinvenyika Tobia Mapuranga to discuss the political situation in Zimbabwe and issues facing the country.
Presidential results - Verification begins May 02, 2008
Verification of the presidential election results began in Harare yesterday with representatives of the candidates who contested the March 29 poll in attendance.
Zimbabwe: More Than Complicity of Silence May 01, 2008
Today Zimbabwe has taken a high profile place in corporate media headlines. Are we getting the truth this time and can we rely on the same progressives who broke through misinformation around Iraq to do the same for us again?
UN publicly fingers MDC-T for violence May 01, 2008
The MDC-T campaign to demonise the Government for alleged violence and human rights abuses came unstuck on Tuesday when the United Nations Secretariat also publicly fingered the opposition for violence against Zanu-PF supporters.
UN snubs MDC-T April 30, 2008
The United Nations yesterday snubbed attempts by Western backers of the MDC-T to put Zimbabwe on the agenda of the Security Council meeting as British moves to subvert Zimbabwe's democratic electoral process by mooting the formation of a contact and pressure group of three selected Sadc countries to put pressure on Harare were exposed.
A game plan that went awry April 28, 2008
It was a well-planned and well-calculated psychological game plan whose execution was supposed to produce a certain desired result.
Hands off Zimbabwe, Kaunda tells Brown April 28, 2008
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is not qualified to comment on challenges facing Zimbabwe, let alone to call for more sanctions, founding Zambian president Dr Kenneth Kaunda has said.
Expressions of imperialism within Zimbabwe April 27, 2008
Zimbabwe's Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Patrick Chinamasa on Friday denounced the US and Britain for their interference in Zimbabwe's elections. At the same time, he decried the Morgan Tsvangirai faction of the main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T), and its civil society partner, the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN), as being part of a US and British program to reverse the gains of Zimbabwe's national liberation struggle.
ZEC to 'invite' candidates April 26, 2008
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) said on Saturday it would invite candidates to verify the results of the March 29 presidential elections from Monday, before the results are publicly issued.
Zimbabwe opposition appears set to retain parliament gains April 26, 2008
Zimbabwe's opposition appeared set to retain its gains in parliament Saturday, as international pressure mounted for the release of results from the presidential vote that longtime leader Robert Mugabe is believed to have lost.
No going back on land: President April 26, 2008
Addressing thousands of people at the official opening of the 49th edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair here yesterday, Cde Mugabe said all land which was legally acquired and settled would never be returned to its white former owners.
Police swoop on MDC-T HQ nets 215 April 26, 2008
Police yesterday arrested 215 people after raiding MDC-T's Harvest House headquarters in central Harare on allegations of committing acts of political violence countrywide and going into hiding.
Outcry Over Arms Exposes West's Hypocrisy April 25, 2008
In the strongest indication yet of the real motives behind the Western hullabaloo over the Chinese arms shipment to Zimbabwe, a leading American daily intrinsically linked to the United States' ruling elite has proposed that the Bush administration arm the MDC while simultaneously weakening the Government to abet illegal regime change.
Who is speaking for the Church? April 25, 2008
Let me at the onset state that I do not believe that this "statement" reflects the views of the broad church community it claims to speak for, and I can emphatically state that the majority of church leaders were never consulted and did not sign this very unfortunate statement.
US backs off comments on Zimbabwe election April 25, 2008
The U.S. State Department on Friday backed off comments by its top Africa official asserting that Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai had won the country's presidential elections.
South African Party Leader Says Zimbabwe Arms Embargo Not Necessary April 24, 2008
Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa's ruling party, says the situation in Zimbabwe has not reached the stage where an international arms embargo is necessary. This contradicts the British prime minister's call for an arms embargo on Zimbabwe.
China clears air on arms shipment April 24, 2008
A spokesperson from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Jiang Yu, has stated the arms contract was signed last year contrary to claims that it was related to the current election situation in Zimbabwe. "This is normal trade in military products between the two countries," Jiang told a Press briefing in Beijing.
Unity govt not feasible April 24, 2008
Western media have been titillated, maybe even physically aroused, by the idea of Zimbabwe going the Kenya way in both the violence and "national unity" phenomena and the MDC-T waltzing into Munhumutapa Building on the back of negotiations rather than votes.
First Zimbabwe recount goes to Mugabe April 23, 2008
The first result in a recount of 23 seats in Zimbabwe's parliamentary elections gave victory to president Robert Mugabe's ruling party today.
"This article is a trip; it is really a smear article with one little piece of 'info' and a ton load of propaganda." --Aisha
Zanu-PF retains Goromonzi West April 23, 2008
ZANU-PF has retained Goromonzi West House of Assembly and Senate seats in the first batch of poll recount results released last night while the Sadc observer team says it is satisfied with the vote recounting process currently underway in 23 constituencies.
Who has last word on Zim's democracy? April 22, 2008
The American and British governments have campaigned tirelessly to convince the world that democracy cannot flourish in Zimbabwe without their watchful eye and direct involvement. This interpretation of politics in Zimbabwe is only embraced by those who are either ignorant of the country's history or for subjective reasons, have chosen to overlook it.
Prove violence claims - Govt April 22, 2008
Government has challenged anyone with information demonstrating that acts of State-sponsored violence have characterised the post-election period to furnish the police with details to facilitate full investigations.
Zimbabwe Says Violence Claim Is Ploy for Intervention April 22, 2008
The Zimbabwean government said the opposition's claim that President Robert Mugabe's administration is waging a violent campaign to remain in power is a ploy to encourage foreign intervention.
China defends weapons for Zimbabwe April 22, 2008
China on Tuesday defended a cache of its weapons headed for Zimbabwe, saying it was part of normal bilateral trade, but suggested the arms might not be delivered due to problems offloading the cargo.
Why is Britain Provoking us Over Mugabe? April 21, 2008
Only with the Conservative Party in power in the UK can that country hope to salvage its rapidly deteriorating relationship with Zimbabwe and Africa. Under the New Labour government, Zimbabwe has needlessly become to the British, what Cuba has been to the United States for the last 50 years.
Regional leaders ask Mbeki to continue as Zimbabwe mediator April 21, 2008
SADC secretary general Augusto Salomao said late Sunday a summit here of the 14-nation regional grouping had heard a report by Mbeki, mandated to the mediation task by the SADC, and "asked him to continue his efforts to find a solution to the situation in Zimbabwe."
Tsvangirai pushes for UN intervention in Zimbabwe April 21, 2008
Zimbabwe's opposition leader pushed the UN on Monday to intervene to end his country's election crisis as President Robert Mugabe's ruling party flatly denied it was behind a rise in post-poll violence.
Zimbabwe recount worthless: Britain April 21, 2008
Ballot boxes are piled up prior to a recount at the Murombedzi centre in Harare. Britain has condemned the ongoing recount in Zimbabwe's contested general elections as a worthless exercise aimed at allowing President Robert Mugabe to "steal" the vote.
"What the Western media has not been stating clearly is that the MDC-T also called for recounts in two constituencies. The MDC-T has taken the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to court over its desire to do a recount, not only in the two constituencies that the MDC-T requested, but also in 21 other constituencies that the government requested. ZEC held up on doing the recount and release of election results while awaiting the court's ruling. In truth, the release of the election results has been held up by actions on both sides of the political divide and not just Robert Mugabe as the western media would have us all believe." --Ayinde
APC commends SADC, AU on Zimbabwe April 20, 2008
African People's Convention (APC) Deputy President, Mofihli Likotsi has complimented the African Union (AU) and SADC for its stance on Zimbabwe.
ANC shoots down Tsvangirai call April 20, 2008
The ruling African National Congress in South Africa has shot down Movement for Democratic Change faction leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai's call that President Thabo Mbeki quits as mediator in Zimbabwe because he has allegedly failed to resolve the political situation in the country.
SADC still 'evades' Zimbabwe issue April 20, 2008
SADC's keeping a low profile on Zimbabwe. In his opening address SADC Chairperson Levy Mwanawasa stayed clear of the topic, focusing on food prices.
Three weeks after polls, Zimbabwe holds recount April 19, 2008
After the opposition failed in a legal bid Friday to halt the process, electoral commission officials began recounting on Saturday morning in each of the constituencies in the presence of party agents and foreign monitors.
MDC-T Seeks to Bar Declaration of Vote Recount Winners April 18, 2008
MDC-T yesterday filed another application at the High Court seeking an interim order barring the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission or constituency election officers from declaring as duly-elected anyone who might emerge victorious in tomorrow's vote recounts.
Court Dismisses MDC Application to Stop Vote Recount April 18, 2008
The Zimbabwe Electoral commission is to proceed with the recount on Saturday of ballots from 23 constituencies in the harmonised elections of March 29th...
Angola: Minister Barrica Attends Votes Recount in Zimbabwe April 18, 2008
The head of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC)'s observation mission to Zimbabwe, Angola's Youth and Sports minister Marcos Barrica, left Friday for Harare to supervise the votes recount process of the legislative elections held in 23 voting stations, starting on Saturday, ANGOP has learnt.
Zimbabwe Court Rejects Attempt To Block Recount by Opposition April 18, 2008
A Zimbabwean judge Friday said an opposition bid to block recounting in some constituencies has no merit, dismissing the suit...
SA to ensure Zimbabwe fair recount - Pahad April 18, 2008
The SA government, through a team of SADC observers, would ensure that recounts in the Zimbabwe election process were impartial and objective, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Aziz Pahad said on Thursday in Pretoria.
Tsvangirai Wants Mbeki to Quit Talks April 18, 2008
Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday called on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to relieve President Thabo Mbeki of his mediation duties and immediately replace him with "a special envoy" similar to one that brokered a deal in Kenya.
Zuma won't mediate in Zimbabwe April 18, 2008
ANC president Jacob Zuma said there is no need for him to play a mediating role in the Zimbabwean situation, as State President Thabo Mbeki is the appointed mediator.
Another ZEC Official Appears in Court April 18, 2008
A Seventh Zimbabwe Electoral Commission official yesterday appeared before a Bindura magistrate court charged with electoral fraud or alternatively breaching the Electoral Act.
The new colonial masters April 18, 2008
Beijing's willingness to give aid and extend credit without attaching any conditions about good governance or human rights is winning friends across Africa, but nowhere more so than in Zimbabwe. In 2005 Mr Mugabe signed a big aid deal with China. A year later he signed a massive energy treaty, bartering chrome and other mineral concessions for new Chinese-built coal mines and power stations. China is to rebuild Zimbabwe's rail network, provide trains and buses and 12 fighter jets. Last year it swapped agricultural machinery for tobacco. It provides spare parts for military vehicles which are banned under Western sanctions. It has sold water cannons, bugging equipment and a jamming device to block independent radio stations. It even provided all the pro-Mugabe T-shirts in the run-up to the elections.
The 'Crisis' That Never Was April 17, 2008
The yet to be announced result for the presidential election held two weeks ago has presented to the opposition MDC-T and its Western backers, an opportunity to stage-manage a crisis -- a condition that they have failed to create for the past eight and a half years.
Morgan Tsvangirai Wants Mbeki to Quit as Mediator April 17, 2008
Zimbabwe's main opposition leader called on South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki to quit his role as mediator in the nation's political crisis, saying "extraordinary intervention" is needed.
How come Zimbabwe and Tibet get all the attention? April 17, 2008
If a government wants to abuse human rights and rig elections, it needs to have the support of - or be - the western powers
SADC rules no electoral impasse in Zimbabwe April 17, 2008
The Zimbabwean government delegation to the SADC summit held at the weekend has hailed SADC's ruling that there is neither a stalemate nor an impasse in the electoral process in Zimbabwe.
Hands Off Country, UN Told April 17, 2008
British and US attempts to place Zimbabwe's elections on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council meeting flopped yesterday with African Union chairperson Mr Jakaya Kikwete saying Sadc was managing the situation.
Western states boost pressure on Zimbabwe April 17, 2008
Western states joined the United Nations in urging action to ensure a fair outcome from Zimbabwe's elections but most African nations avoided the issue at a Security Council-African Union summit yesterday.
Election Shocker - Supreme Court Could Order Re-Run April 17, 2008
THE Supreme Court may order a rerun of last month's presidential election this afternoon when it considers a constitutional application brought by the leaders of two minor political parties.
Should Mandela speak out over Zimbabwe? April 16, 2008
Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell says Nelson Mandela should speak out against Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe
MDC-T Stayaway Flops April 16, 2008
The MDC-T stayaway flopped yesterday after people ignored the strike, triggering acts of violence by frustrated opposition youths but these were quickly suppressed by the police.
Zimbabwe opposition wants observers to oversee re-run April 16, 2008
Zimbabwe opposition wants observers to oversee re-run...
Zimbabwe Court Refuses to Release Vote Results April 15, 2008
Zimbabwean election officials said in a state-run newspaper that on Saturday they plan to start a recount of the presidential and parliamentary votes in 23 districts. A ruling on an opposition challenge of a recount is expected Tuesday in the same court system that rejected the opposition's case on Monday.
Western Propaganda Hysterical April 15, 2008
I am so disappointed with Western media coverage of our elections. Western journalists went into Zimbabwe with one objective in mind that President Mugabe loses the elections while Morgan Tsvangirai wins.
Zimbabwe poll results stay secret, court says April 15, 2008
Zimbabwe's High Court yesterday refused to order the immediate release of delayed results from last month's presidential election.
Brown's Tyranny of Words on Zim April 15, 2008
Why does the British government believe it can use the likes of presidents Mbeki and Museveni, to do their dirty work in Zimbabwe when we all know that the central issue in the equation is land?
Court Acquits South African Media Workers April 15, 2008
Two South African satellite engineers, held in Zimbabwe on several charges, including violating the country's media accreditation laws, were acquitted today, according to news reports and local sources
Opposition Strike Falters in Zimbabwe April 15, 2008
The Movement for Democratic Change called for Zimbabweans to stay home from work indefinitely to register their protest at what the party sees as the deliberate withholding of the tally in the presidential poll, held more than two weeks ago. As in the past, the call went largely unheeded.
Zimbabwe court rejects bid to release poll result April 14, 2008
Zimbabwe's High Court today refused to order the immediate release of delayed results from the 29 March presidential election, in a major blow to the opposition MDC.
Opposition MDC Will Challenge Zimbabwean Vote Recount April 13, 2008
Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change says it will challenge a decision by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to do a complete ballot recount in 23 constituencies.
Mugabe Not in Dock, Says Zambian President April 12, 2008
President Levy Mwanawasa of Zambia opened Saturday's extraordinary summit of Southern African heads of state by saying its purpose was not to put President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe in the dock.
Officials order Zimbabwe recount April 12, 2008
Votes in the Zimbabwe presidential and parliamentary elections are to be recounted, it was reported, after Gordon Brown described the situation as "appalling".
Zimbabwe election deadlock no crisis: Mbeki April 12, 2008
South African President Thabo Mbeki says there is no post-election crisis in Zimbabwe and has urged people to wait for the presidential result to be announced.
Zimbabwe opposition party urges workers to go on strike April 12, 2008
Zimbabwe's main opposition party called for a general strike next Tuesday following president Robert Mugabe's decision to boycott today's emergency regional meeting in Lusaka on the country's electoral crisis.
Three ZEC Officials Convicted, Fined April 11, 2008
Three Zimbabwe Electoral Commission officials from Masvingo were yesterday convicted and fined $8 million or one week in prison for contravening the Electoral Act after losing a ballot box while two other officers appeared before a Bindura magistrate on similar charges.
Zimbabwe opposition calls for general strike April 11, 2008
Zimbabwe's main opposition party issued pamphlets on Friday calling for a general strike to be launched next week ...
Zimbabwe electoral agency says hands tied April 11, 2008
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission says that its hands are tied over the release of March 29 presidential election results because the matter is in court, according to state media. "The commission wishes to advise the public that the question of the results of the presidential election is now the subject of legal proceedings in the High Court," it said in a statement cited by the Herald newspaper. "Pending determination by that court, and in line with established rules of court, norms and procedures, the commission is unable to comment on this subject," the ZEC said.
Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai to meet Mbeki-report April 09, 2008
Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is expected to meet South African President Thabo Mbeki to try to end a political deadlock in Zimbabwe's election, a local newspaper reported on Wednesday.
Poll Results Out Today - ZEC March 31, 2008
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is scheduled to start announcing results of the 2008 harmonised elections at 6am today, after undergoing the necessary verification and authentication, ZEC chairman Justice George Chiweshe, announced last night.
In Zimbabwe, Opposition Follows Washington's Plan March 31, 2008
The color revolution in Zimbabwe (yet to be given a color) unfolds as other US- and British-government and foundation-directed color revolutions have unfolded in Yugoslavia, Georgia and Ukraine.


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