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What are Caribbean Govts' Views on Zimbabwe?

By Ayinde
June 30, 2007

Many Caribbean leaders have historically been acquiescent partners with the US and Britain, so it comes as no surprise that they are supportive of the decision to cancel the West Indies cricket tour to Zimbabwe.

What has been the position of Caribbean leaders to what is taking place in Zimbabwe?

Using Trinidad and Tobago as a gauge, the government here has never stated anything about Zimbabwe. Although many Africans in Trinidad and Tobago who call in to local radio talk-shows clearly state that the West wants to persecute Zimbabwe because Robert Mugabe took back land from Whites, the government has never shown concern or stated its position. The Trinidad and Tobago government usually does not express views on international conflicts while casually supporting Washington's positions.

Trinidad Newsday reported: "Boynes [The Sports Minister of Trinidad and Tobago] said Government fully supports the decision taken by the West Indies Cricket Board to cancel the A Team's tour of Zimbabwe because it was 'very concerned' that the players security could not be guaranteed in that African nation. Grenada Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell and the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) also called for the tour's cancellation on security grounds."

Despite the government of Trinidad and Tobago's 'security concerns' in relation to Zimbabwe, the West Indies Cricket team is currently in London, remaining there even during the inundation of reported attempted bombings. London has a history of sordid bombings and 'terrorist activities' but I am sure the government of Trinidad and Tobago has no concerns about the players' safety there. If so, they have certainly remained publicly silent about them. Their duplicity is grossly obvious in their dealings with African nations as opposed to White nations. The Government and the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) are clearly supporting Britain, Australia, the US and other White-controlled institutions that are attempting to isolate Zimbabwe.

Although the US and Britain claim to be supportive of the Southern African Development Community's (SADC) initiatives to help resolve political conflicts in Zimbabwe and to revive its economy, they are doing all at their disposal to ensure that the SADC initiative fails. They want a total collapse of Zimbabwe as long as its elected president, Robert Mugabe, remains in power. They will not allow Zimbabwe to be a success under President Mugabe after it resisted the IMF and World Bank, and reclaimed land from Whites.

The SADC has called for the lifting of sanctions on Zimbabwe but Western governments have not acceded to SADC's requests. The US and other European governments are still forecasting doom and gloom in Zimbabwe in their ongoing campaign to scare away investors, ruin its economy and force a coup.

Western powers are relentless in their campaign to demonize Mugabe, who is seen as a hero by many Africans, for daring to restore "the land rights of indigenous Africans by evicting off of farmland the beneficiaries of a White, terrorist movement that brutally and inhumanely conquered the country and subjugated the indigenous Africans to subhuman conditions during the colonial era of the 20th century." (See: Zimbabwe 'Dooms Day' Report Seen as Promise not Prediction)

Caribbean governments, either because they are ignorant of both history and current affairs or are too cowardly, go along obsequiously with the US and other European government's terrorist and anti-black agenda.


Posted By: Curtis Dogheal McTavish
Date: 30, June 07, at 12:05 p.m.
  Zimbabwe is the new Haiti. Trinidad and Tobago just like the rest of the Caribbean are afraid of their masters (U.S.& England) just like a toddler is of his/ her mother. Therefore Zimbabwe will suffer.

I ask, who can say that Mugabe's attempt to right the wrongs of his country is wrong itself. If anyone of you or I occupied some land that didn't belong to you or I for generations even, would that mean that that land is mine or yours? Of coarse it does not.

The United States has no moral right to tell any country that they are wrong in how they want to govern its people. The United States and England have never made right of their moral and Human Rights Violations and yet have the audacity to utter foul when there is a small arguable infringement on people who had no place in occupying the land that they claimed was theirs.

Stop giving them the power to dictate your freedom. If you want to play cricket in Zimbabwe, then play it. The U.S. doesn't even cover Cricket in its media and you're letting them tell you where to play?

The Caribbean countries that depend on tourism will know how the U.S. really feels about them when Fidel Castro dies.

The Caribbean as a whole will finally lose its backbone and be poised for U.S. exploitation in the best interest of the U.S. and England.

Anyone interested in why Black Africa can't get it together needs to pay attention to this example. Economists claim that we live in a global market economy, but for any country that defies or any infidel of White supremacy it is a one way street. Haitians sent napoleon back smaller than when he came. Cuba showed the U.S. that they would not be exploited nor would they sell out. Vietnam wanted to be recognized as independent from France just like the U.S wanted to be recognized independent from England. Zimbabwe could have been like South Africa or some other field slaves (or puppets) trying to get into massas house, but instead they are trying to reclaim their identity and the rest of the world wants to cripple them. The comparison would be like if Kunta Kinte after being forced to carry the name Toby decided that he no longer will carry the burden of the denial associated with self right and entitlement to one day yell it out for all to hear that he is KUNTA KINTAY!

Don't starve him to the point that he becomes delirious and forgets that he is a man from a proud civilization with purpose, responsibilities and goals for he and his people, but rather encourage him to reset gather his bearings and move on and up.

There is no need in today's world to force a country to have to face what Haiti, Vietnam, or Cuba had to face. The Diaspora in Africa needs to be removed completely. More African leaders should think along the lines of Robert Mugabe in order to salvage African pride and teach a new generation never again!

Africa and Africans have never been able to heal after being ravaged by European oppressors. Give them time and support. Once they commit some crime that extends beyond their boarders then offer discipline or aid. Africans have to work it out for themselves without bias interference from England and the U.S.

I say to the World to stop following the leadership of imperfect men to the point that your society suffers at their benefit. I'm speaking of the current administration in Washington and whoever allies themselves with him. The U.S. and England don't control the only path to economic salvation and social prosperity. Social prosperity comes from within your country if left untainted by U.S. and European rules for social conditioning. Establish your own global market economy free of the global bullies at least until they can play fair.

Posted By: Errol F. Hosein
Date: 2, July 07, at 8:49 p.m.
  Patrick Manning has no balls, he is as much a stooge as his Caricom partners who are intimidated by Trinidad and Tobago's present economic wealth. He blatantly supports selective acts of terrorism in line with the dictates of the US. For example, he uses our resources to provide economic support for Israel by virture of huge purchases that helps to sustain Israel's economy as Israel continues to occupy Palestinian land while killing the Palestinians.

Bush talks about the war on terrorism, yet, Manning did not request that the Cuban Emigre, Luis Posada Carilles be returned to the West Indies to stand trial for his role in the Bombing of a Cubana Airliner in 1976 off of Barbados in which 75 lives were lost. That was an act of terrorism.Mugabe is a MAN compared to Manning who has no balls.

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