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Absurd London 'Bomb Plot' Inaugurates 'Control Freak' Brown

By Kurt Nimmo,
June 29, 2007

"British police Friday thwarted a car-bomb attack that would have brought carnage to the streets of London just days before the second anniversary of the July 7, 2005, bombings that claimed 52 lives," writes Nile Gardiner for the neocon house organ, the National Review Online. "The car was packed with nails, gas canisters and petrol containers, and left outside a nightclub near Piccadilly Circus. This latest attempt to kill and maim hundreds of civilians is most likely the work of al Qaeda or one of its numerous British-based affiliates. It was timed to coincide with the departure of Tony Blair, and the entrance of new Prime Minister Gordon Brown. It also coincided with Blair's appointment as the Quartet's new Middle East envoy in the face of strong opposition in the Arab world."

Gardiner has no evidence "al-Qaeda," the database, is involved in this absurdly incompetent plot, and even Scotland Yard has said it is far too early to determine who is behind the "foiled attack," but now that the corporate media is hysterically braying "al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda," it makes little difference who is responsible. Gardiner believes, or wants us to believe, the plot was "timed to coincide with ... the entrance of new Prime Minister Gordon Brown," and in fact Gardiner may be correct, although not for the reason he states. Brown was selected to lord over the British people because he is a darling of the Bank of England, a former chancellor of the Exchequer, a medieval English institution for the collection of royal revenues, that is to say the fleecing of subjects. As well, Brown was selected because he is regarded as a "control freak" and "totally uncollegiate," according to Charles Clarke, the former home secretary. In short, he unflinchingly runs roughshod over his victims, the sort of psychological makeup considered a prerequisite for a principate, especially one taking orders from bankers and the globalist coterie.

It stands to reason Tony Blair's "appointment as the Quartet's new Middle East envoy" faces "strong opposition in the Arab world," as Blair is a war criminal. He was informed by the Foreign Office that an attack on Iraq was illegal under international law and he met with Bush in Crawford April 2002 and vowed his support for the invasion, that is to say he promised to donate the lives of Brits in the effort to slaughter Iraqis, an effort that has paid off handsomely (more than 750,000 killed to date), that is if you're a psychopath, as Blair obviously is. Arabs who know anything about Blair realize he is a pathological liar, as he said up until the eve of the invasion attacking Iraq was not inevitable when in fact he secretly agreed with the neocons to attack Iraq all along.

In addition to sending out the message Gordon Brown is the "war on terrorism" prime minister, the fake would-be attack, likely staged by MI5, serves as yet another object lesson for British commoners, who, according to the New York Times, "shrugged stoically at the July 7 bombings two years ago" and "seemed less than troubled here today after police announced that they had defused an explosive mixture of gasoline, nails and gas canisters in a car abandoned outside the Tiger Tiger on a thoroughfare called Haymarket." Staged terrorism and repeatedly foiled plots carried out by terrorists apparently unable to tie their shoes in the morning without assistance is "something you get used to, living in London," according to a lawyer quoted by the Times. "And given the stance our government made on the war in Iraq and elsewhere, I think we are just getting used to being a target. It's something we have to live with."

No doubt, as well, Brits will need get "used to" the fact their country is "sinking into a police state," as George Churchill-Coleman, who headed Scotland Yard's anti-IRA squad, told the Guardian two years ago. "We live in a democracy and we should police on those standards.... I have serious worries and concerns about these ideas on both ethical and practical terms. You cannot lock people up just because someone says they are terrorists. Internment didn't work in Northern Ireland, it won't work now. You need evidence."

Of course, you need evidence to claim "al-Qaeda" is behind the sloppy and wholly amateurish work in London today, but that has not stopped the corporate media or the fear-monger hacks with an agenda–i.e., slaughtering Muslims and divvying up the Middle East–from leading to conclusions and thus subjecting the public to non-stop propaganda.

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