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Zimbabwe: Africans Know Whose Agenda the West Serves

By Ayinde
March 19, 2007

Face it: the West is not concerned about the human rights and the well-being of Africans. Their biggest concern is to protect the status quo of White land control in Africa. All this commotion from the western media over Zimbabwe is an orchestrated effort to remove President Robert Mugabe from office. Again. For those who might not recall, here is a refresher on the U.S. position in 2002:

"The United States government has said it wants to see President Robert Mugabe removed from power and that it is working with the Zimbabwean opposition to bring about a change of administration." (US admits plan to bring down Mugabe August 2002)

These are Morgan Tsvangirai words as reported by BBC (2000):

"What we would like to tell Mugabe is please go peacefully. If you don't want to go peacefully, we will remove you violently" (Opposition warning to Mugabe)

Without a doubt, there are Zimbabweans with legitimate complaints about their government as is the case with all countries, but there is a functioning democracy in Zimbabwe by which the opposition can attempt to gain office. The opposition cannot be unsuccessful at the polls, resort to violence and then want our sympathies. Morgan Tsvangirai threatened violence and was not condemned by Western governments and the media. That proves they have no problem with violence in Zimbabwe as long as it is to advance their own agenda.

It is not like Africans the world over are stupid and do not know what is at stake in Zimbabwe. In a 2004 survey for New African magazine, President Robert Mugabe was voted history's third-greatest African and this should have informed the world how Africans feel about the entire issue of land ownership and the efforts to redress this historical injustice in Zimbabwe. (Mugabe voted history's third-greatest African)

Although some African leaders may feel to kowtow to the "West" for aid, all African leaders know that land is central to the liberation struggle in Africa. Most African leaders know the West relentlessly goes about demonizing President Robert Mugabe for daring to reclaim land from White settlers. They have done all in their power to punish the Zimbabwe people through sanctions for supporting President Robert Mugabe's land reclamation campaign.

We should not support the White settlers, the U.S. and Europe in their campaign to force African nations to ostracize President Mugabe. The West must not be allowed to choose our friends and enemies for us.

If the minority opposition groups are embarking on a violent campaign of resistance in Zimbabwe, then it is expected that the police will defend themselves and the state.


Visit: Zimbabwe Watch

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