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Plot to Blow Up JFK? Why I am Skeptical

By Heru Blog
June 04, 2007

There is terrorism being committed by governments (state terrorism) and terrorism being committed by individuals and non-governmental groups; we have to be vigilant about all forms of terrorism. Most people have been duped into viewing terrorism in terms of little groups of people (mostly Islamic) trying to advance political or religious agendas while they fail to see these same actions by governments such as the US and Israel as terrorism.

Kurt Nimmo's article "JFK Four: Connecting Propaganda Dots from Jamaat al-Muslimeen to Hugo Chávez?" is cautionary, and speculates on possible US motives in reporting this 'terrorist plot' in the manner and timing they did. Yes, we should keep in mind that the US has its eyes on Venezuela, and Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago are in close proximity to Venezuela. The US already is meddling in what takes place along the Venezuelan-Columbian border with its alleged "War on Drugs" (a drug eradication exercise). If Guyana allows the US free access to its borders and Trinidad and Tobago its shores, the US would have Venezuela almost completely surrounded. Who knows the level of mischief the US could be engaged in from those vantage points?

The Associated Press reported:
Despite their efforts, the men never obtained any explosives, authorities said. "Pulling off any bombing of this magnitude would not be easy in today's environment," former U.S. State Department counterterrorism expert Fred Burton said, but added it was difficult to determine without knowing all the facts of the case.
The Times of India reported:
"As far as we know, no direct ties to Al Qaida. And while people will say it wasn't operational, they had done up to four surveillances. They were searching for funding and explosives. So on that level, it was certainly operational," FBI's Assistant Director John Miller said on a Sunday talk show.
It seems these charges could be based on the 'wishful thinking' of some that lack any real threatening actions. Of course, we will see what new information the FBI gives out in the days to come. From what I have read so far, this plot seems similar to the Miami Seven "terrorist" plot.

About the Miami Seven plot, Time Magazine wrote:
The arrested men appear to be part of a cult organization proclaiming itself to be Muslim–although a member of the same religious group says it is, in fact, based on a homebrew of Islam and Christianity, and calls itself 'Seas of David.' Its members, mainly Americans and Haitan (sic) immigrants, clearly have an enthusiasm for emulating and following al-Qaeda. But their only 'connection' with al-Qaeda appears to have been the fact that a government informant who had infiltrated their ranks had apparently convinced the alleged conspirators that he was, in fact, a Qaeda operative. The oaths of allegiance to the organization alleged by the indictment to have been taken by the accused were administered not by any representative of the organization, but to a U.S. government agent posing as a Qaeda operative.
The 'Miami Seven' was a case of entrapment nudged on by agents of the U.S. government. After the initial buzz surrounding this 'terrorist plot', many, including the Time Magazine article, concluded that this threat was not serious.

In the article "Miami Seven Stand Accused of Thought Crime" Kurt Nimmo wrote:
Finally, although we were initially told these putative Nuwaubian al-Qaedaites wanted to kill "white devils," now we are told they wanted to "levy war against the government of the United States." It is absurd to believe impoverished kids from a Miami ghetto would be capable of taking on the government, especially when they are reduced to begging for boots and money from the FBI. As usual, rationality does not figure into the equation, as the point here is to scare the pants off clueless Americans perched before their idiot tubes, digesting pablum dispensed by the Ministry of Neocon Lies and Fantastic Campfire Stories.
The history of US disinformation has given us sufficient reason to question every story they put out and to speculate about their ulterior motives.

As George W. Bush Jr. once said:
There's an old saying in Tennessee - I know it's in Texas, it's probably in Tennessee - that says, fool me once, shame on ... shame on you. It fool me. We can't get fooled again.

Psychologically terrorizing US citizens

By kae
June 04, 2007

This story could be intended to psychologically terrorize US citizens. Of all the airports in the US (according to the CIA fact book, as of 2006 there are 14,858) these terrorists chose John F. Kennedy International Airport? Many older and middle age US citizens have an emotional attachment to the assassinated president JFK, and the unresolved tragedy associated with him (that also has been linked to US "enemies"). Choosing the airport that is associated with his name could rally the US citizens back into another patriotic frenzy.

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