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Numbskull 'al-Qaeda' Patsies Flub in Glasgow

By Kurt Nimmo,
July 01, 2007

Obviously, the British and Scotland branch of "al-Qaeda" need to call the home office, as "al-Qaeda in Iraq" is far more effective at car bombs and the UK version need a bit of tutoring. "A vehicle that crashed into Scotland's largest airport was being treated as a potential terror attack linked to two car bombs found in London, police said Saturday," reports MSNBC. "Britain raised its security alert to 'critical'–the highest level possible and an indication that terrorist attacks are imminent. U.S. airports increased safety precautions." In other words, goons with automatic weapons and dogs, reminiscent of Nazi soldiers on train platforms demanding to see papers, will be sending a message to holiday commuters next week, as America celebrates its independence to shop, eat hot dogs, and blow off fireworks made by slaves in China.

Naturally, the two patsies who "rammed a petrol-filled, four-wheel-drive vehicle into Glasgow airport," as Reuters describes the pathetic suicide bomb attempt, are linked to the staged events in London. "There are clearly similarities and we can confirm that this is being treated as a terrorist incident," declared Willie Rae, the chief constable in the Glasgow area. "Rae said the badly burnt man was found to have a 'suspect device' hidden on his body, but he would not confirm it was a suicide vest. The hospital briefly had to be evacuated while the device was inspected." Obviously, "al-Qaeda," the Scottish division, recruited the most dim-witted duo available, or rather MI5 recruited these retards, probably unable to count on their fingers without losing track three digits in.

"Britain's Home Office announced it had raised the national security alert level to 'critical,' the highest ranking and one which indicates further attacks are expected imminently," or rather further attempts, purposely designed to be nothing more than pathetic flubs, will be executed, resulting in a marked increase in gun-toting goons at airports, engineered to get all of us accustomed to an ever increasing police state in our faces. If we are to believe the corporate media, the average Brit is inured to all of this, as the average Brit is climatized to 500,000 "security" cameras positioned everywhere, resulting in the average person being photographed 300 times each and every day.

Meanwhile, here in the United States, "Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff said the government is putting in place plans to increase security at airports, on mass transit and at transportation facilities," according to Fox News. In other words, millions of holiday travelers will be subjected to the spectacle of increased numbers of goons with automatic weapons patrolling not only airports but "mass transit and ... transportation facilities" as well, thus sending the message we are not safe from "al-Qaeda," never mind these mentally challenged terrorists are apparently unable to make and detonate suicide bombs, unlike their brethren in Iraq who are, after all, well-trained by British SAS operatives donning Arab garb and wigs.

No doubt, as we celebrate our "independence" here in the land of wall-to-wall Wal-marts next week, the country is more threatened by unsupervised kids with sparklers than "al-Qaeda," a phantom terrorist group created by the CIA and ISI and used by MI5 and the Mossad to keep the "war on terrorism" alive in the face of public apathy and indifference.

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