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ST KITTS JULY 21st - 23rd 2001

From: Ras Frank I
E mail:
Date: 17 May 2001

Greetings brethren and sistren of the Hola Nation of Rastafari, fraternal love in the name of I&I King and Father, the I-Mortal One of Iration, Haile Sellasie I,King Rastafari/Jah Rastafari.

It is most blessed and a forward movement for I&I family of Blak I-premacy to profile in cyberspace, as I&I consolidate towards the inevitble Repatriation of the enlightened, holistic, ones.

I&I in Wadadli/Antigua Ibrate under the umbrella organization, the Wadadli National Council for Advancement of Rastafari -administrative arm of the Rastafari Nyabinghi Theocracy Order, affiliated to the Caribbean Rastafari Organization (CRO)and other regional/international Rastafari mansions and institutions. The WNCAR has been integral in movements towards regional and international consolidation of the Rastafari Nation and sees the dire need to further the links as I&I prepare the Nation for repatriation, fully equipped with not only the physical requirements but also the necessary tools and personell for Nation management and building.

Noting the problems facing the Rastafari Convention/Conference in Panama, I&I would like to inform the Rastafari Nation/International of the proposed gathering of the Caribbean Rastafari Organization scheduled for St.Kitts July 21-23 2001. Precise confirmation will be forthcoming after deliberations in St.Kitts this week. The St.Kitts Nyabinghi Theocracy House will also be consecrating a Tabernacle at the said time and I&I are calling on the Rastafari communities of the world to join I&I in solemn deliberations of I&I future and the Praises and I-lebration of I&I Father. Further information from Chairman of CRO Ras Iral Talma of Barbados ( or )Todds Plantation, St'John,Barbados or I man at above Email or postal:49 St.Mary's st., St.John's , Antigua.

May the grace of The Most High, Haile Sellasie I, guide proect and strenghten all ones,

One Love - Rastafari.

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