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AFRICA May 12, 2001

The authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo have cancelled the operations of an Israeli diamond mining company, IDI. A decree read on state television said the purchasing and exports of diamonds by the company had been stopped.

The trading licence of IDI, which enjoyed monopoly status in Congo, was suspended last month, after it was accused of pushing down the price of diamonds.

Sales of the gem - a major foreign exchange for Congo - dropped to an all time low earlier this year.
From: BBC


More than six million people have been driven from their homes in mining regions in Central Africa. Over one million of them were forced to become refugees in neighboring nations. The rest living in squalid camps as internal refugees, strangers in their own lands.

Almost two and one-half million people died from the civil wars ravaging Sierra Leone, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of Congo; hundreds of thousands maimed and wounded; tens of thousands of children, some as young as ten years old - taken by force to join the fighting and tens of thousands of women assaulted, abused and raped.

This human price is the real price of diamonds from Sierra Leone, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These diamonds enable the brutal civil wars in these nations to continue, enable rebel forces and government armies to buy weapons and supplies used to commit atrocities against unarmed populations that collectively number over 70 million. These diamonds are being sold every day on the world's greatest diamond exchanges and in the jewelry stores of the world's greatest cities.


Is it a coincidence that Rwandan strongman Paul Kagame was trained in the United States? That the Rwandan army received, and continues to receive, training in the U.S.? That the Pentagon has had Special Forces military training missions in Rwanda and Uganda for more than five years? That vast segments of the Congolese infrastructure, particularly the mining companies,6 have been taken over by U.S.- and western-linked multinationals, working with the Rwandan and Ugandan rebels and governments? MORE...


The evidence gathered by the EIR team, even if incomplete, tends to confirm the many rumors and allegations circulating throughout Central Africa and among those involved in Africa policy in Europe and elsewhere, that while the U.S. government's public policy to attempt to act as the "honest mediator" in the war around the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United States is, in fact, supporting--with arms, supplies, training, and logistical support--those very forces under the control of Uganda and Rwanda, which violated international law to invade the Congo on Aug. 2, and now hold large chunks of its eastern and central territory. MORE...

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