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Did PM neglect protocol?

May 10, 2001
From: Alvin Narine

THE EDITOR: Recently, the media carried the story of Mr Jack Warner's latest extravaganza -- the renovation of the former Scarlet Ibis Hotel. I have no problem with Mr Warner and the manner in which he invests or spends his money. I view with alarm, however, the fact that our Prime Minister stepped into the ring of arrogance, cut the ribbon to enter and thus snubbed with impunity the law that rests within the purview of the local government authority, thus in effect, in my opinion, condoning the act of someone breaking the law.

As a serving member of Local Government and belonging to another political party other than that of the present Government, some may perceive this article to be of a political bias.

I wish from the onset to defer. My Prime Minister should know better but perhaps in his exuberance at extolling the virtues of one of his supporters he neglected protocol.

I blame those who subjected the Prime Minister to display what those who are politically favoured can take as overt permission to break the law. One would expect the exemplars of our society to demonstrate a strict observance to what is right: however, in 'the house that Jack built" this does not appear to be the case.

The fact that there are others who may be in breach, as the impression I got from Mr Warner's media statement implied, does not grant any permission to break the law. If anyone feels that their constitutional right as a citizen is abrogated, there is recourse available.

The fact that persons break the Anti-Litter Act and are not charged does not give anyone permission to do the same. Mr Warner gives me the impression that once he feels that what he is about is for the benefit of the "society" (or is it his own aggrandisement?) he goes bull-headedly into his project. Since Mr Warner is the holder of a diplomatic passport, would it not have been better if he was a bit more "diplomatic?" I am certain that a more tactful approach would have been the key.

I just cannot understand the statement that Mr Warner did not want to fight! How can one fight when already floored! In any event he could have conceded graciously rather than cause to appear, in my book, displaying the arrogance of the nouveau riche. This is already so prevalent in our society. I am of the opinion that this latest display of disregard for the law, since apparently the end justify the means, is the latest in the death knell of law and order and ushers in the era of "might means right!" Bureaucracy might be at times frustrating when one is anxious to implement projects but the safeguards contained therein cannot be ignored. I wonder at the value system in the world that my grandchildren are entering.

I believe that the "auto-centric" often preach democracy loudest to deafen their own sensitivities.
The word now, it appears, is that democracy must be perceived to be, while not necessarily existing.

Alvin Narine

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