March 25, 2001 From: Eniath Ali
Trinidad and Tobago Today

It was never Dan, MP Khan

Dear Editor,

Could I suggest to MP Fuad Khan, that like so many politicians all over the world, he has got it all wrong, when he made the point on television, that if ex Minister Singh was present and giving out 10 days in Barataria the hall for the Interfaith service on his behalf would have been packed.

The point is Dr Khan, it was never about Dhanraj Singh the man, but the man named Dhanraj Sing who temporarily was responsible for "10 days project wuk." They would have praised and clapped his dancing skills, laughed at his jokes, eat and drink with him, genuflect before him, but once he was not in charge of their means for survival, he meant precious little to them. They have seen many before him and no doubt expect to see many more, who they will treat in the same manner.

Any one who takes the adulation personally, may end with up MP Khan’s dilemma . Dan's tears on your shoulders in more ways than one, shows he was never "the" man, Dr Khan. I am glad you did not forsake him, but there is a lesson in this for all of us, especially the haughty and the arrogant.

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