March 28, 2001 From: C. Williama
Trinidad and Tobago Today

A Fear View

Dear Sir or Madam: Editor,

Recently I have begun to get the feeling that it is unlawful or non-nationalistic to complain, criticize or protest about anything in this country. You always feel you are going to be attacked, harassed or victimized by certain people in this country of supposedly a free press, free expression etc and lumped with an assortment of persons [supposedly free association to] who are described as wanting to "bring down the government."

For an ordinary citizen it is a very bad thing, but when it extends to members of our media, it then becomes a most unhealthy situation. There is this Radio station now rocked by resignations [for what God alone knows] whose honcho on his morning program, cannot make a comment without being sorry, apologetic and defensive, not only before his statement, but during and after. He evens explain government policy and actions more frequently, than the ruling party's PRO, in spite of an Information Ministry and party machinery [?].

It is rather painful to see how other wise young and bright journalists, [ the older ones to] have become intimidated, and others conveniently blinded. They have become mere reporters in the true sense of the word, as they try to remain unscathed, case in point, whether Crime is up or down.

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