March 22, 2001 From: Akel
Trinidad and Tobago Today

Fr Harvey is wrong to resign

Dear Editor,

As a former Catholic I would like to tell Fr Harvey he is wrong to resign or protest the appointment of a new Archbishop from anywhere other than Trinidad and Tobago.

When he bought into the ideology, organisation and structure of the church, he gave up his right to challenge any such occurrences. Where did he ever protest that practice of the RC church, which certainly is not new?

What beats me however is the mental leap of citizens of this country, who does not object to being called Roman Catholics, but are against a brother of their faith in charge of their nations church.

Does it matter where he was born, bred, or grew up. After all Jesus Christ and none of the main players in Christianity were born in Trinidad.

You have served well Fr Harvey.

Full text of Fr Clyde Harvey’s release


From: J. Williams March 24, 2001

Dear Editor,

Ever since adolescence we were told to pray by the priests of the Catholic church whenever we went to them with any problem. It was the cure all for all our complaints. I have now lived to see that when Catholic priests have problems they take other actions such as voicing their opinions, send resignations, express dissappointment and support and even wish some ' curses' on their perceived detractors. I wonder if they ever thought about keeping silent and praying now that they have a problem. After all that is their response to our problems.

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