.March 9, 2001 By Kurt Garcia
Trinidad and Tobago Today

No Tears For Louis, Jerome or Dale !!!

Every one should be outraged at what took place in Power 102, but to speak the truth they can expect no sympathy from the people who made the station what it is. I predict the next one to go is Dale [who trini media people feel is going to stand up for media rights: joke of the year]. No one has not even called in and extend any sympathy as they have done with others in the station who felt the wrath of those shenanigans.

The fate of Norma, Donna, Natasha and the cutting of the extremely popular night program to facilitate, god alone knows what... They still rather a failed night program than a successful black oriented one [any challenges on that from anyone].

These are the people who want to promote themselves as promoting all views. Of course all views excepting the African point of view, so no tears for Louis and Jerome and soon Dale, and if the good Dr Cudjoe sees them please let them know of this opinion, they might yet be helped. Imagine one of the two! most disrespectful persons to black people in this country being given time to denigrate black people every Sunday morning and not giving people with an other view program space to respond to the lies, misinformation and downright insulting behaviour of Umbala and his sidekick Umbala#2 [jerome].

What about their banning of the Nation of Islam radio program, because of the free expression, "their is a Minister of Government involved in selling drugs", when for many years the TNT Mirror always said that about government Ministers, even Panday said the same thing and added that the media was also involved in selling drugs, and they reported it.

So why ban the Nation of Islam spokesperson from paid airtime. These jokers would never be allowed to forget their nastiness, but enough of them for now. I would also never deny that they did capture our popular imagination, but only to wrap us up and sell us to other people....now where do we know that scenario from ?

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