.March 8, 2001 By Trini News
Trinidad and Tobago Today

Sumairsingh's murder: Who pulled the trigger?

Police sources confirmed yesterday that Stephen Cummings, also known as "Chen," a former Jamaat al Muslimeen member, was the man who fired the two fatal shots at Sumairsingh.

Cummings, who was shot dead on October 8 last year in a drive-by shooting about 150 yards from St Barb's Police Post in Laventille, was also the prime suspect in another murder of which he was freed.

Senior detectives also said yesterday Cummings, 34, was a notorious gangleader and hitman, who was also a drug trafficker.

Two brothers, deportees from the United States, are before the court charged with his murder.Police said it was during follow-up investigations into Sumairsingh's murder they proved Cummings was in fact an accomplice and the person who was armed with the gun when Sumairsingh was attacked at the beach house.

Cummings, who lived at Sougren Trace, Laventille, was killed two days after he was freed of two robbery charges by Magistrate Avason Quinlan in the Port-of-Spain Magistrate's Court.

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