January 30, 2001


PEP none, UNC none, NAR four, PNM eight

Tobagonians went to the polls yesterday to elect 12 members of the Tobago House of Assembly.

For the first time in the 21 years since its inception, the People's National Movement (PNM) is set to take over the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) for the next four years, claiming eight of the 12 seats in yesterday's election for the Assembly. NAR got four seats, The UNC got none and PEP got none.

PM Basdeo Panday said afterwards:

"Although the UNC entered the election late in the game, it had made a difference in the politics of Tobago, Panday believed, adding, "You ent see nothing yet." The THA election, he said, was not about keeping out Hindus or Indians, or about keeping out Trinidadians from Tobago.

He said last night, "the people of Tobago had rejected invitations to be negative and to be divided on the basis of region and race."

Yes Mr. Prime Minister, the people rejected UNC with their invitations to be negative and divisive.

LETTER: From Kurt Garcia

Dear Editor,
As a citizen of this country, I feel a strong sense of revulsion at the blatant use of state funded TTT in political partisanship. Imagine the morning after the THA election in their post election review and analysis, they could not get no one from the over 18, 000 people who voted for the PNM and the NAR to seek their views, but could have gotten the highest profile UNC activist in the island to give his views for the entire program.

TTT, if they do not know it as yet from the ratings they receive, is very much ignored by the majority of television viewers of this country for exactly this sort of behavior. When I called the station to register my objections to such partisanship, I was told after being put on to 3 different people that there was nothing they could do. All this comes against many other accusations being leveled at the station over the way the station is being run.

I do hope that publication of my letter would bring to the attention of those concerned the need for serious revamping of our state television attitude to non ruling party views and opinions.

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