January 27, 2001

Another Panday's plot uncovered

THE UNC has taken over a THA-owned television booster station in Charlotteville in an attempt to stop someone from blowing it up.

Prime Minister Basdeo Panday told UNC supporters at a party meeting in Bon Accord on Thursday night that, while touring the island, he heard reports of threats to blow up the communications facility.

Panday said he did not know who wanted to destroy the communications station “when it means that children can watch TV and get some education”, but he promised 24-hour security at the facility in order to prevent them from doing so.

He has since carried out his promise and, yesterday morning, THA Secretary for Information Stanley Beard accused the Government of illegally taking over the facility.

“The Central Government has moved in, invaded, (and) commandeered our building. (They have) total disregard, no concern, no sort of communication with the THA. That is a deed that is just unlawful...illegal.”

Beard said he had checked with the police in order to corroborate Panday’s statement, but they said they had received no reports about a plan to destroy the station.

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