.March 5, 2001 Trini News
Trinidad and Tobago Today

UNC destroying state media

"State-owned (public-owned) Trinidad and Tobago Television is said to be losing approximately $1 million monthly. The recently appointed Minister of Information, Ralph Maraj a former television presenter, was given the green light to re-engineer the country's first television station and make it a viable enterprise."

There is no end to the distortions of this UNC government. When they took office TTT was financially profitable. They turned the Television station alongside the other radio stations into full UNC campaign tools. The Prime Minister, in an attempt to disguise his malicious use of state resources, stated that they were turning the state media into long distance learning forums where profitability would not come before quality programs.

The state media never delivered on improved programs. They replace personnel with UNC supporters who ensured taxpayers paid for the UNC's radio and television commercials.

Popular profitable radio talk-shows were stopped in this government's vain attempt to silence those who did not support their policies of nepotism, wastage and other forms of corruption.

A. H. Hotep:
Thinking that the public has a short memory, this government is now trying to portray themselves as the saviors of an ailing state company. This once profitable company, before UNC got their hands on it, refused thirty-six thousand dollars from a businessman to continue the radio talk-show Dialogue which was the only program that brought the African views into the discussions on forging closer ties within our diverse nation. Realizing that even East Indians were paying attention to the discussions, they refused to let any African views continue on our state media, a media that promotes Indian culture. The UNC controlled state media have refused requests from several other African organizations to host cultural programs on our state media. As usual, the government is using the state media to distract the public from other pressing issues in the country.

Kurt Garcia: March 5, 2001
Dear Sir or Madam: Editor

I recently heard that state owned TTT was losing money at a tremendous rate and the Minister in charge is asking that the company be turned around and private investors be invited to manage. It seems that we have been hearing this story for the longest while and there has been a quick turnover of personnel at the station. Everyone in the nation knows why TTT continues to lose money and viewers, as the ratings have consistently shown. It would be a most welcome development, if the people overseeing the losses are held responsible and are made to account for what must be considered wanton waste and spending of tax payers money in the full knowledge that their actions are not financially profitable. TTT’s outing to cover the THA Elections is a good example of what I speak.

J. Forde: March 9, 2001
Good Day to all.
It has been clearly established what this Gov't's intentions are for TTT. Instead of lamenting about these woes why don't we open our own formatted radio station to air OUR views?

We are raising funds to so do but it is the same government that has to grant licenses. So while we work at this we should raise people's awareness about the nefarious ways of the government and remind them of their own responsibility to contribute.

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